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Future-cha-cha is looking bright.


I MAY be reading too much into this but there seemed to be an air of full and frank disclosure over at the Strictly Come Dancing launch show.

Singer, West End star and actor Will Young was at pains to point out that although he has "done a little bit of dance" professionally in the past he has never done Latin or Ballroom.

Meanwhile, Hollyoaks actor Danny Mac advised us to dismiss stories about him doing dance at drama school because it was ages ago when he was 18. (Danny is now 28).

Also, Louise Redknapp was keen to explain that her allsinging, all-dancing days in girl band Eternal were "a long, long time ago".

Even Melvin Odoom wished to clarify that his experience as a dance teacher was limited to streetdance.

The most surprising revelation though came from former politician turned unreluctant fame-chaser Ed Balls, who wanted us to know that his "previous" was restricted to twirling around at boozy Labour Party Conference discos - where, I'm told, the required levels of timing and agility are usually determined by whether John Prescott and Keith Vaz are also on the floor.

I say Ed's revelation was surprising because there really was no need for him to have said anything.

In his case actions spoke louder than words. Much louder.

It was brutally clear from our tantalising first glimpse of his moves in the group dance that he may have been over-spinning things when he said his level was "slightly below novice".

If I was being kind I'd say Ed's first attempt was clearly affected by nerves and suggest the only way is up.

If I was being honest I'd say moved around the floor like angry bear trying to load a kinsize water bed into the back Fiat Punto.

And I cheered every seconof it. I live for moments like thMoments that tell me thafter months of summ drought, TV has finagot interesting agaithat summer finally again.

Obviously there's more chance of Piers Morgan discovering humility than there is of Ed discovering rhythm. But it's going to be fun watching him try.

He's clearly going to have fun as well. If only the Labour Party could bottle the joy he exuded on Saturday night, instead of trying to bottle each other, it might have some kind of future.

As for Strictly's future, despite that rather lame Star Wars opening it looks to be in safe hands.

A cast that seemed a little dull on paper suddenly burst into life in the flesh.

It's too early to make predictions about what will happen over the next three months, of course.

However, we must salute the astute mind of Claudia Win-kleman who, shortly after single TV presenter Laura Whitmore had been paired with the freshly single dancer-with-form Giovanni Pernice, declared: "It's great to finally be with your partner. You bed in."

They sure do, Claud. They sure do.

PS. Only letdown so far? Ed Balls not being paired with Oti Mabuse. Well, in the extremely unlikely event of them falling in love and getting hitched, her married name would sound like a new breakfast cereal.

Chance missed.

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 5, 2016
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