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Further Consolidation is Expected in the European Armoured Vehicle Industry.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Armoured Vehicles Industry in Europe - Battle Lines Drawn Ahead of Corporate Manoeuvres to their offering.

This 224-page report details how the armoured vehicle sector is structured, on the eve of further consolidation. It details the main figures for each major player, from revenues and profitability to financial strength. It also includes a general view of the main programmes. It is widely illustrated, with many tables and graphs.

Further consolidation in the European armoured vehicle industry is likely forthcoming. General Dynamics and BAE Systems are shaping two leading transatlantic land armament businesses. How will it affect other players in the field ? What are the options opened to them and their stakeholders ? How could they react ?

There is currently a window of opportunity for the creation of a major European entity. Who could participate ? Under which conditions ? Partners and suppliers are under the same pressure to consolidate. Who are they and who could be involved ? Which lines would they follow for regrouping ? Can Giat Industries remain independent or will it have to merge with another European manufacturer? Can a merger between Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall in Germany be expected and what form would it take? How are other European companies like Oto Melara, Patria, etc., positioned?

This report attempts to help answer these and other questions in terms of the strategic interests at stake in the European armoured vehicles industry. It reviews the main companies and programmes from the economic, strategic and financial standpoints. A section of the report is given over to analysis of the situation with a view to a sector consolidation which we see as inevitable. A separate section deals exclusively with vehicle main subassemblies, protection, mobility, electronic systems (vetronics), weaponry and ammunition.

This study is the product of more than six months of contacts and conversations with the leading Western manufacturers (Giat Industries, Rheinmetall, General Dynamics, BAE Systems, etc.). The last preparatory contacts were at the Eurosatory trade exhibition in mid-June 2006.

Topics Covered


1. Unavoidable consolidation

1.1 - Abundant supply

1.2 - Increased pressure

1.3 - Initial consolidation moves set to continue

2. Armoured vehicle key components and functions

2.1 - Main types of armoured vehicle

2.2 - Maintenance and modernisation activities

2.3 - Key elements of an armoured vehicle

2.4 - Protection systems

2.5 - Mobility

2.6 - Weapons and ammunition

2.7 - Vetronics

2.8 - Vehicle design and engineering

3. Main armoured vehicles manufacturers

3.1 - General Dynamics

3.2 - BAE Systems

3.3 - Rheinmetall

3.4 - Giat Industries

3.5 - Krauss-Maffei Wegmann

3.6 - Iveco & Oto Melara

3.7 - Patria

3.8 - Textron Land Systems

3.9 - Panhard General Defense

4. Main armoured vehicles programmes

4.1 - Main battle tanks

4.2 - Tracked medium and light armoured vehicles

4.3 - Wheeled medium-weight armoured vehicles

4.4 - Wheeled lightweight armoured vehicles

4.5 - Artillery systems

4.6 - New Combat Systems Projects

5. Sources

Companies Mentioned

-- General Dynamics

-- BAE Systems

-- Giat Industries

-- Rheinmetall

-- Krauss-Maffei Wegmann

-- Iveco Defence

-- Oto Melara

-- Patria

-- Textron

-- Panhard

-- Nammo

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 20, 2006
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