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Further Illustrations.

1. Emily Shur, Mark Zuckerberg, 2014. C-print.

2. Jerry Seinfeld, 1995. Seinfeld was featured prominently in a thirty-second version of Apple's "Think Different" commercial aired during the 1995 season finale of Seinfeld.

3. Steve Jobs, 1984.

4. John Cage, 1983. Photo by Betty Freeman. Courtesy of the John Cage Trust.

5. Maverick Concert Hall, Woodstock, New York. Photo by Dion Ogust.

6. Second national conference of Canadian Artists' Representation / Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC), December 1973. Left to right: Kim Ondaatje (National Executive Treasurer), Jack Chambers (President), and Tony Urquhart (Secretary).

7. Sandra Semchuk, Self-Portrait, April 9, 1977, 1977.

8. Installation view of David Rabinowitch, The Wide Field Piece, 1967 in the exhibition Heart of London, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 1969.

9. 20 Cents Magazine, November 1969.

10. documenta 1, 1955. Curated by Arnold Bode. Work shown includes that of Toni Stadler, Marino Marini, Auguste Herbin, Fritz Glarner, and Frantisek Kupka. Courtesy of Archiv Stadt Kassel.

11. Judith Butler, 2011.

12. Lene Berg holding a 1953 portrait of Joseph Stalin by Pablo Picasso. In 2008, this photograph was hung on the facade of Cooper Union, New York, as part of the exhibition Stalin by Picasso, or Portrait of Woman with Moustache. It was later removed due to public pressure.

13. Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli (Giampietrino), Last Supper, ca. 1520, after Leonardo da Vinci. Oil on canvas. 4.6 x 8.8 m.

14. Judy Chicago, Emily Dickinson Place Setting, 1974-79. Porcelain with overglaze enamel. Gift of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Foundation. Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum.

15. Lene Berg, Gentlemen & Arseholes (Berlin: The Green Box, 2006). Modified reprint of the first issue of the cultural journal Encounter, 1953.

16. Sara Rara at a Sumi Ink Club session in the backyard of Eugene Choo, Vancouver, August 18, 2012. Photo by Jeff Khonsary.

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Date:Mar 22, 2014
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