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Future capabilities--harnessing technology.

Future Systems:

Leverage New Technologies to Upgrade and Replace Legacy Systems

* The Air Force aircraft fleet averages 23 years old, is growing older, and must be recapitalized.

* Today's inventory was acquired in large lots, predominantly during the Cold War.

* Through modernization efforts, much of this inventory will continue to serve us well in the future

* Other systems will have to be replaced as they become unaffordable to maintain and operate or can no longer meet Combatant Commander requirements.

* We will harvest all available technology for both modernization and recapitalization to enable a leap ahead transformation in our capabilities.

Science and Technology

Air Force innovation creates capability for the joint warfighter

* We have a successful history of using technology to win our nation's wars.

* With quickly changing technology, we must rapidly incorporate new opportunities into weapon systems.

* Innovation is critical to success in defeating enemies on the battlefield as well as defending our homeland.

* We need to maintain a balanced and sufficient investment in short-, mid-, and long-term research to stay ahead of the competition.

* We closely link technologies to warfighter capability needs required to achieve desired warfighting effects.

* We keep our science research relevant to future-envisioned capabilities to ensure we lead the next technology revolution in warfighting.

Space Systems Technology:

Ensure Access to and Freedom of Action in Space

* We will provide continuous, reliable, and effective space services to the nation

* We will continue to pursue network-centric and integrated ISR capabilities for the warfighter.

* We will maintain missile early warning through new systems such as Space Based Infra-Red (SBIR) devices.

* We will pursue Transformational Satellite (TSAT) technology to provide unprecedented connectivity with an Internet-like network extending the Global Information Grid to deployed and mobile users worldwide.

* We will pursue Space Radar (SR) to integrate theater, civilian, and national users while providing persistent, deep-look, day/night, worldwide, all-weather capabilities for military, intelligence, and civil applications.

Recapitalization and Modernization:

Critical to Maintaining Air and Space Dominance for the Nation

* Global Strike: Acquire F-22A, F-35; network and modernize F-16, F-15E, A-10 and Predator B; network and modernize B-1B, B-2, B-52H; and develop Long Range Strike options (manned/unmanned).

* Global Reach: Upgrade avionics/ reliability on C-5/C-130; complete C17 buy; partner with Army on Joint Cargo Aircraft; sustain KC-10/KC-135 while acquiring a KC-X with air refueling and airlift capability.

* Global Vigilance (Information Dominance): Acquire Predator A and Global Hawk; continue additional unmanned vehicle exploration; modernize AWACS, Joint STARS and Rivet Joint; and complete deployment of standardized Aircraft Operations Centers and Air Force Distributed Common Ground Systems.

* Global Vigilance (Space): Upgrade and secure GPS; develop and deploy SBIR, TSAT, and SR; and ensure continued and timely access to space.

* Special Operations Forces: Network and sustain C-130 special-use aircraft.

Munitions: Increase Precision and Minimize Collateral Damage

* Continue development and acquisition of Joint Direct Attack Munitions, Laser-Guided Bombs, and the Small Diameter Bomb

* Add weapons data links to ensure day/night/all-weather precision destruction of mobile targets

* Incorporate Universal Armament Interface to minimize costs and maximize configuration options

* Continue to secure capabilities to enhance interoperability of communication systems to ensure safe operations between Joint and Coalition forces
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