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Permitex is an affordable and practical wallcoating system, which was designed to withstand the demands encountered in high-traffic environments. Permitex is installed by certified installers who are trained to apply the product to achieve the texture and visual appearance you desire. Permitex is available in any color. Custom color samples are available upon request.

Permitex is economical. Owners using Permitex can experience savings of 50% per square foot in comparison to the installed cost of vinyl wallpaper. Permitex is easy to clean and maintain. It is resistant to common soils and stains, crayon, nonpermanent felt pens and household chemicals. Permitex is resistant to mold and mildew and is an excellent substitute for vinyl wallpaper when mildew is a potential problem. Permitex is easy to repair using original product material applied by building maintenance staff or by a certified installer. Repairs are less noticeable than with paint or wallpaper coverings, which tend to fade.

York Wallcoverings, Inc.: York, PA


MechoShade[R] Systems, Inc., manufacturer of manual, motorized and computerized roller screens, introduces EuroVeil[TM] architectural screens. The EuroVeil shadecloth is a thinner, lighter, technologically advanced woven FR vinyl developed to satisfy the highest technical and aesthetic standards. Available in a variety of densities and colors, EuroVeil shadecloths improve environments with optimum solar protection, greater use of natural light and lower energy consumption.

Dark shade colors provide better see-through, lower brightness and decreased glare levels. Light-color shadecloths lower heat gain and offer a day-lighting opportunity.

MechoShades with EuroVeil shadecloth offer effortless cleaning with an optional SnapLoc[R]Spline feature, which allows easy removal for sponge cleaning with a mild detergent. Independent laboratory test showed that EuroVeil's fibers exhibited excellent resistance to bacterial and fungal organisms.


Wide staircases traditionally require piecing together multiple stair treads to cover broad spans, resulting in undesired seams. Johnsonite has created a flooring solution to this unique problem by increasing the size of two of its most popular rubber stair treads in the Roundel[R]line, allowing single-piece installation. These treads offer greater pedestrian safety, eliminating the possibility of trip hazards created by seams loosened over time, and demonstrate Johnsonite's commitment to integrate design, function and safety.

The RTR Roundel One-Piece Tread/Riser is now offered in up to 9[feet] lengths. This design features a full stair tread with an integrated stair riser for simplified installation and easy maintenance. A companion product, Johnsonite's RH Roundel Stair Tread, is now available in up to 8' lengths, with a 12-1/4[inches] overall depth.

Both stair tread offerings feature a 2[inches] square hinged nose to conform to ADA-recommended angular stair pan configurations. They are available with a contrasting-color 2[inches] strip for the visually impaired. Contrasting-color strip options include grit tape, solid color rubber or marbleized rubber inserts.


The C/S Group introduces Acrovyn[R] Semi-Rigid Wall Covering for protective wall surfacing with a decorative appearance. This durable wall covering offers unparalleled protection and is offered in 24 subtle and pearlescent colorways. Each colorway is coordinated with the complete Acrovyn line of corner, door and wall protection products.

Acrovyn .030[inches] Semi-Rigid Wall Covering features a speckled pattern throughout the entire depth of the material and is easy to install. It is supplied in 54[inches] wide x 20-yard rolls with a fabric backing. Because of its width, Acrovyn Semi-Rigid can be installed horizontally, eliminating unsightly seams and the need for trim options.


Woven Jacquard Crypton[R] (WJC), from Valley Forge, Inc., offers the best colors, designs and performance for high-impact upholstery. Only the patented Crypton technology from HiTex offers such superb stain and moisture protection in a woven breathable textile. WJC offers drapability, ease of cutting and excellent seam alignment on furniture. Woven in the United States with 100% yarn-dyed polyester fibers, Woven Jacquard Crypton is manufactured to provide extremely versatile seating fabrics.


International Fabrics, Inc., offers Botanica, a fresh and natural floral upholstery fabric in nine color combinations. Woven of 100% Trevira FR, Botanica meets stringent cleanability and flammability requirements, making it suitable for healthcare applications. Woven in 54" width, Botanica has a 6-7/8[inches] horizontal repeat and a 4-3/8[inches] vertical repeat. Circle 194 on Reader Service Card


General Electric has introduced several new products to upgrade facility lighting: First, HIR XL[TM] Ultra Life Halogen PAR, an extra long-life halogen PAR lamp. The HIR XL Ultra Life Halogen PAR lasts 6,000 hours - three times longer than standard halogen PAR lamps - and is available in 45-, 55- and 90-watt spot and flood versions.

Second, Slimshell Biax[R] Lamp, the slimmest compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) in the industry at 1.93[inches] (49 mm), the smallest maximum overall diameter of any CFL. Its sleek new design is 15% smaller than previous versions. It offers up to 75% energy cost savings while providing nearly the same light as the incandescent bulb it replaces.

Third, Compact Fluorescent "A-Line," a compact fluorescent lamp with a familiar incandescent shape. This energy-saving product features a 10,000-hour life and will be available in 15- and 20-watt versions. Its attractive design and slimshell base make it an appropriate replacement for many incandescent sockets.

Fourth, the 3-Way Quad Biax and Dimmable Quad Biax are ideal for residential and healthcare applications. The long-life 3-Way Quad Biax reduces energy costs by more than 60% and is designed to replace the 30/70/100 incandescent 3-way. The new Dimmable Quad Biax is a 28-watt replacement for the 100-watt soft white. Dimming to 20%, these new dimmable products can be operated on electronic photocells and timers.


The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has released a brochure, "Carpet and Your Indoor Environment," that discusses how carpet helps to minimize dust and allergens in the air. The brochure answers the most commonly asked questions about carpet and other factors in the indoor environment. Addressed is the use of carpet by people who believe they have allergies and are concerned about dust mites. The brochure explains that the allergic person is affected by airborne contaminants, but that in rooms with carpet, the carpet can hold various allergens out of the air, keeping them out of the "breathing zone."

The brochure includes an analysis of factors that affect indoor air quality; information about emissions from carpet; an explanation of issues concerning natural latex, formaldehyde and cleaning products; a list of installation procedures; and vacuuming and cleaning guidelines for keeping the residence and carpet environmentally friendly.


The microWATT Lighting Controller from Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., provides efficient management of the core requirements of comfort, flexibility, security, safety and energy conservation, to ensure optimum light levels and lighting efficiency.

Lutron's Intelligent Fluorescent Lighting Management System, microWATT features microprocessor-based design and internal programmed logic. Those features allow microWATT to integrate multiple functions - manual dimming, daylight harvesting, occupant response and inputs from automation and security systems.

The microWATT Lighting Controller utilizes state-of-the-art, soft-start, relay-switching circuitry that makes it possible to switch ballasts with high in-rush currents. No arcing occurs at the mechanical contacts when loads are switched. A Lutron Intelligent Fluorescent Lighting Management System using microWATT can be applied to a complete building or a single space, distributing control and eliminating costly "home-run" wiring to dimmer panels.


DuPont Flooring Systems is introducing the first utility flooring tiles made from recycled used carpet material. Produced exclusively for DuPont Flooring Systems by SelecTech, Inc, Taunton, Mass., RepTiles are constructed from 100% recycled material, including at least 50% post-consumer.

Used vinyl-backed carpet tiles are shredded and mixed with other vinyl waste material in a proprietary process that creates a utility flooring tile that has better quality and performance than similar tiles made from virgin materials. The post-consumer material for RepTiles is collected by DuPont Flooring Systems through the DuPont Carpet Reclamation[sm] Program. Introduced in 1991, the DuPont Carpet Reclamation Program is the only nationwide carpet recycling program that takes back all types of used carpet from DuPont Flooring Systems locations throughout North America.

RepTiles are suitable for wet and dry applications, can be installed over damaged floors and are resistant to most solvents and chemicals. Standard RepTiles come in black and gray. Other colors available with some recycled content. Circle 151 on Reader Service Card


Milliken & Company, in cooperation with Culp Contract, introduces a collection of woven jacquards to its line of MILLENNIUM FABRICS BY MILLIKEN[TM]. The JACQUARD PLUS collection expands the line to include a 100% solution-dyed nylon upholstery fabric.

Solution-dyed nylon is an extremely durable and easy-to-clean upholstery fabric, and has superior stain resistance and moisture-barrier protection. The new fabric's colors are based on the carpet industry's hospitality and healthcare applications, with clean, strong and saturated colors.
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