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'Untreatable' superbug spreading between hospitals and care homes, doctors warn; Health experts are concerned about a potentially deadly fungus that can be spread from person to person and from contaminated surfaces which has travelled from one US city to another. By, Nilufer Atik Jul 23, 2021 451
India records more than 4,300 black fungus deaths as rare infection strikes Covid patients; Doctors have said how they have been forced to remove people's eyes and jaw bones to try and stop the black fungus disease, called mucormycosis, from reaching their brains. By, Jane Clinton Jul 22, 2021 405
Every Covid-19 patient not vulnerable to black fungus: MoPH. Zarghona Salehi Jul 4, 2021 743
GEOSTATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF TOMATO FRUIT ROT AND DIVERSITY OF ASSOCIATED FUNGAL SPECIES. A. Hussain, S. W. Khan, S. Ali, F. Faiz, M. Hussain, A. Ali, Shams Ur Rahman and S. Qasim Jun 22, 2021 2471
COVID, diabetes, low immunity main risk factors of black fungus: Doctors. By: Times News Service Jun 15, 2021 408
'Black fungus' and Covid-19: Myths and facts. Jun 6, 2021 321
Dirty oxygen cylinders spread black fungus. Jun 5, 2021 363
Doctor warns of black fungus inside poorly cleaned oxygen cylinders. Jun 5, 2021 261
Doctor warns of black fungus inside poorly cleaned oxygen cylinders. Jun 5, 2021 261
Doctor warns of black fungus inside oxygen cylinders. Jun 5, 2021 234
Negotiating fungus minefield. Jim McColl Jun 4, 2021 733
The answer to impact of arable farming lies in the soil; The impact of arable farming on soil ecosystems has created an underworld where undesirable bugs and fungi can muscle their way in to prosper at the expense of their helpful and beneficial counterparts, some researchers working on soil recovery have claimed. Jun 1, 2021 468
COVID-19: Iraq records first black fungus death. By: Times News Service Jun 1, 2021 160
Negotiating fungus minefield. Jim McColl Jun 1, 2021 728
Variation of Response Patterns Associated with an Avirulent Plant Symbiont Directed Defense Gene Expressions in Maize Exposed to Toxic Elements. Pehlivan, Necla Jun 1, 2021 4760
Egypt adds news drugs to COVID treatment protocol, addresses black fungus: Official. Egypt Today staff May 31, 2021 234
Deadly black fungus outbreak declared an epidemic as cases climb to 12,000 in Covid-hit India. Michiel Willems May 29, 2021 598
Black Fungus: What we know so far. Egypt Today staff May 27, 2021 768
Black fungus situation not alarming, claims health expert. May 27, 2021 400
The fungi to choose to give you a health boost. May 27, 2021 614
'DGHS working to make black fungus treatment cheaper'. May 26, 2021 400
The fungi to choose to give you a health boost. May 26, 2021 607
Cases of black fungus in India rise to 10,000. May 26, 2021 167
Cases of black fungus in India rise to 10,000. May 26, 2021 166
Panic spreads over black fungus. Obituary May 25, 2021 751
Bangladesh sees surge in daily Covid deaths, cases as black fungus creeps in. May 25, 2021 511
No relation between black fungus and COVID-19: Official. May 25, 2021 485
The fungi to choose to give you a health boost. May 25, 2021 614
The fungi to choose to give you a health boost. May 25, 2021 607
The fungi to choose to give you a health boost. May 25, 2021 614
The fungi to choose to give you a health boost. May 25, 2021 601
The fungi to choose to give you a health boost. May 25, 2021 614
Explainer: What is 'black fungus' that is hitting India's COVID-19 patients? May 24, 2021 518
Inside India's 'black fungus' epidemic as cases hit 9,000 and patients have eyes removed; Thousands of Covid patients in India have had their eyes removed as a result of contracting black fungus as doctors believe the outbreak is being triggered by steroids being used to treat severe coronavirus. By, Kelly-Ann Mills May 24, 2021 565
The fungi to choose to give you a health boost. May 24, 2021 601
India's black fungus cases among COVID-19 patients up to nearly 9,000. May 24, 2021 183
India's black fungus cases among COVID-19 patients up to nearly 9,000. May 24, 2021 182
What is 'black fungus' that is hitting India's COVID-19 patients? Reuters News Service May 24, 2021 502
No need to worry about black fungus spreading in Egypt: presidential health advisor. Egypt Today staff May 24, 2021 433
Authorities deny emergence of black fungus among COVID-19 patients in Egypt. Mohammed Abu Zaid May 23, 2021 370
Black fungus infection not a variant of COVID-19: Saudi health ministry. AMEERA ABID May 23, 2021 723
Black fungus not detected in Sri Lanka. May 23, 2021 213
Officials answer whether Egypt has black fungus cases or not. Egypt Today staff May 23, 2021 353
Deadly fungus stalks India's Covid wards. May 22, 2021 582
Thousands of Covid patients' eyes removed amid deadly 'black fungus' outbreak; The "black fungus" outbreak in India has mostly affected coronavirus patients, overwhelmed some hospitals and led to a shortage of a drug used to treat the rare and deadly disease. By, Chris Kitching May 22, 2021 604
India's Ministry of Health asks states to report cases of 'black fungus' to federal government. May 21, 2021 180
Black fungus kills 90 recovered Covid patients as India hit by new 'epidemic'; Around 850 people are in hospital with black fungus, or mucormycosis, a condition with a 50 per cent mortality rate that leads to blackening over the nose, chest pain, breathing difficulties and coughing blood. By, Manus Mishra & Graeme Murray May 21, 2021 541
India faces 'black fungus' drug shortage as cases rise among COVID-19 patients. May 20, 2021 236
COVID-19 in India triggered 'black fungus tornado'. May 18, 2021 558
Mutant Screening of Metarhizium lepidiotae for Increased UV-Tolerance and Virulence. Report May 16, 2021 5606
Short Communication - Virulence of Metarhizium anisopliae (Hypocreales: Clavicipitaceae) Strains against the Eggs and Larvae of Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Acari: Ixodidae). Report May 16, 2021 2076
Foraging company, Wee Folk of the Woods, was started up for health reasons, but now supplies The Kitchin; They've also found a potential new species of fungi. Gaby Soutar May 14, 2021 602
Cases of 'Black Fungus' emerge in Pakistan. May 13, 2021 159
'Black fungus' cases detected in Covid-19 patients. May 12, 2021 510
Indian Covid patients hit by deadly new surge of 'black fungus' infections; Officials in the country said that doctors treating patients with coronavirus as well as diabetics and immuno-compromised people should be made aware of the symptoms. By, William Walker May 11, 2021 544
The black fungus killing young coronavirus patients being treated with steroids in India; Younger patients are falling so ill that doctors cannot operate on them. By, Will Hayward May 11, 2021 495
Anger as two beautiful trees full of blossom are felled in People's Park; cherry trees cut down because of fungus and root damage, says council. GREGORY FORD @FordWrit May 10, 2021 644
Hospitals across India report Covid-19 patients with rare deadly black fungus that decays brains and lungs. Michiel Willems May 10, 2021 388
Trends in Agricultural Triazole Fungicide Use in the United States, 1992-2016 and Possible Implications for Antifungal-Resistant Fungi in Human Disease. Toda, Mitsuru; Beer, Karlyn D.; Kuivila, Kathryn M.; Chiller, Tom M.; Jackson, Brendan R. Report May 1, 2021 7824
Fungus unlikely to disrupt mango exports. Apr 19, 2021 339
New nanotech destroys bacteria, fungal cells. Apr 15, 2021 206
Filamentous fungi occurrence on Molossus molossus (Pallas, 1766) (Chiroptera: Molossidae) present in an Atlantic Forest remnant in Southern Brazil/Ocorrencia de fungos filamentosos em Molossus molossus (Pallas, 1766) (Chiroptera: Molossidae) presentes em um remanescente da Mata Atlantica no Sul do Brasil. Furtado, B.G.; Savi, G.D.; Angioletto, E.; Carvalho, F. Apr 3, 2021 5336
Interaction of the nematophagous fungus Pochonia chlamydosporia on eggs of Spartocera dentiventris (Berg) (Hemiptera: Coreidae) under laboratory conditions. Ferraz, C.M.; Soares, F.E.F.; Senna, C.C.; Silva, L.P.C.; Araujo, J.V.; Moreira, T.F.; Monteiro, F.C Apr 3, 2021 1560
Dozens fined for picking fungi. Apr 3, 2021 163
Susceptibility of Alabama argillacea and Chrysodeixis includens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae to Beauveria bassiana associated with kaolin/Susceptibilidade de larvas de Alabama argillacea e Chrysodeixis includens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) a Beauveria bassiana associada com caulim. Galdino, J.S.; Silva, C.A.D.; Zanuncio, J.C.; Castellani, M.A. Apr 1, 2021 5009
Fungal homoserine transacetylase: A potential antifungal target. Seyran, Esra Apr 1, 2021 2605
Fungal homoserine transacetylase: A potential antifungal target. Seyran, Esra Apr 1, 2021 2603
Efficacy and safety of sertaconazole in the treatment of dermatophytoses. Lubna Khondker Mar 31, 2021 3447
Borate and Quaternary Ammonia Dip Diffusion to Treat Fungal Pathogens of Metrosideros polymorpha Wood. Hughes, Marc A.; Mackey, Bruce; Morrell, Jeffrey J.; Juzwik, Jennifer; Cappellazzi, Jed; Keith, Lisa Mar 22, 2021 5487
Breaking the mold: Landless Afghans turn to fungi farming. Sayed Salahuddin Mar 21, 2021 882
Foodborne fungus may disrupt gut healing in Crohn's disease. Mar 20, 2021 354
Western Diet Linked To Changes In Gut Fungi And Metabolism. Mar 13, 2021 521
Wonder Fungi: Chemical production from mysteries of a goat's gut. Mar 7, 2021 155
Review of laboratory diagnostic tests for invasive aspergillosis. Deng, John Z.; Caceres, Diego H.; Klausner, Jeffrey D. Mar 1, 2021 6337
Evaluation of Trichoderma harzianum and Azadirachta indica in the Management of Meloidogyne incognita in Tomato. Azeem, Wajahat; Mukhtar, Tariq; Hamid, Tooba Report Feb 24, 2021 4210
Woman "left looking like character from Monsters Inc" after cheap lip fillers; Desi Bolich claims she looked like the big-lipped villain Fungus from the hit Disney Pixar movie after having the lip fillers which she said was so painful she almost passed out. By, Helen Le Caplain & Kelly-Ann Mills Feb 17, 2021 862
Sensitivity of hyperparasitic fungi to alternative products for use in the control of papaya black spot/Sensibilidade de fungos hiperparasitas a produtos alternativos para uso no controle da pinta preta do mamoeiro. Vivas, J.M.S.; Silveira, S.F.; Mussi-Dias, V.; Santos, P.H.D.; Ramos, G.K.S.; Santos, P.R.; Almeida, Feb 1, 2021 6417
Man found with fungi growing in his blood after injecting himself with 'magic' mushrooms. Jan 14, 2021 330
Killer Fungus Spread Rampantly At US Hospital COVID-19 Ward, Study Shows. Jan 9, 2021 497
Development of microbial consortia for growth improvement of neem/Neem agaci buyumesi icin mikrobiyal karisimlarin gelistirilmesi. Nachu, Nikhil Sai; Revanna, Ashwin; Manchegowda, Harinikumar Kodihalli; Bagyaraj, Joseph Davis Report Jan 1, 2021 5369
Evaluation of Dermatophyte Test Medium and Sabouraud Dextrose Agar for Isolation of Dermatophyte Species. Majid Rauf Ahmad, Iffat Javed, S. Mushtaq, Rubeena Hafeez and Kanwal Hassan Cheema Dec 31, 2020 1976
Differential Expression of a Putative Copper Homeostasis CutC Gene in Fibroporia radiculosa During Initial Decay of Copper-Treated Wood. Ohno, Katie M.; Bishell, Amy B.; Stanosz, Glen R. Report Dec 22, 2020 5118
Rhinosporidium seeberi: Is It a Fungi or Parasite?/Rhinosporidium seeberi: Mantar mi, Parazit mi? Toz, Seray Dec 1, 2020 1642
Co-cultured methanogen improved the metabolism in the hydrogenosome of anaerobic fungus as revealed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis. Li, Yuqi; Sun, Meizhou; Li, Yuanfei; Cheng, Yanfen; Zhu, Weiyun Report Dec 1, 2020 4250
I was forced to take fungus-infected medicines in prison', says PML-N VP. Nov 26, 2020 324
FORAY INTO FANTASTIC WORLD OF FUNGUS; A trip to central Deeside sees a happy Keith finicking with fungi deep within a dense stance of birch woodland. NATURE WATCH with Keith Broomfield Nov 21, 2020 512
Thousands of trees to be cut down amid disease fears; HIGHLY DESTRUCTIVE FUNGUS FOUND ACROSS NORTH WALES. JEZ HEMMING Local Democracy Reporter Nov 5, 2020 582
Eden Research hoping to get to the root of plant fungus problem. Nov 3, 2020 447
Fungal rhinosinusitis between regular infection and aggressive life-threatening disease. Lupoi, Daniel; Preda, Mihai Nov 1, 2020 2212
Mycotic Keratitis in a Tertiary Hospital in Northeastern Malaysia. Chitamparam, Siva; Lim, Thiam-Hou; Tai, Evelyn; Ibrahim, Mohtar Clinical report Nov 1, 2020 4074
Tillage, Glyphosate and Beneficial Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi: Optimising Crop Management for Plant-Fungal Symbiosis. Wilkes, Thomas I.; Warner, Douglas J.; Davies, Keith G.; Edmonds-Brown, Veronica Nov 1, 2020 7994
The Effect of Agrotechnical Factors on Fusarium Mycotoxins Level in Maize. Bocianowski, Jan; Szulc, Piotr; Waskiewicz, Agnieszka; Cyplik, Adrian Nov 1, 2020 7972
Biodiversity, Ecology, and Secondary Metabolites Production of Endophytic Fungi Associated with Amaryllidaceae Crops. Caruso, Gianluca; Golubkina, Nadezhda; Tallarita, Alessio; Abdelhamid, Magdi T.; Sekara, Agnieszka Nov 1, 2020 7890
Effect of Vineyard Floor Management on Seasonal Changes of Cultivable Fungal Diversity in the Rhizosphere. Kovacs, Barnabas; Dobolyi, Csaba; Sebok, Flora; Kocsis, Laszlo; Toth, Zoltan Nov 1, 2020 6459
Performance and Establishment of a Commercial Mycorrhizal Inoculant in Viticulture. Rosa, Daniel; Pogiatzis, Antreas; Bowen, Pat; Kokkoris, Vasilis; Richards, Andrew; Holland, Taylor; Nov 1, 2020 5527
Bioactive Products from Endophytic Fungi of Sages (Salvia spp.). Zimowska, Beata; Bielecka, Monika; Abramczyk, Barbara; Nicoletti, Rosario Report Nov 1, 2020 8970
Simplicilones A and B Isolated from the Endophytic Fungus Simplicillium subtropicum SPC3. Anoumedem, Elodie Gisele M.; Mountessou, Bel Youssouf G.; Kouam, Simeon F.; Narmani, Abolfazl; Surup Nov 1, 2020 6609
Opportunist Coinfections by Nontuberculous Mycobacteria and Fungi in Immunocompromised Patients. Joao, Ines; Bujdakova, Helena; Jordao, Luisa Nov 1, 2020 13558
Physiological characterisation of coprophilous fungal isolates that behave as plant root associates. Miranda, Victoria; Scervino, Jose Martin; Barros, Johana; Rodriguez, Maria Alejandra; Fracchia, Seba Report Nov 1, 2020 8055
Changing shrooms: Fungi adapt to any setting...even outer space; Honest Truth. Oct 18, 2020 692
Fungi fossils study brings prehistoric Rhynie back to life. KIERAN BEATTIE Report Oct 15, 2020 388
ASSESSMENT OF AFLATOXIN AND FUMONISIN CONTAMINATION LEVELS IN MAIZE AND MYCOTOXINS AWARENESS AND RISK FACTORS IN RWANDA. Niyibituronsa M.; Mukantwali C.; Nzamwita M.; Hagenimana G.; Niyoyita S.; Niyonshima A.; Hakizimana Oct 1, 2020 7252
Agricultural Uses of Juglone: Opportunities and Challenges. Islam, A. K. M. Mominul; Widhalm, Joshua R. Oct 1, 2020 11810
Temporal and Cultivar-Specific Effects on Potato Root and Soil Fungal Diversity. Loit, Kaire; Soonvald, Liina; Astover, Alar; Runno-Paurson, Eve; Opik, Maarja; Tedersoo, Leho Oct 1, 2020 8271
Prevalence of Fungi in Human Follicular Fluid and Its Potential Impact on In Vitro Fertilization Process. Najjar, Azhar Abdullah; Alosaimi, Ebtesam Hamoud; Abduljabbar, Hassan Salah; Hashim, Howaida Abdulmo Report Oct 1, 2020 5725
Mushrooms: Immune Support Workhorses: Fungi-based supplements fit well in a true healthcare model founded in prevention. Law, David Oct 1, 2020 1031
Poultry Litter Biochar Increases Mycorrhizal Colonisation, Soil Fertility and Cucumber Yield in a Fertigation System on Sandy Soil. Solaiman, Zakaria M.; Shafi, Muhammad Izhar; Beamont, Euan; Anawar, Hossain M. Oct 1, 2020 8111
The Thin Line between Pathogenicity and Endophytism: The Case of Lasiodiplodia theobromae. Salvatore, Maria Michela; Andolfi, Anna; Nicoletti, Rosario Oct 1, 2020 10924
Properties of Aging Pentachlorophenol-Treated Douglas-Fir Crossarms. Schauwecker, Christoph; Clauson, Milo; Konkler, Matthew J.; Sinha, Arijit; Morrell, Jeffrey J. Report Sep 22, 2020 3049
Toenail fungus takes time to fix. Dr. Eve Glazier and Dr. Elizabeth Ko Sep 7, 2020 546
Invasive Infections with Nannizziopsis obscura Species Complex in 9 Patients from West Africa, France, 2004-2020. Garcia-Hermoso, Dea; Hamane, Samia; Fekkar, Arnaud; Jabet, Arnaud; Denis, Blandine; Siguier, Martin; Sep 1, 2020 6106
Occurrence of Cryptococcus neoformans and other yeast-like fungi in environmental sources in Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean). Gugnani, Harish C.; Hagen, Ferry; Meis, Jacques F.; Chakrabarti, Arunaloke Sep 1, 2020 3157
Screening of Organic Substrates for Solid-State Fermentation, Viability and Bioefficacy of Trichoderma harzianum AS12-2, a Biocontrol Strain Against Rice Sheath Blight Disease. Naeimi, Shahram; Khosravi, Vahid; Varga, Andras; Vagvolgyi, Csaba; Kredics, Laszlo Sep 1, 2020 8820
A Meta-Analytical Approach on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculation Efficiency on Plant Growth and Nutrient Uptake. Chandrasekaran, Murugesan Sep 1, 2020 5042
Ibrexafungerp: A Novel Oral Triterpenoid Antifungal in Development for the Treatment of Candida auris Infections. Ghannoum, Mahmoud; Arendrup, Maiken Cavling; Chaturvedi, Vishnu P.; Lockhart, Shawn R.; McCormick, T Report Sep 1, 2020 6911
Candida auris Bloodstream Infections in Russia. Barantsevich, Natalia E.; Vetokhina, Antonina V.; Ayushinova, Natalia I.; Orlova, Olga E.; Barantsev Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 5320
Unconventional Yeasts Are Tolerant to Common Antifungals, and Aureobasidium pullulans Has Low Baseline Sensitivity to Captan, Cyprodinil, and Difenoconazole. Magoye, Electine; Hilber-Bodmer, Maja; Pfister, Melanie; Freimoser, Florian M. Report Sep 1, 2020 9789
Evaluation of Changes in Glomalin-Related Soil Proteins (GRSP) Content, Microbial Diversity and Physical Properties Depending on the Type of Soil as the Important Biotic Determinants of Soil Quality. Galazka, Anna; Niedzwiecki, Jacek; Grzadziel, Jaroslaw; Gawryjolek, Karolina Sep 1, 2020 12639
Isolates of the Nematophagous Fungus Pochonia chlamydosporia Are Endophytic in Banana Roots and Promote Plant Growth. Mingot-Ureta, Cristina; Lopez-Moya, Federico; Lopez-Llorca, Luis Vicente Sep 1, 2020 5128
Simultaneous Determination of 13 Organic Acids in Liquid Culture Media of Edible Fungi Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. Yu, Changxia; Wang, Yan; Cao, Hui; Zhao, Yan; Li, Zhengpeng; Wang, Hong; Chen, Mingjie; Tang, Qingji Report Aug 31, 2020 4741
Optimization of Liquid Culture Condition of a Novel Fungus Hygrophoropsis sp. and Antioxidant Activity of Extracts. Huang, Liang; Li, Chunxia; Sun, Ning; Wang, Yu; Yang, Hongpeng; Li, Yiting; Ban, Litong Aug 31, 2020 6378
Fungi have unexpected role to play in fight against climate change: Taiwanese researcher. Aug 11, 2020 807
Virulence Screen of Beauveria Bassiana Isolates for Australian Carpophilus (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) Beetle Biocontrol. Boston, William; Leemon, Diana; Cunningham, John Paul Aug 1, 2020 5650
Bismuth Nanoantibiotics Display Anticandidal Activity and Disrupt the Biofilm and Cell Morphology of the Emergent Pathogenic Yeast Candida auris. Vazquez-Munoz, Roberto; Lopez, Fernando D.; Lopez-Ribot, Jose L. Aug 1, 2020 6914
A Culture-Based ID of Micromycetes on the Wing Membranes of Greater Mouse-Eared Bats (Myotis myotis) from the "Nietoperek" Site (Poland). Ogorek, Rafal; Kurczaba, Klaudia; Cal, Magdalena; Apoznanski, Grzegorz; Kokurewicz, Tomasz Aug 1, 2020 8137
Impact of Coherent Laser Irradiation on Germination and Mycoflora of Soybean Seeds--Innovative and Prospective Seed Quality Management. Klimek-Kopyra, Agnieszka; Dluzniewska, Joanna; Slizowska, Anna; Dobrowolski, Jan Wincenty Aug 1, 2020 5649
Biological Control of Thielaviopsis paradoxa and Colletotrichum gloeosporioides by the Extracellular Enzymes of Wickerhamomyces anomalus. Zepeda-Giraud, Luis Fernando; Olicon-Hernandez, Dario Rafael; Pardo, Juan Pablo; Villanueva, Minerva Aug 1, 2020 7425
Sustainable Management with Mycorrhizae and Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria for Enhanced Phosphorus Uptake in Calcareous Soils. Wahid, Fazli; Fahad, Shah; Danish, Subhan; Adnan, Muhammad; Yue, Zhen; Saud, Shah; Siddiqui, Manzer Aug 1, 2020 9948
Using Multispectral Imaging for Detecting Seed-Borne Fungi in Cowpea. Rego, Carlos Henrique Queiroz; Franca-Silva, Fabiano; Gomes, Francisco Guilhien, Junior; Moraes, Mar Aug 1, 2020 5151
Broad Diversity of Fungi in Hospital Water. Arroy, Maira Gazzola; Ferreira, Adriano Menis; Frota, Oleci Pereira; Brizzotti-Mazuchi, Natalia Sero Jul 31, 2020 4215
Fungus can fight invasive Balsam. Jul 27, 2020 179
New fungus boosts Korea's development of 'plastic-chewing' biotech. Jul 2, 2020 596
Bioplastic Film from Black Soldier Fly Prepupae Proteins Used as Mulch: Preliminary Results. Setti, Leonardo; Francia, Enrico; Pulvirenti, Andrea; de Leo, Riccardo; Martinelli, Simone; Maistrel Jul 1, 2020 4858
Host Specificity of Endophytic Fungi from Stem Tissue of Nature Farming Tomato (Solatium lycopersicum Mill.) in Japan. Dastogeer, Khondoker Mohammad Golam; Oshita, Yutaro; Yasuda, Michiko; Kanasugi, Makoto; Matsuura, Er Jul 1, 2020 8051
Linking Endophytic Fungi to Medicinal Plants Therapeutic Activity. A Case Study on Asteraceae. Caruso, Gianluca; Abdelhamid, Magdi T.; Kalisz, Andrzej; Sekara, Agnieszka Case study Jul 1, 2020 10858
Antimicrobial Activity of Cultivable Endophytic and Rhizosphere Fungi Associated with "Mile-a-Minute," Mikania cordata (Asteraceae). Jayatilake, Pavithra L.; Munasinghe, Helani Jun 30, 2020 5587
Effect of Hirsutella sinensis Fungus on the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis in Lewis Rats with Kidney-Yang Deficiency Syndrome. Zhang, Lizong; Lang, Jiali; Jin, Lu; Jin, Lushuai; Cao, Beibei; Shao, Xia; Fang, Mingsun; Cai, Yueqi Jun 30, 2020 5446
Effect of Multiple Leaching Cycles on Decay Resistance of Micronized Copper Azole-Treated Southern Pine Sapwood. Xu, Guoqi; Cappellazzi, Jed; Konkler, Matthew J.; Morrell, Jeffrey J. Report Jun 22, 2020 3116
Structural Elucidation of Antibiotic TKR2999, an Antifungal Lipodepsipeptide Isolated from the Fungus Foliophoma fallens. Crespo, Gloria; Perez-Victoria, Ignacio; Ortiz-Lopez, Francisco Javier; Gonzalez-Menendez, Victor; d Report Jun 1, 2020 5056
Alkaloids from Marine Fungi: Promising Antimicrobials. Willems, Thomas; De Mol, Maarten L.; De Bruycker, Aleksandar; De Maeseneire, Sofie L.; Soetaert, Wim Report Jun 1, 2020 13736
Pyrophen Isolated from the Endophytic Fungus Aspergillus fumigatus Strain KARSV04 Synergizes the Effect of Doxorubicin in Killing MCF7 but not T47D Cells/Endofitik Mantar Aspergillus fumigatus KARSV04 Susundan Izole Edilen Pirofen Doksorubisinin MCF7 Hucrelerini Oldurme Etkisini Sinerjize Etmis T47D Hucreleri Uzerindeki Etkisini Degistirmemistir. Astuti, Puji; Januarti, Ika Buana; Kiromah, Naelaz Zukhruf Wakhidatul; Fitri, Hidayah Anisa; Wahyono Jun 1, 2020 2682
Carrier and vector of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum and its handling through a base of entomopathogenic fungi in Agave sp. Aquino-Bolanos, Teodulfo; Sdnchez-Garcia, Jose A.; Ortiz-Hernandez, Yolanda D.; Hernandez-Cruz, Juli Jun 1, 2020 2694
Facing Climate Change: Application of Microbial Biostimulants to Mitigate Stress in Horticultural Crops. Sangiorgio, Daniela; Cellini, Antonio; Donati, Irene; Pastore, Chiara; Onofrietti, Claudia; Spinelli Jun 1, 2020 14393
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi as Potential Agents in Ameliorating Heavy Metal Stress in Plants. Dhalaria, Rajni; Kumar, Dinesh; Kumar, Harsh; Nepovimova, Eugenie; Kuca, Kamil; Islam, Muhammad Tore Jun 1, 2020 12934
Plant Performance and Metabolomic Profile of Loquat in Response to Mycorrhizal Inoculation, Armillaria mellea and Their Interaction. Camprubi, Amelia; Solari, Jimena; Bonini, Paolo; Garcia-Figueres, Francesc; Colosimo, Fabrizio; Ciri Jun 1, 2020 7131
Biostimulatory Action of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Enhances Productivity, Functional and Sensory Quality in 'Piennolo del Vesuvio' Cherry Tomato Landraces. Carillo, Petronia; Kyratzis, Angelos; Kyriacou, Marios C.; Dell'Aversana, Emilia; Fusco, Giovanna Ma Report Jun 1, 2020 9239
Endophytism of Lecanicillium and Akanthomyces. Nicoletti, Rosario; Becchimanzi, Andrea Jun 1, 2020 8803
Growing a species of Mycena (Fungi: Agaricales) in a collection box. Hubregtse, Virgil Jun 1, 2020 1485
Diversity of Soil Filamentous Fungi Influenced by Marine Environment in Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil. Rodrigues, Igor Vinicius Pimentel; Borges, Katia Regina Assuncao; da Silva, Marcos Antonio Custodio May 31, 2020 4688
In Vitro and In Vivo Antifungal Activity of Clove (Eugenia caryophyllata) and Pepper (Piper nigrum L.) Essential Oils and Functional Extracts Against Fusarium oxysporum and Aspergillus niger in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.). Castellanos, Laila Munoz; Olivas, Nubia Amaya; Ayala-Soto, Juan; De La O Contreras, Carmen Miriam; O May 31, 2020 5399
Composition and Diversity of Fungal Decomposers of Submerged Wood in Two Lakes in the Brazilian Amazon State of Para. Canto, Eveleise Samira Martins; Cortez, Ana Claudia Alves; Monteiro, Josiane Santana; Barbosa, Flavi May 31, 2020 6257
Onychomycosis in Psoriatic Patients with Nail Disorders: Aetiological Agents and Immunosuppressive Therapy. de Oliveira Praeiro Alves, Nubia Carvalho Pena; de Aquino Moreira, Tomaz; Malvino, Lucivania Duarte May 31, 2020 4775
On the look-out for fungi while at home; NATURE. KIERAN BEATTIE May 8, 2020 257
Rhizopus microsporus Infections Associated with Surgical Procedures, Argentina, 2006-2014. Bowers, Jolene R.; Monroy-Nieto, Juan; Gade, Lalitha; Travis, Jason; Refojo, Nicolas; Abrantes, Rube May 1, 2020 5249
Rootstock and Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Combinatorial Effects on Eggplant Crop Performance and Fruit Quality under Greenhouse Conditions. Sabatino, Leo; Iapichino, Giovanni; Consentino, Beppe Benedetto; D'Anna, Fabio; Rouphael, Youssef May 1, 2020 8582
The Effects of Fungal Feed Additives in Animals: A Review. Chuang, Wen Yang; Hsieh, Yun Chen; Lee, Tzu-Tai May 1, 2020 8375
Antagonistic Activity against Ascosphaera apis and Functional Properties of Lactobacillus kunkeei Strains. Iorizzo, Massimo; Lombardi, Silvia Jane; Ganassi, Sonia; Testa, Bruno; Ianiro, Mario; Letizia, Franc May 1, 2020 8942
In Vitro Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Novel Insect Fungus Polycephalomyces phaothaiensis Extract and Its Constituents against Propionibacterium acnes. Sonyot, Witsanu; Lamlertthon, Supaporn; Luangsa-ard, Janet Jennifer; Mongkolsamrit, Suchada; Usuwant May 1, 2020 6420
Mycobiome in the Gut: A Multiperspective Review. Chin, Voon Kin; Yong, Voon Chen; Chong, Pei Pei; Nordin, Syafinaz Amin; Basir, Rusliza; Abdullah, Ma Apr 30, 2020 13722
Bioactivities and Future Perspectives of Chaetoglobosins. Chen, Jinhua; Zhang, Wenzhou; Guo, Qingfeng; Yu, Weijiang; Zhang, Yongna; He, Baoxia Apr 30, 2020 4656
Aflatoxin Biocontrol Lab established at NARC. Apr 25, 2020 276
Aflatoxin Biocontrol Lab established at NARC. Apr 25, 2020 276
Aflatoxin Biocontrol Lab established at NARC. Apr 25, 2020 234
Efficacy of Entomopathogenic Fungi with Insecticides Mixtures against Oxycarenus hyalinipennis (Costa) (Lygaeidae: Hemiptera). Ahmed, Khursheed; Freed, Shoaib; Shoukat, Rana Fartab; Ahmad, Kanwar Waqas Report Apr 7, 2020 8708
Fusarium Head Blight, Mycotoxins and Strategies for Their Reduction. Mielniczuk, Elzbieta; Skwarylo-Bednarz, Barbara Apr 1, 2020 15743
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Associated with Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Ghana: Effect of Regional Locations and Soil Factors on Diversity and Community Assembly. Sarkodee-Addo, Elsie; Yasuda, Michiko; Lee, Chol Gyu; Kanasugi, Makoto; Fujii, Yoshiharu; Omari, Ric Apr 1, 2020 10084
Soil Nutrients Effects on the Performance of Durum Wheat Inoculated with Entomopathogenic Fungi. Gonzalez-Guzman, Adrian; Sacristan, Daniel; Sanchez-Rodriguez, Antonio Rafael; Barron, Vidal; Torren Apr 1, 2020 10256
Paecilomyces variotii as A Plant-Growth Promoter in Horticulture. Moreno-Gavira, Alejandro; Dianez, Fernando; Sanchez-Montesinos, Brenda; Santos, Mila Apr 1, 2020 7855
Curative and Suppressive Activities of Essential Tea Tree Oil against Fungal Plant Pathogens. Reuveni, Moshe; Sanches, Ethel; Barbier, Marcel Apr 1, 2020 5758
Biocontrol Potential of Some Entomopathogenic Fungal Strains Against Bean Aphid Megoura japonica (Matsumura). Trinh, Duy Nam; Ha, Thi Kim Lien; Qiu, Dewen Report Apr 1, 2020 5068
Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Analyze the Concentration of Ferulic Acid, Deoxynivalenol, and Nivalenol in Winter Wheat Grain. Niedbala, Gniewko; Kurasiak-Popowska, Danuta; Stuper-Szablewska, Kinga; Nawracala, Jerzy Report Apr 1, 2020 6753
Pollination by sexual deception of different fungus-gnat species, two (Mycetophilidae) in Pterostylis grandiflora and two (Sciaridae) in P. nana (Orchidaceae). Kuiter, Rudie H. Apr 1, 2020 2126
No fitness costs are induced by Spiroplasma infections of Aphis citricidus reared on two different host plants/ Custo adaptativo induzido por Spiroplasma em Aphis citricidus em duas plantas hospedeiras. Guidolin, A.S.; Consoli, F.L. Apr 1, 2020 6025
Chemical composition and in vitro inhibitory effects of essential oils from fruit peel of three Citrus species and limonene on mycelial growth of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum/ Composicao quimica e efeito inibitorio in vitro dos oleos essenciais das cascas dos frutos de tres especies de Citrus e do limoneno sobre o crescimento micelial de Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Dias, A.L.B.; Sousa, W.C.; Batista, H.R.F.; Alves, C.C.F.; Souchie, E.L.; Silva, F.G.; Pereira, P.S. Apr 1, 2020 3894
A New Endophytic Fusarium Oxysporum Gibberellic Acid: Optimization of Production Using Combined Strategies of Experimental Designs and Potency on Tomato Growth under Stress Condition. Rhouma, Marwa Ben; Kriaa, Mouna; Nasr, Yosri Ben; Mellouli, Lotfi; Kammoun, Radhouane Mar 31, 2020 10511
Brachybacterium paraconglomeratum Endophthalmitis Postcataract Operation. Murata, Kazuhiro; Ozawa, Kenji; Kawakami, Hideaki; Mochizuki, Kiyofumi; Ohkusu, Kiyofumi Mar 31, 2020 1818
CATASTROPHE LOOMS AS KILLER FUNGUS SPREADS; Ash trees and the species that depend on them threatened by disease with no cure and no way to prevent infection. JAYME HUDSPITH Daily Post Reporter Mar 4, 2020 357
The Role of Reactive Oxygen Species and Nitric Oxide in the Inhibition of Trichophyton rubrum Growth by HaCaT Cells. Huang, Meiling; Huang, Hao; Lv, Wenyi; Xiao, Hanyue; Gao, Ye; Tang, Hongfeng Mar 1, 2020 6897
A volatile semiochemical released by the fungus garden of leaf-cutting ants. Sousa, K.K.A.; Catalani, G.C.; Gianeti, M.T.R.; Camargo, R.S.; Caldato, N.; Ramos, V.M.; Forti, L.C. Mar 1, 2020 4528
The Integration of Bio and Organic Fertilizers Improve Plant Growth, Grain Yield, Quality and Metabolism of Hybrid Maize (Zea mays L.). Gao, Canhong; El-Sawah, Ahmed M.; Ali, Dina Fathi Ismail; Hamoud, Yousef Alhaj; Shaghaleh, Hiba; She Mar 1, 2020 14222
New Peptaibiotics and a Cyclodepsipeptide from Ijuhya vitellina: Isolation, Identification, Cytotoxic and Nematicidal Activities. Moussa, Ashaimaa Y.; Lambert, Christopher; Stradal, Theresia E.B.; Ashrafi, Samad; Maier, Wolfgang; Report Mar 1, 2020 6874
Microbiota Characterization of Agricultural Green Waste-Based Suppressive Composts Using Omics and Classic Approaches. Scotti, Riccardo; Mitchell, Alex L.; Pane, Catello; Finn, Rob D.; Zaccardelli, Massimo Mar 1, 2020 7370
Plant of the week: Fungus accounts for more deaths than others added together. Alexander McCowan Feb 20, 2020 400
Home Business Aflatoxin Biocontrol Lab established at NARC. Feb 19, 2020 389
How fungi can help create a green construction industry. Ian Fletcher Feb 16, 2020 939
West Highland species finds are a first in Britain; Nature: Rainforest fungus and two gnats discovered. CHRIS MACLENNAN Feb 14, 2020 373
Naturalists amazed at sighting of extremely rare Scottish 'rainforest' fungus. Feb 13, 2020 313
Fungi thriving on radioactivity in Chernobyl could help astronauts, sent to ISS. Feb 10, 2020 380
Eggs of tegu lizard, Salvator merianae (Dumeril & Bilbron, 1839) (Squamata; Teiidae) damaged by fungal infections/Ovos de lagarto tegu, Salvator merianae (Dumeril e Bilbron, 1839) (Squamata; Teiidae) danificados por infeccoes fungicas. Carvalho, A.M.; Souza, L.K.H.; Ataides, F.S.; Junior, A.K. Peres Feb 1, 2020 1365
Alternative substrates for conidiogenesis of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana (Bals) Vuillemin (Deuteromycotina: Hyphomycetes)/Substratos alternativos para conidiogenese do fungo entomopatogenico Beauveria bassiana (Bals) Vuillemin (Deuteromycotina: Hyphomycetes). Paiva-Guimaraes, A.G.L.; Freire, K.R.L.; Santos, S.F.M.; Almeida, A.F.; Sousa, A.C.B. Feb 1, 2020 6286
Duddingtonia flagrans preying a plant parasitic nematode. Monteiro, T.S.A.; Balbino, H.M.; de Mello, I.N.K.; Coutinho, R.R.; de Araujo, J.V.; Freitas, L.G. Feb 1, 2020 1219
Effects of Different Microbial Inocula on Tomato Tolerance to Water Deficit. Mannino, Giuseppe; Nerva, Luca; Gritli, Takoua; Novero, Mara; Fiorilli, Valentina; Bacem, Mnasri; Be Feb 1, 2020 7850
Effects of Mycorrhizae on Physiological Responses and Relevant Gene Expression of Peach Affected by Replant Disease. Gao, Wei-Qin; Lu, Li-Hui; Srivastava, A.K.; Wu, Qiang-Sheng; Kuca, Kamil Feb 1, 2020 4649
Towards a Sustainable Agriculture: Strategies Involving Phytoprotectants against Salt Stress. Acosta-Motos, Jose Ramon; Penella, Consuelo; Hernandez, Jose A.; Diaz-Vivancos, Pedro; Sanchez-Blanc Feb 1, 2020 19196
Stepwise-Selected Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and B. subtilis Strains from Composted Aromatic Plant Waste Able to Control Soil-Borne Diseases. Zaccardelli, Massimo; Sorrentino, Roberto; Caputo, Michele; Scotti, Riccardo; De Falco, Enrica; Pane Feb 1, 2020 7147
Diversity and Composition of Rumen Bacteria, Fungi, and Protozoa in Goats and Sheep Living in the Same High-Altitude Pasture. Langda, Suo; Zhang, Chenguang; Zhang, Ke; Gui, Ba; Ji, De; Deji, Ciren; Cuoji, Awang; Wang, Xiaolong Report Feb 1, 2020 7210
Minister puts 'fungus' bus out of circulation. Staff Reporter Jan 21, 2020 129
Can A Fungus Help Build Outposts On Mars? Jan Cortes Jan 17, 2020 375
NASA Is Working On Moon, Mars Habitats Grown From Fungi. Athena Chan Jan 15, 2020 498
URBANA -- Like most plants, soybeans pair up with soil fungi in a symbiotic mycor. Lauren Quinn University of Illinois Jan 8, 2020 504
Kids' ward to close after fungus find. Jan 1, 2020 108
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Associated Microbiota as Plant Biostimulants: Research Strategies for the Selection of the Best Performing Inocula. Giovannini, Luca; Palla, Michela; Agnolucci, Monica; Avio, Luciano; Sbrana, Cristiana; Turrini, Ales Jan 1, 2020 8326
Trichoderma parareesei Favors the Tolerance of Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) to Salinity and Drought Due to a Chorismate Mutase. Poveda, Jorge Jan 1, 2020 7448
Pulmonary Mucormycosis: A Case Report of a Rare Infection with Potential Diagnostic Problems. Mekki, Salwa O.; Hassan, Amal A.; Falemban, Afnan; Alkotani, Nashwa; Alsharif, Salem M.; Haron, Ahme Jan 1, 2020 2516
Role of Clotrimazole in Prevention of Recurrent Otomycosis. Kiakojuri, Keyvan; Rajabnia, Ramazan; Omran, Saeid Mahdavi; Pournajaf, Abazar; Karami, Mohsen; Armak Jan 1, 2020 4671
Statistical Optimization of Culture Conditions for Protein Production by a Newly Isolated Morchella fluvialis. Rahgo, Zahra; Samadlouie, Hamid reza; Mojerlou, Shideh; Jahanbin, Kambiz Jan 1, 2020 5654
Microbial Community Changes in the Rhizosphere Soil of Healthy and Rusty Panax ginseng and Discovery of Pivotal Fungal Genera Associated with Rusty Roots. Wei, Xuemin; Wang, Xiaoyue; Cao, Pei; Gao, Zitong; Chen, Amanda Juan; Han, Jianping Jan 1, 2020 7584
Transcriptome Analysis Reveals the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Adenosine Biosynthesis in Anamorph Strain of Caterpillar Fungus. Lin, Shan; Zou, Zhicheng; Zhou, Cuibing; Zhang, Hancheng; Cai, Zhiming Dec 31, 2019 7329
Evaluation of the Biocontrol Potential of Endophytic Fungus Fusarium solani CEF559 against Verticillium dahliae in Cotton Plant. Wei, Feng; Zhang, Yun; Shi, Yongqiang; Feng, Hongjie; Zhao, Lihong; Feng, Zili; Zhu, Heqin Dec 31, 2019 7715
Characterization of a Halotolerant Fungus from a Marine Sponge. Anteneh, Yitayal S.; Brown, Melissa H.; Franco, Christopher M.M. Dec 31, 2019 5326
A Case of Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis (ABPA) in a Patient with a History of Cocaine Use and Tuberculosis. Ayoubi, Noura; Jalali, Samuel; Kapadia, Nikesh Dec 31, 2019 2385
Timely warning. Dec 22, 2019 596
Producing Spalted Alder Wood in Yunnan, China. He, Haishan; Gan, Changtao; Kuo, Monlin; Qiu, Jian; Wu, Jianrong Dec 22, 2019 3233
festive fungi; BOSH!'S VEGAN CHRISTMAS CRISS CROSS. Recipe Dec 17, 2019 724
Is Moldy Cheese Still Safe For Consumption? Seema Prasad Dec 17, 2019 518
'Miracle berry' that alters taste buds among top 10 plants of 2019. Dec 17, 2019 395
festive fungi; BOSH!'S VEGAN CHRISTMAS CRISS CROSS. Recipe Dec 14, 2019 724
'I'm scared my son will eat fungus': Inside Newcastle horror home which left mum-of-three in tears; Lisa Marsay is pleading with Your Homes Newcastle for a new home this Christmas. Ian Johnson Dec 14, 2019 680
Magic mushroom nasal spray 'to treat PTSD by rewiring patient's brain'; The controversial fungus is a Class A drug and illegal in the UK, although UK studies into the links between controlled psychedelics and PTSD have yielded encouraging results. By, Amy Sharpe Dec 14, 2019 327
Edible Fungi: collected since beginning of time. Alexander McCowan Dec 12, 2019 419
Research shows fungus evolving to be more dangerous. Dec 11, 2019 260
Researchers find new evidence that a 'smart, fungi' can be hard to find. Dec 9, 2019 499
Phosphate Uptake is Correlated with the Root Length of Celery Plants Following the Association between Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, Pseudomonas sp. and Biochar with Different Phosphate Fertilization Levels. Ning, Yani; Xiao, Zhiyong; Weinmann, Markus; Li, Zhifang Dec 1, 2019 7243
A Review of Studies from the Last Twenty Years on Plant--Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Associations and Their Uses for Wheat Crops. Ganugi, Paola; Masoni, Alberto; Pietramellara, Giacomo; Benedettelli, Stefano Dec 1, 2019 8936
Cladobotryum mycophilum as Potential Biocontrol Agent. Santos, Mila; Dianez, Fernando; Moreno-Gavira, Alejandro; Sanchez-Montesinos, Brenda; Gea, Francisco Dec 1, 2019 4993
Diversity and Keratin Degrading Ability of Fungi Isolated from Canadian Arctic Marine Bird Feathers. Robicheau, Brent M.; Adams, Sarah J.; Provencher, Jennifer F.; Robertson, Gregory J.; Mallory, Mark Dec 1, 2019 9958
Endophytic Fungi of Citrus Plants. Nicoletti, Rosario Dec 1, 2019 8468
Treatment of Otomycosis in Ears with Tympanic Membrane Perforation is Easier with Paper Patch. Gorur, Kemal; Ismi, Onur; Ozcan, Cengiz; Vayisoglu, Yusuf Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 3316
Management of an Extremely Low Birth Weight Infant with Bilateral Renal Obstruction Caused by Candida albicans Fungus Balls. Bruning, Fabian; Hegele, Axel; Klaus, Gunter; Maier, Rolf F.; Hofmann, Rainer Nov 30, 2019 1894
Occurrence of Fungi and Mycotoxins in Fish Feeds and Their Impact on Fish Health. Marijani, Esther; Kigadye, Emmanuel; Okoth, Sheila Nov 30, 2019 16035
Black Fungus Health Benefits. Seema Prasad Nov 13, 2019 350
Bananas Could Go Extinct Because Of TR1 Fungus. Jan Cortes Nov 13, 2019 364
Bananas Could Go Extinct Because Of TR1 Fungus. Jan Cortes Nov 12, 2019 365
Seattle Children's Hospital Closes Facilities Amid Fungus Scare. Darwin Malicdem Nov 12, 2019 365
Punch Skin Care Announces the Launch of Scientifically Proven and Effective Xatonic Nail and Foot Fungus Solution. Nov 6, 2019 580
Fungi-foragers blamed for wildlife's struggles. Nov 6, 2019 174
Fungi-foragers blamed for wildlife's struggles. Nov 6, 2019 174
Forage for fungi on stroll through country park. Nov 5, 2019 186
Agriculture minister seeks way to control rice blast disease in Northeast. Nov 5, 2019 274
Free Food in the WINTER WOODS: Even during the bleakest months of the year, you can forage a medley of plants and fungi from the forest. Ingram, Bruce Travel narrative Nov 1, 2019 1667
Fantastic Fungi. Nov 1, 2019 318
Saksenaea dorisiae sp. nov., a New Opportunistic Pathogenic Fungus from Europe. Labuda, Roman; Bernreiter, Andreas; Hochenauer, Doris; Schuller, Christoph; Kubatova, Alena; Strauss Oct 31, 2019 6875
Synthesis, Characterization, and In Situ Antifungal and Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Ascorbic Acid-Capped Copper Nanoparticles. Beltran-Partida, Ernesto; Valdez-Salas, Benjamin; Valdez-Salas, Ernesto; Perez-Cortez, Guillermo; Ne Oct 31, 2019 6736
Fungus among us. Zarrar Khuhro Oct 28, 2019 935
Fungi help reduce use of fertilizers for crops. ANI Oct 27, 2019 608
The fall colors of fungi Blaine: Look to forest floor for colors. Oct 25, 2019 892
Fungi - Answer to escalating fertiliser use! ANI Oct 24, 2019 613
The fall colors of fungi Blaine: Look to the forest floor for beautiful fall colors. Oct 21, 2019 893
The fall colors of fungi Blaine: Look to the forest floor for beautiful fall colors. Oct 21, 2019 1343
The fall colors of fungi Blaine: Look to the forest floor for color. Oct 21, 2019 893
The fall colors of fungi. Oct 21, 2019 893
The fall colors of fungi. Oct 21, 2019 893
Could a unique new fungus offer an opioid alternative? Oct 19, 2019 307
Deadly Fungus Found In Australia. Oct 18, 2019 528
Australian Fungus Might Be Viable Alternative For Opioids. Johnny Vatican Oct 18, 2019 482
Fungi's key role in natural world. ALAN WRIGHT Lancashire Wildlife Trust Oct 4, 2019 405
Brain-shrinking killer fungus that 'can't even be touched' found in new country; Boffins have discovered Poison Fire Coral fungus in suburban Queensland -thousands of miles from its native Japan and Korea. By, Talia Shadwell Oct 4, 2019 556
Killer Japanese Fungus Found In Australia. AFP News Oct 3, 2019 269
Medicinal Fungi Market Innovation Trends, Current Overview, Offerings and Explosive Growth 2029. Oct 1, 2019 965
Medicinal Fungi Market Innovation Trends, Current Overview, Offerings and Explosive Growth 2029. Oct 1, 2019 979
Effects on microbial diversity of fermentation temperature (10[degrees]C and 20[degrees]C), long-term storage at 5[degrees]C, and subsequent warming of corn silage. Zhou, Yiqin; Drouin, Pascal; Lafreniere, Carole Oct 1, 2019 8812
Short-Term Response of Soil Microbial Community to Field Conversion from Dryland to Paddy under the Land Consolidation Process in North China. Li, Xiaoxiao; Ma, Jing; Yang, Yongjun; Hou, Huping; Liu, Gang-Jun; Chen, Fu Oct 1, 2019 9731
Insecticidal Action of Several Isolates of Entomopathogenic Fungi against The Granary Weevil Sitophilus granarius. Mantzoukas, Spiridon; Lagogiannis, Ioannis; Mpekiri, Maria; Pettas, Ioannis; Eliopoulos, Panagiotis Oct 1, 2019 7897
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus Improves Rhizobium-Glycyrrhiza Seedling Symbiosis under Drought Stress. Hao, Zhipeng; Xie, Wei; Jiang, Xuelian; Wu, Zhaoxiang; Zhang, Xin; Chen, Baodong Oct 1, 2019 5410
Dynamic of Vascular Streak Dieback Disease Incidence on Susceptible Cacao Treated with Composted Plant Residues and Trichoderma asperellum in Field. Rosmana, Ade; Taufik, Muhammad; Asman, Asman; Jayanti, Nurul Jihad; Hakkar, Andi Akbar Oct 1, 2019 5024
Surrey Wildlife Trust buried some massive M&S underpants in an unusual experiment; The pants were buried at Bonhurst Farm for two months to see how much cotton was eaten by bacteria and fungi beneath the ground. Emma Pengelly Sep 20, 2019 361
Thousands of ash trees could be felled due to deadly fungus. Sep 14, 2019 206
Banana Fungus Spreads In Colombia: What You Need To Know. Sep 2, 2019 359
Nail Digital Dermoscopy in Onychomycosis: A Correlation with Clinical Type, Gender, and Culture Examination. Islamoglu, Zeynep Gizem Kaya; Demirbas, Abdullah; Unal, Mehmet; Findik, Duygu Clinical report Sep 1, 2019 4047
Colonization by Pneumocystis jirovecii in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: association with exacerbations and lung function status. Canas-Arboleda, Alejandra; Hernandez-Florez, Catalina; Garzon, Javier; Parra-Giraldo, Claudia Marcel Clinical report Sep 1, 2019 4142
Classification of Trauma-Associated Invasive Fungal Infections to Support Wound Treatment Decisions. Ganesan, Anuradha; Shaikh, Faraz; Bradley, William; Blyth, Dana M.; Bennett, Denise; Petfield, Josep Sep 1, 2019 7649
Parathyridaria percutanea and Subcutaneous Phaeohyphomycosis. Rudramurthy, Shivaprakash M.; Sharma, Megha; Sethuraman, Nandini; Dutta, Pinaki; Tarai, Bansidhar; S Sep 1, 2019 1475
Beatrix Potter, Author, Naturalist, Mycologist. Breedlove, Byron Cover story Sep 1, 2019 1284
Isolation of Cellulose Degrading Fungi from Decaying Banana Pseudostem and Strelitzia alba. Legodi, L.M.; La Grange, D.; van Rensburg, E.L. Jansen; Ncube, I. Aug 31, 2019 6085
New Bioactive Metabolites from the Thermophilic Fungus Penicillium sp. Isolated from Ghamiqa Hot Spring in Saudi Arabia. Orfali, Raha; Perveen, Shagufta Aug 31, 2019 5305
Omani discovers new type of fungus strain inside human body. Aug 21, 2019 492
Davao Norte town to combat banana fungus. Aug 20, 2019 530
Yes, we have no bananas; Fungus could wipe out world crop. Aug 18, 2019 250
I see a future of beans and fungi. Aug 17, 2019 179
PU IAGS Dr. Waheed Anwar, Research Officer won a bilateral project entitled, "Assessment of Biocontrol Efficiency of Entomopathogenic Fungi against Spider Mites" - Press Release issued by University of the Punjab. Aug 7, 2019 144
How to nail fungus in time for summer toes. Aug 5, 2019 433
BELIZE-AGRICULTURE-Belize taking action to deal with potentially deadly fungus that could affect banana industry. Aug 2, 2019 396
There is nothing fishy about our Fungi's age; Tour guide dismisses claims Dingle's famous dolphin is not original. Aug 1, 2019 563
Prevalence of Dermatophytosis and Antifungal Activity of Ethanolic Crude Leaf Extract of Tetradenia riparia against Dermatophytes Isolated from Patients Attending Kampala International University Teaching Hospital, Uganda. Kakande, Taufik; Batunge, Yonah; Eilu, Emmanuel; Shabohurira, Ambrose; Abimana, Justus; Akinola, Sah Jul 31, 2019 7072
Characterization of Fungal Colonization of Indwelling Esophagostomy Tubes. Olin, Shelly J.; Bemis, David A.; Dunlap, John R.; Whittemore, Jacqueline C. Jul 31, 2019 3008
Potential of Microbial Diversity of Coastal Sand Dunes: Need for Exploration in Odisha Coast of India. Nayak, Shubhransu; Behera, Satyaranjan; Dash, Prasad Kumar Jul 31, 2019 7280
Organic choices are growing to combat fungus diseases. Jul 28, 2019 436
As Chinese mountains get hotter hunt for 'cure-all' fungus gets harder. Jul 10, 2019 951
'TV bosses exploited Fungi he didn't make a penny' Tragic star's lover hits out. Jul 7, 2019 259
My heartbreaking fight to save Fungi; Pal's sorrow as tributes pour in for 'kind-hearted' Benefits St. star. Jul 7, 2019 682
Go wild with fungi artwork; WORKSHOP. Jul 5, 2019 102
Get creative with fungi at workshop. Jul 5, 2019 309
Tragic star Fungi was suffering from cancer; FOUND DEAD IN FLAT BY POLICE. Jul 3, 2019 410

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