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G-8 nations call for measures to tackle cyber-crime.

PARIS, May 17 Kyodo

International cooperation involving the public and private sectors is crucial in tackling the increasing incidence of crime involving the Internet, the Group of Eight (G-8) major nations said Wednesday.

Government officials and industry representatives from the G-8 gathered in the French capital to discuss, for the first time, measures to fight crime committed over the Internet. Japan and France co-chaired the three-day event, which ended Wednesday.

The G-8 communique adopted at the session said the G-8, in recognizing the importance of allowing electronic trading to continue under safe and reliable conditions, expresses concern over the increase of cyber-crime and the difficulty of controlling it.

The group said they will work toward coming up with effective ways to resolve the issue, but did not spell out the details.

The issue of cyber-crime will be proposed as an item on the agenda for the July 21-23 G-8 summit in Okinawa Prefecture.

The participants agreed that existing laws need to be modified to facilitate law enforcement in the area, but emphasized the need to protect personal freedom and privacy and to improve the capability of law enforcement officials.

During the meeting, industry representatives reportedly expressed concern about the possibility of excessive government regulation of Internet activities.

The G-8 groups Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States.
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Date:May 22, 2000
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