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Contract award: Furniture


- The purchase, delivery and assembly of the SIOP-3.2.3-12 / 1-2013-0001 furniture project.


II.2.1) Total quantity or scope:

Serial number, name, total volume (units), technical specifications

(The size of the inclusion as permitted +/- 1% tolerance).

1. 3 sink basin, 14, 40x40x2 mm steel hollow section frame made of stainless steel three-basin sink together Covers. The ends of the legs are height-adjustable foot end plugs fitted. Size: 1 mm 450x600x850. Pools minimum size. 400x400x250 mm;

Standing second gear, 224 pcs, D 50x2 mm and 18x1,5 mm tubular steel, electrostatic powder coating surface treatment coat rack, a minimum of 6 hanger. The feet and hooks at the ends ABS closing plugs. Dimensions: 590x1 750 mm;

Table, 140, 3 min. 25 mm laminated chipboard roof, color matched 2 mm ABS edge (R2~s lives gE[micro]mbE[micro]lyE[degrees]tessel), 40x20x2 mm rectangular tube frame construction and 30x30x1,5 mm hollow sections with legs, electrostatic powder coating surface treatment, the ends of adjustable feet. Size: 1 mm 400x800x720. BS EN 15372 standard or equivalent design;

4. Indoor wall cabinet with magnetic backing, 14, aluminum-framed glass doors, magnetic, writable and erasable tEiblafilccel backing, min. 18 mm laminated chipboard cabinets, color matched ABS edge. Internal depth min. 230 mm. Dimensions: 800x300x720 mm;

5. examining patient chairs, 14, high-backed, head-backed swivel chair. Plastic armrests, plastic foot cross parkettagE[micro]rgovel, artificial leather kEirpitbevonEval. The chair seat height gas spring can be adjusted. CRL minimum of 49 cm, adjustable rate up: a minimum of 10 cm. E[pounds sterling]loszelessege: minimum 50 cm. The headrest is adjustable in height and inclination;

6. sliding table, 28 pieces, electrostatic powder-coated 40x40x2 and 60x30x2 mm rectangular tube compiled from high teherbE[degrees]rEisbE[bar] (min. 500 kg) frame, modular, stand-alone modules can be used as finish, Pfleiderer SR209 (or equivalent) dekoritozott with cover. Size: 3 000x1 100x800 mm. BS EN15372 standard or equivalent design;

7 coffee table, 28 x 25 mm laminated chipboard roof, color identical 2 mm thick ABS edge (R2~s gE[micro]mbE[micro]lyE[degrees]tessel), electrostatic powder coated 40x20x2 mm rectangular tube frame and D 40x2-inch pipe legs, the ends of talpvegcsavarral adjustable. Size: 1 mm 000x600x500. BS EN 15372 standard or equivalent design;

8. umbrella holder, 42 pieces of perforated sheet steel, electrostatic powder coating surface treatment, standing umbrella stand. Its height is 500 mm. diameter of 260 mm;

Metal rack 9, 14, made of sheet steel cabinet body, which consists of welded box section legs, door with a safety lock and glazed sides and shelves inside is made of glass. Surface treatment electrostatic powder coating. Dimensions: 525x470x1 800 mm;

10. painted folding screen, 42 pcs, folding screen room divider 30x30x1,5 mm rect

Contractor name : GYULAI FAFEeM KFT.,

Contractor address : Henyei M. u. 11.,

5700 Gyula,


Implementing agency : TE-rr IstvEin Kepzo- es KutatEintezet


Szechenyi u. 14.

For the attention of: dr. SinEros-SzabE Botond

1054 Budapest


Telephone: +36 13094400


Fax: +36 18823459

Internet address(es):

General address of the contracting authority:

Country :Hungary

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Nov 20, 2015
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