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Furniture ding fixers for free.


Fix dings and scratches on wood surfaces without spending a penny. You already have a palette of colors in your closet, desk drawer or makeup kit. Shoe polish, eyebrow pencils, markers, watercolors, fingernail polish and iodine thinned to the right shade with denatured alcohol are just a few of the possibilities. Before applying color to the marred area, try it on the part of the furniture that's the least visible. You can even create a "test" scratch in a hidden spot. When you determine the right color, rub it into the scratch, then wipe off the residue from the adjacent surface. Many thanks to Nina Jacobson for revealing our true colors.


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Title Annotation:Workshop Tips: Paint and finish tips
Author:Wiebe, Bruce
Publication:The Family Handyman
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:May 1, 2008
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