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Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Micozzi MS. Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 4th Edition. Saunders Elsevier, 2011. ISBN978-1-437-70577-5. $89.96. Available from Elsevier Australia, telephone 1800263 951 or <htp://>.

This book, now in its fourth edition, takes a broad-based approach to covering complementary and alternative medicine. It not only looks at its place from a biological point of view, but also uncovers its origins in social history and medical anthropology. As a result, various health traditions are viewed from the perspective of how people have adapted to their natural environments and from that, built empirical knowledge that provides them with the means to deal with illnesses and diseases.

The text is arranged into six sections. The first section describes the foundations of complementary and alternative medicine--its characteristics, its integrative role with conventional medicine, its pharmacological basis, its social and cultural factors, and its energetic traits (vitalism). This is followed in Section 2 with a discussion of modalities concerned primarily with the connection between mind, body and spirit. Its subjects include psychoneuroimmunology, energy medicine, biophysical devices, art and other creative therapies, as well as the role of humour in wellbeing.

After a general examination of the principles of manual and manipulative therapies, Section 3 details massage and other touch therapies, shiatsu, reflexology, osteopathy and chiropractic. In Sections 4 and 5, the discussions move on to focus on the ethnomedical systems of Asia, Africa and the Americas.

The text is jam-packed and features like break-out boxes summarising important points, diagrams, blackand-white photographs and an index. Additionally, readers are invited to access the 'Evolve' website for a chapter on Tibetan medicine, a complete list of chapter references, an image collection, herb appendixes and discussion questions.
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Author:Robertshawe, Penny
Publication:Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society
Date:Jun 1, 2011
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