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G-Police, Psygnosis' Fast-Action, Urban Flight Shooter and Technology Showcase on PC CD-ROM is Ready for Play.

FOSTER CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 18, 1997--Today Psygnosis announced the release of its graphically stunning and futuristic flight combat shooter, G Police(TM), for PC CD-ROM.

A testimonial to Psygnosis' advanced and innovative development expertise using today's advanced PC technology, G Police takes the PC to the next level as a true gaming machine with its convincing graphics, fast action and mission-intensive gameplay. Now, in stores everywhere, the game has an approximate retail price of $49.99.

G Police has wowed the market as a new generation of PC game and brings recognition to one of Psygnosis' very talented internal studios, which goes by the name of Wheelhaus. The studio's work has been highly recognized by the press. Next Generation magazine (November issue) said of G Police, "Gamers have always wanted to get to the `city in the distance' and play amidst a real downtown landscape. G Police is the first game to really deliver that experience and (no game) has been able to push the graphical limits (of 3D acceleration cards) as far as G Police." Computer Gaming World magazine has also chosen G Police as one of the top ten "action" titles in its December Monster Buyer's Guide 1997 Holiday Hot 100.

Psygnosis has backed the title with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign for the holidays with five weeks of syndicated television ads created by renown animation artist, Peter Chung of MTV's "Aeon Flux" fame.

In the television ads, a secret code can be found in the animation that will allow gamers a special enemy's perspective camera view mode to use in either the PC or PlayStation versions of the game. Other marketing support includes print ads, retail programs and online promotions.

Psygnosis' newly designed G Police website ( is a huge, immersive environment by itself, featuring tons of information about the game including mission and weapon descriptions, demos, videos, screen shots and more. The site has the look and feel of the game, inspired by its FMV sequences, and takes advantage of Macromedia's Flash(TM) streaming audio and video technology.

G Police runs the entire gamut in showcasing itself as a top-line PC game with its super-realistic urban environments and incredible lighting effects; flying and shooting action that won't quit; and its support of a huge range of 3D cards through Microsoft Direct 3D or through specific optimization. The game is also one of the first to support Intel's Pentium(R) II processor platform with AGP (accelerated graphics port) technology, a powerful new tool that makes games look incredibly crisp and clear while not degrading the speed of gameplay.

The Game

After a war between Earth's nations, military resources are wiped out and the powerful multinational corporations unite to take control and exploit other resources in the galaxy. The plot line, which unfolds in fully computer-generated FMV sequences and via interactive, in-game radio briefings controlled by the advanced artificial intelligence in the game, involves multi-national corporate espionage, sabotage and murder.

As the "Corporations" begin to demilitarize the colonies, the G Police, a crew of war veterans, are born to keep the greedy sharks in check. As a new member of the G Police law-enforcement agency, you are Jeff Slater, a veteran ace pilot, whose personal story evolves as the game is played.

Testing your flight skills piloting the heavily-armed Havoc jet helicopter that has enough fire-power to do major damage in all the right places, you get to experience a deep immersion in detailed, heavily populated 3D worlds. Flying your bird with total 360 degree, "fly-anywhere" freedom, the action takes place over 4 campaigns throughout 51 futuristic domed environments that are a mix of city, industrial, residential and agricultural communities on the Jovian moon, Callisto.

With its spectacular, movie-style action, G Police is as dynamic as any Hollywood blockbuster special effects extravaganza but in a game format where the player has total control. It's a new generation of PC entertainment. -0-

Editor's Note: Psygnosis' G-Police for PC CD-ROM is now available at retail computer and software specialty stores everywhere. Reviewer's copies and screen shots can be obtained from Sarah Kaiser at (650) 655-3535. Customers can order Psygnosis products directly by calling 1-800-GET-PSYG (1-800-438-7794). For current information on Psygnosis titles, game tips, contests, customer support and company information, visit us at Psygnosis is a subsidiary of Sony.

Flash is a trademark of Macromedia, Inc. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

CONTACT: Psygnosis

Tracy Egan, 650/655-6084

Mark Day, 650/655-5679


Dana Oertell, 650/655-8060
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Date:Nov 18, 1997
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