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Furaha Means Happy! A Book of Swahili Words.

Furaha Means Happy! A Book of Swahili Words

by Ken Wilson Max Jump at the Sun/Hyperion Books for Children, March 2000 $12.99 ISBN 0-78680552-8, Ages 4-8

Furaha Means Happy! A Book of Swahili Words is another offering from Ken Wilson-Max. This bright, colorful picture book for young readers tells a story written in English in order to help the reader learn Swahili (Swuh-hee-lee). "After lunch we dozed in the shade of a tree (mti). I rested my head on a cushion (mto), and Mum took a photo (picha) of me with her camera (kamera)."

In this family story Wilson-Max introduces two new characters, Wambui (Wam-boo-ee) and her brother Moses, who live in Kenya. Wambui and Moses speak both English and Swahili, as most people in Kenya do. The children explain how learning language is fun. And like children everywhere, they love the excitement and happiness of a family day out.

Wilson-Max writes with an encouraging voice that will engage the entire family. The book features a map of the continent of Africa and even offers a "how to say the words" section at the end of the book. In fact, the text encourages children to seek parental involvement and to use their local library.

Jump at the Sun continues to fill a gap for young readers, and this is a must-buy for your young reader. Ken Wilson-Max provides another interactive picture book that your children will embrace. It may create interest in a traditional African language and open them up to the world of language.

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