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Funds available for innovative park ideas.

Congress has appropriated $4.9 million for Innovation projects under the Urban Parks and Recreation (UPARR) Program. Urban jurisdictions which have an approved and updated Recovery Action Program on file are elegible to apply.

The UPARR Program, which focuses on revitalizing existing urban recreation resources, was extablished in 1978. As one of the more efficient federal programs, UPARR quickly moved grant monies into cities, creating and expanding neighborhood recreational opportunities.

Though no funding was received from 1984-1990, successful efforts to revive the program by enthusiastic city supporters and Congress resulted in $20 million in appropriated funds last year. Direct matching grants were awarded to 104 cities and counties to rehabilitate urban park and recreation systems.

Innovation grants cover the cost of personnel, training, facilities, equipment, supplies or services associated with the development of cost-effective concepts, partnerships, and other approaches to improved facility design, operations or programming for the delivery of recreation services. Special consideration will be given to applications that submit proposals that address the needs of "youth at risk" and offer recreational alternatives to drugs and other high risk environments.

Applications must be submitted to the appropriated National Park Service Regional Office by March 16, 1992. For more information, consult your NPS Regional representative or Sam Hall, chief, Recreation Grants Division, Washington, D.C. at (202) 343-3700.
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Title Annotation:Urban Parks and Recreation Program, applications to the National Park Service
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Jan 13, 1992
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