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Futuristic Army uniform adapted for cops. (Tech Talk).

A new uniform--based in part on the U.S. Army's Objective Force Warrior system--is being modified for police and corrections officers in special operations assignments.

A prototype Law Enforcement/Corrections Tactical Uniform System is being designed by the National Protection Center, at the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center, in Natick, Mass.

For example, the uniform will include the Objective Force Warrior's helmet design for fragmentation and impact protection. The helmet has an illuminator, global positioning system and radio antenna suite, image intensifier and infrared imaging device that will send the information into an adjustable head-up display.

Laser detectors will identify the wearer as friendly, while drop-down eyewear will guard against laser beams and debris. Forced-air cooling from an electric blower prevents the eye protector from fogging.

A detachable mask guards against thrown objects or punches during a riot, while another mask will protect against chemical and biological agents. The user can breathe filtered air or compressed air from a tank.

The suit has several layers. A light-fabric undergarment has built-in monitors that track physical status. The second layer is a one-piece suit made of blended nylon, cotton and Lycra. The third layer protects against weather and chem-bio agents. A vest with removable armor shields against 9 mm rounds and fragmentation.
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Author:Foster, Sharon
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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