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Future of lubricant industry is bright - Anwar Javed.

Anwar Javed (41) Managing Director of Pakistan Lubricant (Private) Ltd. highlights the prospects of lubricant industry in Pakistan.

Economic Review: Is the present investment climate is feabile for lubricant industry in Pakistan. If not, what measures do you suggest for its improvement.

Answer Javed: The present investment climate is suitable not only for the lubricating oil industry but the entire industrial sector in Pakistan. The present government is making all out efforts for the growth and development of Industry. The Petroleum Policy recently announced by Choudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources has given a new life to the Lubricant Industry. The main features of this policy are, removing of price control of the Government, allowing import of base oil, introducing strict quality control measures and establishment of new blending plants without any prior sanction and approval of the Government.

ER: Do you think that the local blending plants meet the entire demand of lube oil in the country.

AJ: Presently running blending plants are fully meeting the country's demand. There is no such demand/supply gap. It is to note that the blending capacity of already sanctioned/functioning blending plants is more than the demand. The existing plants have idle capacity which should be utilized instead of having more blending plants.

ER: According to statistics import of lubricating oil and preparations has increased from Rs. 67.644 million in 1989-90 to Rs. 83.663 million in 1991-92.

What is the reason?

AJ: As far as the increase in the import is concerned it relates to fuels i.e. HSD, Kerosene etc. and not the lubricants.

ER: What more incentives do you suggest for lube oil industry.

AJ: The Blending Plants other than the plants of the major marketing oil companies should be safeguarded and their products should also be allowed to be sold through the petrol pump outlets. Private blending plants not having the retail outlet facilities would over come this difficulty through this concession. This would create a healthy competition.

Secondly, the reclamation plants allowed by the Government are becoming a nuisance since there is no control on their quality and the products marketed are extremely inferior. The Government should do away with this discrimination and blending and the reclamation plants should be treated in a uniform manner as far as the quality is concerned.

ER: Do you face any difficulty in getting skilled labour for lubricant industry.

AJ: There is no difficulty in getting skilled labour.

ER: How do you foresee the future of lubricant industry in Pakistan.

AJ: The future of Lubricant Industry is very bright because recently a number of foreign oil companies have shown interest to invest in Pakistan. This is a quite healthy sign for the industry.
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Title Annotation:interview with Anwar Javed
Publication:Economic Review
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Date:Feb 1, 1993
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