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Future Trend: Gunmen claiming to be from Hezbollah robbed 4 Trend officials in Iaat.

NNA - In a statement by Future Trend Media Coordination Section on Sunday evening, it indicated that gunmen claiming to be part of Hezbollah kidnapped and robbed 4 Trend member officials in the town of It in Blbek. In details of the incident, the statement indicated that as the Future Trend Resources and Services Director, Ibrahim Jarkass, accompanied by Logistics Head, Bassem Badran, and Maintenance Official, Fadi Khodari, and his assistant, Haitham Tanir, were on their way back from a breakfast banquet around half past four in the afternoon in the town of Ersal, they were intercepted by 3 armed men at It crossroads, who were driving a green "Cherokee" Jeep model 2011, carrying wireless devices. The gunmen questioned them about their destination, demanded their identification papers and then drove their car. The gunmen later stopped the vehicle and began interrogating the Trend officials over their identities and the reason for being in Ersal, claiming that they were from Hezbollah. They then robbed the 4 Trend officials of their money, a computer laptop and the vehicle they were riding and drove away, leaving them in Haush Barada Plain, added the statement. The 4 Future Trend members then walked to a nearby church in the neighborhood and contacted security forces who arrived immediately to their aid, the statement concluded. ================ R.Sh.

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Publication:National News Agency Lebanon (NNA)
Date:Jul 6, 2014
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