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Future state of GSA/IA & mobilization assignments for the Supply Corps community.

In recent communications, U.S. Fleet Forces Command N1 Global Force Management leads confirmed that the near term outlook appears to be a "steady state" for GSA, IA, and Reserve mobilizations based on current requirements. A PERS snapshot comparison between August 2013 and August 2014 reflects an overall 17 percent increase in the Supply Corps community's support of overseas contingency operations (OCO), where OCO requirements grew from 86 to 103. During the same period, Active Component (AC) GSA/IA requirements have been reduced from 29 to 16 requirements, a 43 percent decrease. Comparatively, Reserve Component (RC) mobilizations rose from 57 to 87 requirements, a 53 percent increase. The statistics reported above are consistent with previous strategy regarding OCO policy where the majority of AC requirements would convert to the RC for fill via mobilizations.

Variables which could potentially impact the demand for future OCO requirements include DOD policies, and/or global security threats to our nation or ally nations.

Afghanistan Pakistan Hands (APH) program: As recent as August 2014, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently reinforced the need for support of the APH program. In his correspondence, the Chairman stated that he "firmly believes we are at a critical time in Afghanistan and Pakistan where strong work completed by the members of the APH program will continue into RESOLUTE SUPPORT." The post-2014 RESOLUTE SUPPORT mission is one of the three pillars of NATO's long-term engagement in Afghanistan, along with a contribution to the long-term sustainment of the Afghan National Army and the strengthening of long-term political and practical cooperation with Afghanistan. Current Supply Corps community support for the APH program consists of six total requirements/billets divided into three cohorts. It is still unknown at this time how and when the drawdown in Afghanistan will impact demand for the APH program.

At this time, there are no GSA requirements for the Supply Corps community which require an immediate fill. The requirement to clear the GSA Desk still remains for all 0-3 & below personnel who are in their negotiating window for orders. Demand for future OCO requirements could always change, and the expertise held by members of our community could potentially be in demand. Members interested in filling a GSA requirement should periodically monitor the GSA billet listing posted on the NPC website: officer/Detailing/rhtaffcorps/supply/Pages/GSADetailer.aspx



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Author:Williams, Reginald
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Date:Nov 1, 2014
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