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Canadian International Development Agency, Ottawa 819-953-6238

Human Settlements Development Workshop (Guelph, Ontario) and Mennonite Economic Development Associates (Waterloo). Building a post-conflict model of community-based entrepreneurship and good governance, Angola: to help develop a regulatory framework for small- and medium-enterprise in Angola and to pilot a sustainable microfinance institution based on principles of good corporate governance and best microfinance practices. The project will initially reach about 4,000 clients (78% women) and help them establish income-generating activities, thus creating jobs and strengthening communities. It will also raise awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention. CIDA contribution: $600,000. Maribel Gonzales 519-763-3978

Institute on Governance, Voluntary Service Overseas Canada and Project Help Lesotho: Building governance capacity and community engagement: to enable Youth against HIV/AIDS, Lesotho to build the capacity of youth and local government to fight HIV/AIDS in three of Lesotho's poorest districts and at the national level. [Lesotho has the third highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the world.] Youth councils comprised of Canadian and Lesotho youth, and involving young Canadians of Lesotho origin and Canadian experts in governance and HIV/AIDS, will be trained and supported in their efforts to play a leadership role in raising awareness and implementing strategies to fight HIV/AIDS. $584,326 613-562-0092 x226

Social Development Canada

Yorkton Employment Services Yorkton, SK: Employment services to 15 eligible disabled clients, includeing client assessment and case management services; a wide range of labour attachment services including work experience, job search and life skills; and, in-depth vocational evaluations to five clients. $64,015

TEAM Work Cooperative, Inc., Halifax: To provide eligible individuals with an initial needs assessment to identify program activities that will support their employment goals. In addition to assistance with job search skills, individuals may participate in programs offering job placement, wage subsidies, or skills development. Participants may also receive special technical aids or employment supports to help them secure and maintain employment. $221,671

Multiworks Vocational Training Corp. Supported Employment Program, North Battleford: To enables approximately 35 persons with intellectual disabilities to develop the skills, knowledge and experience they need to find and maintain a position in the workforce. $16,762

Domestic Violence Action Plan, Ontario 416-314-7230

Training of Correctional Service Employees and Service Providers. To train service providers and correctional services employees who work directly with women who have been abused or are at risk. $299,500

Training of Violence Against Women Front-Line Workers Program. To train front-line workers in emergency shelters, counselling agencies and regional crisis lines. $225,000

Newsask Community Futures Development Corporation Northeast Supported Employment Program. To assist a minimum of 24 persons with disabilities in northeast Saskatchewan. Participants receive individualized employment support services to increase their employability skills, economic participation and independence. $67,000

Community Advocates for Employment Opportunities Fund Project, Estavan: To provide employment assistance services for 10 persons with disabilities in Estevan. Participants receive assistance in career decision-making, job search, employment maintenance and skills enhancement. Eligible clients establish individual career goals and develop an action plan to find suitable employment. $19,000

Prince Albert and District Community Service Centre, School Transition Planning Phases Two & Three: To help youth with disabilities prepare for, find and maintain employment through the development of personalized action plans. These action plans will help participants develop informed career decision-making skills, job search techniques and self-advocacy. $89,253

Regina Community Clinic, FASO Employment Support Coordinator: To identify eight persons with disabilities in Regina who show reasonable cause for referral for professional Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. These individuals receive diagnosis and written reports on coping strategies. They participate in a collaborative employment action plan and develop their own support network in the community. The Regina Community Clinic also provides education sessions to increase community capacity and awareness of FASD. $27,175

Health Canada 613-954-5029

Laing House, Halifax: For a project, "Mindfulness in Lifestyle Choice", to help youth with mental illness address substance abuse. Laing House partners with the Nova Scotia Sea School and Windhorse Farm to provide project participants with hands-on learning opportunities that will increase their capacity to manage stress, build resilience and self-confidence. The project will also provide them an opportunity to confront issues of self-medication, use and abuse of prescription drugs, and risks related to substance use choices. $104,000

National Homelessness Initiative

Regroupement pour l'aide aux itinerants et itinerantes de Quebec. For a research project on the reality of homeless women in Quebec City. A better way to understand the survival strategies developed by women and the dimension of hidden homelesshess, "also hope to discover what factors help women find an alternative to the cycle of homelesshess and build on those factors.

Trillium Foundation Ontario 800-263-2887

Champlain commemorations a/s La Cle d'la Baie en Huronie--Association culturelle francophone. To conduct research, outreach, produce promotional materials and create infrastructure. This will help commemorate the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain's voyage to Huronia and develop francophone tourism in the area. $255,000 over four years.

Chester Le Community Development Project c/o Agincourt Community Services Association Inc. To purchase equipment, supplies and recruit volunteers for this community program. This will engage children, youth and families in a range of social and recreational activities that support safe and healthy lifestyles. $187,400 over three years.

Child & Youth Wellness Centre of Leeds & Grenville. To establish the Make Play Possible program, which will provide vulnerable children in the community with positive opportunities for participation, improving attitudes, health and happiness. $114,000 over two years.

Church of the Ascension. To attract volunteers and deliver the Out of the Cold Program, which provides hot meals, gives support and reduces isolation for homeless people in Hamilton, helping shelters to reduce their costs and burdens.

Coalition of Community Houses, Ottawa c/o Confederation Court Community Organization. To support the Early Learning program, which aims to build the literacy skills of at-risk children aged 2 to 6 years from low-income families in multicultural communities living in housing projects. $174,600 over three years.

Columbus House (Pembroke). To help teenaged parents take part in a variety of early childhood programs throughout Renfrew County, which will help them learn parenting skills, get support and complete their high school education. $56,000 over one year.

Community Care for South Hastings. To offer the Grandfriends Program, enabling senior volunteers to lead activities and teach new skills to over 450 students in Grades 4 and 5. This will help seniors and children connect, engage and build relationships. $41,200 over three years.

Community Foundation of Durham Region. To develop a marketing and communication plan, purchase software and produce promotional materials. This will help to raise awareness of the foundation's grants to charities in the community and attract greater donor support. $30,100 over six months.

Community Mental Health Clinic, Fergus Branch. To install lighting, fencing and a storage shed for the expansion of a garden project in the community. This will allow more garden plots to be developed, providing social and life skill opportunities for clients. $11,400 over one year.

Community Resource Centre (Renfrew) c/o Community Resource Centre (Killaloe). To attract volunteers, provide referrals and information and consolidate early childhood development programs and activities. $39,700 over one year.

Connection Children and Youth c/o Nelson Youth Centres. To research best practices, develop a program and pilot an after- school and summer program for high-risk children and youth in Burlington. $91,500 over 18 months.

Constitution Park Redevelopment Committee c/o Optimist Club of New Hamburg. To install new playground equipment, lighting and a walkway in the park. This will improve safety and provide healthy active recreation that benefits children and young people in the broader community. $60,000 over six months.

Cooperative 301. To establish a sewing and clothing cooperative workshop in Ottawa. This will provide job skills to unemployed persons and help francophone immigrants become more comfortable in the community. $60,000 over one year.

Cooperative Ami Jeunesse. To launch a fundraising campaign, purchase a computer and produce a brochure, which will help finance programs aimed at alleviating poverty among francophone children in Ottawa-Carleton. $50,000 over one year.

Counselling and Skill Development Class: Limestone District School Board c/o Prevention Awareness for Life. To support volunteers, organize an intervention program and provide a winter-survival field trip for at-risk youth. This will help young people in the Kingston area make positive social decisions and decrease drug and alcohol use. $9,100 over one year.

Credit Counselling Service of Durham Region. To increase community awareness, train staff and volunteers and produce promotional materials. This will enable more credit counselling services and support to be provided to people experiencing unmanageable debt load. $140,200 over three years.

Dialogue, Cooperative de mediation communautaire de Toronto Inc. To produce materials, develop resources and recruit and train volunteers for an intercultural mediation service for the francophone community. This will improve community ties and help address intercultural conflicts constructively. $50,000 over two years.

Dixon Hall. To develop outreach activities and programs for young at-risk women in Regent Park. This will provide them with a range of positive social and recreational interventions. $140,000 over three years.

Dresden Sidestreets Youth Centre. To increase outreach and extend hours of access to this youth facility in a rural community. Expanded after-school programs will include a homework club, access to tutors and use of a computer. $103,500 over three years.

Durham Charity for Youth Housing and Supporting Services c/o Port Perry--Prince Albert United Church Pastoral Charge. To purchase equipment, conduct consultations and develop a model for providing emergency shelter and support services to young people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless in the community. $75,000 over one year.
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