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Funny words 5.

Indented lines are anagrams or polyanagrams.

bugheads bug-eyed germophobes--

challenge-challenged unmotivated

(Because unhandicapped?)

satisfiction assuming one is happy but actually suffering from ignorance of bliss, having no idea what one is missing (Because challenge-challenged?)

Newsweak and Newspeek twin beacon magazines of the mediacracy mediocracy conspiracy:

Newsweak (wee wanks, as we knew)

Newspeek (keen spew; ken weeps)

odeous execrable poetry

pianissimost so soft you can't hear it; "air piano"

Pianissimost sit, miss piano.

privy counsel toilet graffiti

pseudonymble not a real nimble person

purse-suit lawyers chasing clients chasing jackpots

rockingchairman The senile Company head--whom everyone wants to retire or die-- is in his second childhood and only wants to rock!

roter argues in rote circles but lacks the wit to make a palindrome

skrool a slang term expressing the teen view on a number of things at once: "Screw school, screw rule, screw rulers! But screw well, because life's skrool!"

Servo-Creation the language of Balkan anti-evolutionary automatons

simplicitly Occam's razor on automatic

somnipotent able to sleep through anything

son of a rich a legitimate bastard

son of-ovich an illegitimate bastard, a mongrel English-Russian grandson

speleodontology the study of mammoth cavities in the ground of existence; aka modern physics

stipendous a CEO's paycheck

superstitial facilely avoiding the deep cracks in an inherited folklore or belief system, sticking to the "high ground" at the surface; accompanied by

surface attention uptightness, preoccupation with appearance and appearances.

tabu rasa prohibition of nakedness, physical or mental "Thou shalt not get to the bottom of things."

terrafying engineering a planet to be earth-like--ie, scared witless

Thai cheese Eastern food and meditation aid. Dr. Duck, cheesemonger, urges you to "Add zizz to your Tai Chi with THAI CHEESES!"

to rerot to decompose again (Not again!) Note added in reproof: this rarely useful term insinuated its way in here via palindromy.

typO A script mistake occurred in the blood transfusion ward with tragic consequences.

Virgina Unexplored Territory somewhere in the interior

warmonagers comfortable old asses who send youths to fight and die for them Called chickenhawks by Senator Al Franken, they cheer each other on with law-on-order charades:

"War 'm on, Agers, warm onagers!"

wisecrackwise having a large repertoire of repartee, wisecrack-wise



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