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Group Tackles Sultan Over Attack On CAN. Dec 27, 2019 852
India being ruled by fundamentalist, extremist Hindu. Nov 28, 2019 143
India being ruled by fundamentalist, extremist Hindu. Nov 28, 2019 179
The shape of things to come. M A NIAZI Nov 14, 2019 1309
MoS G Kishan Reddy outlines misuse of NPOs in terror financing at global counter terror meet. ANI Nov 8, 2019 442
Overcoming POLARIZATION: The time we live in is a fertile ground for training in being open-minded and open-hearted. If we can learn to hold this falling apart--ness without polarizing and without becoming fundamentalist, then whatever we do today will have a positive effect on the future. Chodron, Pema Nov 1, 2019 2934
Man forced to hurt himself with elastic band during cruel gay 'conversion therapy'; A number of Australian fundamentalist churches still run controversial therapy courses encouraging men to adopt celibacy over homosexuality. Sep 16, 2019 957
Hindu supremacist hate crimes. Sep 3, 2019 340
Indian fundamentalism threat to entire world, says PM. Sep 1, 2019 1258
World peace faces new threat from extremist agenda of RSS, VHP rule in India, warns Shehryar. Aug 30, 2019 719
World peace faces new threat from extremist agenda of RSS, VHP: Afridi. Aug 30, 2019 764
World peace faces a new threat from Hindu fundamentalists of RSS and VHP, involved in genocide of minorities: Shehryar Khan Afridi - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Aug 29, 2019 790
World peace faces a new threat from Hindu fundamentalists of RSS and VHP, involved in genocide of minorities: Shehryar Khan Afridi - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Aug 29, 2019 790
Religious Fundamentalism, Threat To Peace And Harmony. Aug 26, 2019 1655
Hindu supremacist hate crimes. Aug 21, 2019 337
Prevention And Resolution Of Crisis Through Public Relations. Aug 12, 2019 2902
Dour fundamentalists do Wales no favours. Jul 11, 2019 244
Steven Anderson: Serial abuser of free speech. Jul 9, 2019 1076
The Role, Place, and Purpose of Southern Baptist Women, 1979-1987. Early, Joseph E., Jr. Jun 22, 2019 5270
Searching For UTOPIA: Religious Fundamentalists' Long Quest For A 'Godly' Community. Boston, Rob May 1, 2019 1396
Can chart readers, financial analysts peacefully coexist? Apr 29, 2019 785
REASONS: WRONG, RIGHT, NORMATIVE, FUNDAMENTAL. Lord, Errol; Sylvan, Kurt Apr 1, 2019 14478
Exploring Religious Intellectual Humility and Spiritual Humility. Hodge, Adam S.; Melian, Katelyn; Hook, Joshua N.; Gazaway, Sarah; Zhang, Hansong; Farrell, Jennifer Mar 22, 2019 6229
Fundamentalism, terrorism hinder women advancement: Dipu Moni. Mar 9, 2019 432
Youth For Peace. Feb 25, 2019 1585
Law as a Religion. Belt, Derrick Dec 22, 2018 4265
Changez/Cengiz's Changing Beliefs in The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Kennedy, Valerie Critical essay Dec 20, 2018 6610
Opportunity squandered. Nov 5, 2018 711
The Noose Of Religious Fundamentalism. Oct 29, 2018 897
Anjem Choudary: How 'womanising' student who enjoyed LSD and casual sex became Muslim hate preacher; The Islamic fundamentalist - who had a vision of a 'perfect Sharia Britain' - was released from Belmarsh prison after serving just half his sentence. Oct 19, 2018 850
Denying Darwin in the Era of "Fake News" and Anti-Science Fundamentalism. Orenstein, David Sep 22, 2018 1934
Tunisian fundamentalists protest report on sexual equality. Aug 12, 2018 177
Declassified CIA report exposes Brotherhood. Aug 12, 2018 317
Pakistan polls see rise of anti-blasphemy party. Aug 9, 2018 595
Defying Marginalization: Emergence of Women's Organizations and the Resistance Movement in Pakistan: A Historical Overview. Imran, Rahat; Munir, Imran Aug 1, 2018 13454
Bible review: Unique call by Pope Francis. Jun 24, 2018 921
Taking to the wheel in Saudi Arabia. Jun 23, 2018 790
Factors Influencing Christians' Moral Appraisals of Nontraditional Sexuality. Kelly, Heather L.; Sutton, Geoffrey W.; Hicks, Linda; Godfrey, Alexandra; Gillihan, Cassidy Report Jun 22, 2018 8671
Russian police arrest eight ISIS terror suspects at World Cup city where England will play Belgium; The alleged Islamic fundamentalists were reportedly recruiting new members and plotting ideologically-motivated attacks against innocent people during the tournament. May 24, 2018 321
FVP affirms capability of Arab women to counter extremism, fundamentalism, heighten value of dialogue. May 12, 2018 228
Conflicts, fundamentalism prevent sustainable development - Kuwaiti official. Apr 6, 2018 616
Factors contributing to spread of extremism highlighted. Apr 3, 2018 906
Humanity's Second Chance: Darren Aronofsky's Noah (2014) as an Environmental Cinematic Midrash. Moore, Lila; Shapiro, Marianna Ruah-Midbar Critical essay Apr 1, 2018 11202
New front to 'stem the tide of fundamentalism'. Mar 25, 2018 601
Has Islamist fundamentalism taken its last breath in Cairo Opera House? Mar 7, 2018 567
DARK DREAMS AND MALIGN CREATIVITY. Katz, Louise Report Mar 1, 2018 5468
Culture of extremism and intolerance. Feb 23, 2018 320
Ashraf Ghani supports 'Pashtun Protest' in Islamabad. Feb 10, 2018 564
Pashtun Long March wake-up call against fundamentalism: Ghani. Feb 9, 2018 245
Society is embracing ideas of hardliners: Amna Nosseir. Feb 7, 2018 1379
Radicalism and Modernity. Rakusa-Suszczewski, Mikolaj Essay Sep 1, 2017 8791
Complicity harmed church's cultural standing. Editorial Jul 28, 2017 854
Shabana Azmi stands against fundamentalism. Jul 4, 2017 109
Ban Mania. Jul 3, 2017 1556
Khoury at UNESCO ceremony in Paris: we fight fundamentalism and terrorism with freedom and tolerance. Jun 22, 2017 186
"Evangelization, Not Legislation": Christian Fundamentalism, the Briercrest Bible Institute, and the Politics of the Great Depression. Brown, Nolan Jun 22, 2017 8530
BJP backs Anil Vij's 'Hindu can't be terrorist' statement. Jun 21, 2017 391
Oversight lacking: under the guise of 'religious freedom,' some fundamentalist homeschools and day care centers may be subjecting children to harm. Hassanein, Rokia Jun 1, 2017 1866
Al-Mahdi calls for combating fundamentalism and tribalism. May 9, 2017 170
Tunisian school remains shield against terrorism and fundamentalism (Jalloul). Apr 7, 2017 344
VP: terrorism and fundamentalism should strongly be confronted. Apr 3, 2017 269
Religion and politics: posing challenges to women's rights. Thanenthiran, Sivananthi Mar 1, 2017 2776
Needing bold responses: the current landscape in religious extremism, fundamentalisms, gender, and human rights. Rothschild, Cynthia Mar 1, 2017 1877
SRHR caught in the crossfire of politics and religion: the cases of the Maldives, Morocco, and Pakistan. Namasivayam, Mangala Mar 1, 2017 3602
Interrogating religion in search of gender justice: in conversation with Fulata Moyo. Moyo, Fulata Mar 1, 2017 2850
Religious fundamentalism in Latin America and the Caribbean. Segura, Nayeli Yoval Mar 1, 2017 1290
Resources from the arrow SRHR knowledge sharing centre. Ando, Maria Melinda; Shahbaz, Samreen; Teong, Seow Kin Mar 1, 2017 1714
Selected arrow resources. Mar 1, 2017 910
Definitions. Ando, Maria Melinda Mar 1, 2017 930
(Mis)using religion: the cases of Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, and the Philippines. Cader, Azra Abdul; Namasivayam, Mangala Mar 1, 2017 3354
From scripture to fantasy Adrian Johnston and the problem of continental fundamentalism. Bakker, Scott Essay Jan 1, 2017 12465
Faith in war: The American roots of global conflict. Daddis, Gregory A. Dec 22, 2016 5545
Opinion: No place is sacred for 'Islamic State'. Nov 13, 2016 514
Now is not the time for trade fundamentalism. Oct 21, 2016 884
The Board of Muslim Scholars renews call for combating fundamentalism through dialogue. Sep 19, 2016 177
Fundamentalist legislators lose primaries in two states. Sep 1, 2016 192
West's new bogeyman. Jul 18, 2016 543
AlRahi from Waterville: Rising of religious extremism and growing fundamentalist movements are causing the migration of Christians and others from the East. Jun 26, 2016 173
Fundamentalists don't own faith. Bond-Theriault, Candace Letter to the editor Jun 22, 2016 210
Europe's fundamentalist challenge. Weiderud, Emilie Letter to the editor Jun 22, 2016 220
Reporter of the Higher Conference on Terrorism and Sectorial Fundamentalism: conference deliberates mechanisms to remedy extremist ideologies. Conference news Apr 28, 2016 190
Islamist Militants Profane God's Name, Pope Says. Mar 26, 2016 428
Sudan reviews its experience in fighting terrorism, before a special session in Geneva. Mar 19, 2016 221
A case for women's empowerment. Feb 6, 2016 843
Clash of religious fundamentalists. Jan 11, 2016 684
A tale with many dimensions: Fu Ying explains the many challenges facing China and predicts a successful outcome because of strong fundamentals. Ying, Fu Report Jan 1, 2016 1754
Form and norm: narration on power in the city through the symbol/La forma y la norma: narracion del poder en la ciudad a traves del simbolo. Restrepo, Rafael Mauricio Paris; Chicangana-Bayona, Yobenj Aucardo Jan 1, 2016 13033
Rise of Fundamentalist Discourse and the Reassertion of Modern Ethos. Dec 31, 2015 8469
Extreme Fundamentalism. Dec 31, 2015 130
Postmodern ethics, multiple selves, and the future of democracy. Iftode, Cristian Report Dec 22, 2015 10659
The concept of human rights as an answer to religious fundamentalism in a modern democratic society. Szaniszlo, Inocent-Maria V. Report Dec 22, 2015 8711
Christians, career calling, and well-being: examination of religiousness and spirituality in a well-being model. Bott, Elizabeth M.; Duffy, Ryan D.; Douglass, Richard P. Report Dec 22, 2015 6992
Pope says fundamentalism is 'disease of all religions'. Dec 1, 2015 517
Grassroot Economy. Nov 30, 2015 1011
How do I not get angry with fundamentalists? Shapiro, Rami Nov 1, 2015 1047
Liberty to force fundamentalism onto others? Spurred by its defense of Kim Davis, a religious right legal croup finds itself thrust into the spotlight. Jones, Sarah E. Nov 1, 2015 2343
Food Fundamentalism: Eat, As You Like It. Sep 21, 2015 2344
QUASH THE 45 rebellion; DATE WITH DESTINY NICOLA ADDRESSES TROOPS A YEAR ON FROM INDYREF DATE WITH DESTINY NICOLA ADDRESSES TROOPS A YEAR ON FROM INDYREF FM Sturgeon uses anniversary speech to warn the party's fundamentalists there's no short-cut to independence. Sep 19, 2015 1158
When Fundamentalism Goes Wrong: What Josh Duggar Should Have Said in His Public Apology. Shukert, Rachel Correction notice Aug 21, 2015 256
Conference held to counter 'religious illiteracy and fundamentalism'. Conference news Aug 18, 2015 577
Body of Whickham grandmother killed in Tunisian beach massacre arrives home; Lisa Burbidge was among the final five bodies of the Britons flown back to the UK after the massacre by an Islamic fundamentalist in Africa. Jul 5, 2015 681
La libertad religiosa en los tiempos de los aquelarres y los autos de fe. Echeverri, Alberto Jul 1, 2015 12716
Egypt to confiscate 'fundamentalist' books from mosques. Jun 23, 2015 279
Religious openness hypothesis: I. religious reflection, schemas, and orientations within religious fundamentalist and biblical foundationalist ideological surrounds. Watson, P.J.; Chen, Zhuo; Ghorbani, Nima; Vartanian, Meghedi Report Jun 22, 2015 8723
Religious openness hypothesis: II. religious reflection and orientations, mystical experience, and psychological openness of Christians in Iran. Watson, P.J.; Ghorbani, Nima; Vartanian, Meghedi; Chen, Zhuo Report Jun 22, 2015 6465
Religious openness hypothesis: III. defense against secularism within fundamentalist and biblical foundationalist ideological surrounds. Watson, P.J.; Chen, Zhuo; Morris, Ronald J.; Stephenson, Erin Report Jun 22, 2015 8795
Islamist fundamentalism raises head in Mauritius. Jun 9, 2015 1162
Anti-Anti-Semitic Fundamentalism: Canary Mission Turns the Fight Against Hate into a Witchhunt. Oppenheimer, Mark May 27, 2015 126
Jordan's PM says politics, fundamentalism prevented economic deals with Iraq. Mar 22, 2015 240
Religious fundamentalism and psychological well-being: an Italian study. Carlucci, Leonardo; Tommasi, Marco; Balsamo, Michela; Furnham, Adrian; Saggino, Aristide Report Mar 22, 2015 6406
Spiritual maturity as a moderator of the relationship between Christian fundamentalism and shame. Keller, Kathryn H.; Mollen, Debra; Rosen, Lisa H. Report Mar 22, 2015 7830
The unity of life: Greening Christianity. Mar 22, 2015 4564
Plight of minorities in India. Mar 20, 2015 648
Fundamentalists stop women's football match in West Bengal. Mar 16, 2015 375
Anti-terrorism Algeria declaration adopted at Arab interior minister talks. Mar 11, 2015 213
Fundamentally extreme: how a series of pamphlets led to the evolution of the Religious Right in America. Russell, Rollin O. Mar 1, 2015 1340
Modi criticises fundamentalists over religious intolerance. Feb 18, 2015 592
To overcome fundamentalism, we need to look to Iran policy; In the wake of a grim catalogue of atrocities carried out by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, David Jones MP argues that defeating fundementalism requires a democratic Iran. Feb 16, 2015 786
How do I view the West? Feb 9, 2015 739
Subsidies sunk: Ky. officials decide to reject $18 million in taxpayer support for fundamentalist-themed 'Ark Park'. Brown, Simon Feb 1, 2015 1983
Will Turkey learn a lesson from the Charlie Hebdo attack? Jan 9, 2015 809
World of trouble: a U.S.-based movement seeks to forge a global alliance for faith, family and fundamentalism. Jones, Sarah E. Dec 1, 2014 1451
Fundamentalist seminary seeks to raise up new band of 'Christian'-tinged businesses. Dec 1, 2014 559
American Philosophical Quarterly Vol. 51, No. 4, October 2014. Dec 1, 2014 1078
Pope urges dialogue in battling fanaticism. Arsu, Sebnem Nov 29, 2014 415
Pope calls for united front aganist ISIL, fundamentalism in his visit to Turkey. Nov 28, 2014 1506
Religious Extremism. Nov 3, 2014 973
Between a rock and a hard place: H. Boyce Taylor, faith missions, and the relationship between Landmarkism and fundamentalism in Southern Baptist life. Smith, Andrew Essay Sep 22, 2014 3498
Saradha scam money aACAyused to fund fundamentalists in Bangladesh'. Sep 9, 2014 528
Fundamentalist Free Styling: Islamists have the edge on Arabic. Jul 21, 2014 148
Cops for Christ? A growing nexus between law enforcement and fundamentalist Christianity raises church-state concerns. Brown, Simon Cover story Jul 1, 2014 2628
Fundamentalism crucial to Islam. Jun 24, 2014 172
The age of fundamentalism: an interview with Fatima Houda-Pepin. Castonguay, Alec Interview Jun 22, 2014 1795
Political fundamentalism in Turkey. Jun 17, 2014 1103
Iraq was always a festering sore just waiting to burst; EXPERT REVEALS INSIDE STORY ON WHY 'REBUILT' COUNTRY HAS COLLAPSED SO SUDDENLY. Jun 15, 2014 1013
Time to combat fundamentalists. Jun 2, 2014 207
Promotion of the Amman Message conference kicks off. Conference news May 7, 2014 334
Liberty or license? The double-edged sword of church-state separation. Nelson, James C. May 1, 2014 840
Which way, Islamic Radicalism? Apr 30, 2014 941
My brother... he terrorist; They were just two ordinary boys, swimming and playing football. So how did one turn into a Muslim fundamentalist who's now in jail for plotting mayhem?EXCLUSIVE. Apr 27, 2014 1158
Nusra Front members plotting in Lebanon. Apr 3, 2014 585
Exile on main street: if the Religious Right has its way, your rights may depend on a stranger's theology. Brown, Simon Cover story Apr 1, 2014 2836
Fear and religious fundamentalism: behavioral avoidance test of Taboos. Author abstract Apr 1, 2014 242
Religious fundamentalism and fear: preliminary investigation using behavioral avoidance tests. Author abstract Apr 1, 2014 246
A case study of the intratextual model of fundamentalism: serpent handlers and Mark 16:17-20. Hood, Ralph W., Jr.; Williamson, W. Paul Report Mar 22, 2014 8874
'This is a Jihad and possible to win the using all means war is acceptable' THE PLOT EXCLUSIVE. Mar 7, 2014 1367
Confronting creationism: biblical fundamentalism and public education. Mar 1, 2014 427
Daughter aims to spread 'true Islam' of executed Sudan activist. Feb 28, 2014 873
Extremists 'flocking to Ain al-Hilweh'. Feb 8, 2014 587
A fundamental problem. Jan 10, 2014 469
American Jihad 2014: The New Fundamentalists. Jan 6, 2014 2971
Lebanese fundamentalist set off South Beirut blast -- official news agency. Jan 4, 2014 250
American theocracy: in the Short Creek Community of Southern Utah, A Self-Proclaimed Prophet's Laws, critics say, supplant the U.S. constitution. Jones, Sarah E. Jan 1, 2014 2116
El grupo <>--<> (TFP) y otros emprendimientos laicales tradicionalistas contra los sectores tercermundistas. Una aproximacion a sus practicas y estrategias de difusion en los anos sesenta. Scirica, Elena Report Jan 1, 2014 13108
Madarsa System of Education in Pakistan: Challenges and Issues. Dec 31, 2013 4332
The new millenium and the age of terror. Literature and the figure in the carpet. Oprescu, Florin Report Dec 22, 2013 8331
Political Bubbles and the elite fundamentalist free market conservatives. McKinley, Vern Book review Dec 22, 2013 1840
Women lost, women found: searching for an Arab-Islamic feminist identity in Nawal El Saadawi's Twelve Women in a Cell in light of current Egyptian "Spring" events. Khateeb, Ebtehal Al- Dec 15, 2013 12779
Russian court bans translation of Qoran. Dec 6, 2013 621
Retired general says controversial presentation has nothing to do with Feb. 28. Nov 21, 2013 356
Fundamentalism: the tea party's true faith: and why we haven't heard the last of Ted Cruz and other anti-government conservatives. Posner, Sarah Nov 1, 2013 785
The homeschool apostates. Joyce, Kathryn Essay Nov 1, 2013 5350
As in the past, Congress will continue fight against religious fundamentalism: Digvijay Singh. Oct 16, 2013 300
KING MAKER; Lawwell may have casting vote whether Dave is fit and proper .. if he says yes will the Celts fundamentalists order boycott of own club? Oct 13, 2013 702
Whose side is the US on? American foreign policy in the Middle East is on track to install Islamic extremist regimes in power throughout the region. Obama is backing Syrian fundamentalist rebels who have even beheaded the children of Syrian Christians. Hal G. P. Colebatch examines the events that began in Egypt and have rapidly spiralled out of control. Colebatch, Hal G.P. Oct 1, 2013 1886
Vohra blames fundamental ideologies for Kashmir mess. Sep 30, 2013 445
Diversity and coexistence: towards a convivencia for 21st century public administration. Thorne, Kym Report Sep 22, 2013 11057
Jewish fundamentalisms and the holocaust: divergent and contrasting opinions/Fundamentalisimos judios y holocausto: opiniones divergentes y contraposiciones. Gallardo, Felipe Orellana Sep 22, 2013 5255
Germany: Fundamentalist Twelve Tribes Members Caught Beating Children on Camera. Sep 11, 2013 454
Fundamentalists' Miss World outrage; AROUND THE WORLD. Sep 6, 2013 104
Petty Politics: Fueling Fundamentalism. Aug 20, 2013 1121
Militant cells planning more attacks. Jul 12, 2013 747
reunited; FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHT TO LEARN Pakistani schoolgirls shot by sick Taliban fundamentalists meet up again in Britain. Jul 3, 2013 498
R.G. Puckett: Baptist warrior for separation of church and state. Jul 1, 2013 392
The reluctant fundamentalist. Andrews, Beverly Movie review Jul 1, 2013 1257
Economics after the crisis, and the crisis in economics. O'Neill, Martin Jun 22, 2013 6089
Opinion: The Changing face of Terrorism by Prof. Fathi El-Shihibi. Editorial Jun 3, 2013 1241
Reinterpreting History and Gujin's ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) Cultural Practices. Liu, Chao Critical essay Jun 1, 2013 6293
'General Staff not supposed to ask anyone about anti-reactionaryism fight'. May 31, 2013 663
Iraq: The Fundamentalists' War Against Vice Targets Alcohol And Prostitution. May 22, 2013 527
Gadfly Publishing Announces the Release of Bible Bullies: How Fundamentalists Got the Good Book so Wrong. May 13, 2013 210
THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST (15) [...]. May 12, 2013 245
'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' to be honoured with German Film Award for Peace. May 11, 2013 244
Death for fundamentalist Mohammad Quamruzzaman. May 10, 2013 307
THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST (15) [...]. May 10, 2013 276
THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST (15) ***. May 10, 2013 277
THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST (15) ...... [...]. May 10, 2013 276
THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST (15) [...]. May 10, 2013 276
THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST (15) [...]. May 10, 2013 276
How Kate Hudson and Mira Nair bonded for ' The Reluctant Fundamentalist'. Apr 11, 2013 233
How Lahore came to life in Delhi during The Reluctant Fundamentalist's filming. Apr 9, 2013 285
New report says military threatened by ongoing fundamentalist influences. Apr 1, 2013 403
Al-Jaafari: Arab League Divided and Controlled by Gulf's Petro-Dollars and Islamist Fundamentalism. Mar 23, 2013 920
We call this progress. Roy, Arundhati Mar 22, 2013 2660
Tim Murray responds to his critics. Mar 22, 2013 1095
Killing in the name of God? Explaining the Boko Haram phenomenon in Nigeria. Maiangwa, Benjamin Essay Mar 22, 2013 8092
Shahbagh Square Protests: The coming of age of Muslim dominant Gen Next Bangladesh. Feb 19, 2013 1035
'Fundamentalist Island' harbours Mali rebels: locals. Feb 15, 2013 637
David Hartman: The Rabbi Who Waged War Against Orthodox Jewish Fundamentalism. Buckholtz, Charlie Feb 13, 2013 177
Thayer Scudder, Global Threats, Global Futures: Living with Declining Living Standards. Kipole, Emmanuel Book review Feb 1, 2013 1141
Why France and in Mali? Jan 16, 2013 637
Florida agrees to fund fundamentalist clergy training. Jan 1, 2013 243
Author Jeff Sharlet, student activist Jessica Ahlquist, receive AU awards. Jan 1, 2013 569
End times innovator: Paul Rader and evangelical missions. Rogers, Mark Biography Jan 1, 2013 5979
Traders' behavior in financial markets: Paris option market case. Souissi, Nessim; Boujelbene, Younes Jan 1, 2013 5333
Fallas de mercado y regulacion economica: ?La regulacion ejercida por el gobierno permite lograr un mejor funcionamiento de los mercados? Rodriguez Cairo, Vladimir Jan 1, 2013 6853
Los estudios etnicos en Estados Unidos como estudios descoloniales al interior del sistema universitario global occidentalizado. Grosfoguel, Ramon Jan 1, 2013 6270
Fundamentalism, theirs and ours. Nov 21, 2012 1205
Review: The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Nov 19, 2012 511
Mira Nair's 'Reluctant Fundamentalist' opens Doha Film Festival. Nov 18, 2012 216
Reluctant Fundamentalist 'gives a balanced view of Pakistan'. Nov 18, 2012 626
Film fest to kick off with Reluctant Fundamentalist. Nov 11, 2012 716
Time to turn silence into activism. Werner, Michael Nov 1, 2012 618
No more talks with fundamentalists: Vatican doctrine chief. Oct 7, 2012 291
Inside the 2012 Values Voter Summit: Religious Right, allies blast church-state separation, invite fundamentalist churches to dive into partisan politics. Boston, Rob Oct 1, 2012 2131
Politics - Rahi from Hungary: fundamentalism rejected, violence in Arab world regrettable. Oct 1, 2012 233
Insurgent metaphors: decentering 9/11 in Mohsin Hamid's The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Kamila Shamsie's Burnt Shadows. Singh, Harleen Oct 1, 2012 8133
Opinion: Playing in the Hands of Fundamentalists - by Muhammad Azeemullah. Editorial Sep 14, 2012 835
Opinion: Playing in the Hands of Fundamentalists - by Mohammad Azeemullah. Editorial Sep 14, 2012 5474
Witness says order for 'banners of fundamentalism' came from Eruygur. Sep 10, 2012 336
Foundational issues in educating young people for understanding and appreciation of the religions in their communities. Engebretson, Kathleen Report Sep 1, 2012 5920
Atheists in search of spirituality. Aug 19, 2012 481
Between Relativism and Fundamentalism: Religious Resources for a Middle Position. Mattes, Mark Book review Aug 1, 2012 527
Demirel warned Erbakan of religious fundamentalism in letter. Jul 27, 2012 380
Egypt and Pakistan Killings Raise Fears of Islamic Fundamentalist Vigilantes. Jul 4, 2012 233
Fundamentalists taking control of poorly governed states. Jul 2, 2012 250
Augustine and the fundamentalist's daughter. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 105
The many faces of Islamist politicking. Pecastaing, Camille Jun 1, 2012 5121
Fundamentalism's two faces: the naive and the power peddlers. May 9, 2012 565
'Junkyard prophet' brings fundamentalist rant to Iowa public school. May 1, 2012 378
Pastor confirms attack by Islamic fundamentalists on Sudan church. Apr 23, 2012 478
Islamic fundamentalists attack church in Sudanese capital and set it on fire. Apr 22, 2012 292
Move aside, a transformation is underway. Geographic overview Apr 18, 2012 402
Religious fundamentalisms in the city: reflections on the Arab Spring. Sayyad, Nezar Al; Massoumi, Mejgan Report Mar 22, 2012 5049
The role and purposes of public schools and religious fundamentalism: an international human rights law perspective. Hodgson, Douglas Charles Report Mar 22, 2012 15954
Explain the brain. Bang, Mary Jo Poem Mar 1, 2012 289
Fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami activists vandalise Hindu temples in Chittagong. Feb 11, 2012 451
Manmohan Singh terms naxalism, terrorism, fundamentalism as key challenges. Feb 3, 2012 524
The clash of public theologies? Rethinking the concept of religion in global politics. Sandal, Nukhet Ahu Feb 1, 2012 10412
... and then God created evolution: evolution does not imply that there is no God. Frost, Ron Jan 1, 2012 1477
Decalogue defiance in Dixie: Florida county defends fundamentalist Christian activist's commandments display at local courthouse. Boston, Rob Jan 1, 2012 1793
Global Economic Crisis Need for a Paradigm Shift-. Dec 31, 2011 7363
A Response to Christian Fundamentalist Hate Mail. Dec 21, 2011 526
Diversidade, identidade de genero e religiao: algumas reflexoes. de Lourdes de Lima, Rita Dec 1, 2011 7967
Opinion: Pre-democracy haggling. Nov 27, 2011 751
Iranians' choice in the face of war. Falasiri, Arash Nov 25, 2011 1492
God squad playing it for laughs; North East vicars are set to put the fun into fundamentalist by staging a comedy night which shows Christians have a sense of humour too. MIKE KELLY reports. Sep 24, 2011 616
"God Is My Partner": An Evangelical Business Man Confronts Depression and War. Hammond, Sarah R. Biography Sep 1, 2011 10500
Fundamentalist Islamists showing muscle in Egypt. McManus, John F. Brief article Aug 22, 2011 134
Opinion: In search of Egypt's identity. Aug 21, 2011 769
Security campaign against "fundamentalists" continues--8 handed to military prosecutor, further 3 arrested. Aug 17, 2011 309
Splits Within Libyan Regime over Alliance with Islamic Fundamentalists. Aug 12, 2011 617
Shades of Fundamentalism. Aug 10, 2011 1658
Terrorism and fundamentalism product of un-justice. Jul 25, 2011 348
Terrorism and fundamentalism product of un-justice. Jul 25, 2011 348
Arab media reacts to Norway attacks--Relief that Islamist extremism was not responsible--speculation on the rise of "Christian fundamentalism" in Europe--As SAFIR: "Oslo terrorist supports Zionism". Jul 25, 2011 835
Why Do Christian Fundamentalists Hate 'Harry Potter'? Jul 17, 2011 452
India's only Online Stand-up Comedy and Late Night Show Hacked by Anti-India Fundamentalists. Jul 5, 2011 790
Islamic Fundamentalism. Jun 30, 2011 3614
Towards the rationalization of the sacred for more veritable societies. Chukwuokolo, Jerry Chidozie Report Jun 22, 2011 10167
The education of Henrietta Mears: a fundamentalist in transition. Migliazzo, Arlin C. Biography Jun 22, 2011 4805
Biblical Foundationalism and Religious Reflection: polarization of faith and intellect oriented epistemologies within a Christian ideological surround. Watson, P.J.; Chen, Zhuo; Hood, Ralph W., Jr. Report Jun 22, 2011 7190
Egypt salafists and their perplexing features. Jun 19, 2011 772
Opinion: Betraying old friends again. Jun 5, 2011 803
A sociologist appeals to theological hope in postmodern apocalypses. MacMillen, Sarah Essay Jun 1, 2011 4674
How fundamentalism is formed and nourished (Part Two). Idihaw, Nima May 23, 2011 952
How fundamentalism is formed and nourished (Part One). Idihaw, Nima May 19, 2011 997
Three years after being pronounced 'dead' by many pundits, fundamentalist political groups are riding high in Washington and many state legislatures. Boston, Rob May 1, 2011 3114
Khursheed Shah says internal religious fundamentalist behind terrorism. Apr 21, 2011 231
Khursheed Shah says internal religious fundamentalist behind terrorism. Apr 21, 2011 231
Armed fundamentalist group gets hard labor. Apr 19, 2011 134
Turkey's model may be a slippery slope. Apr 18, 2011 964
Atheist says separating church, state is tough work; Fundamentalists wield clout in capitals. Apr 15, 2011 596
Korean Christian zionism: a sociological study of mission. Kim, Sung-Gun Report Apr 1, 2011 5748
Widening schisms. Mar 15, 2011 938
Pakistan needs to fix its fundamentalist innards. Mar 2, 2011 759
Fundamentalists by default: the laity have lost the tools to read the gospel as witness and argument. McLelland, Joseph Mar 1, 2011 922
Islamic fundamentalists burn brothels in Tunisia. Feb 21, 2011 251
Europe worries that fundamentalists will seek power in Egypt. Feb 2, 2011 315
Israel's Netanyahu warns of Islamist fundamentalists taking hold of Egypt. Feb 1, 2011 453
Israel fears Egypt may fall into Islamic fundamentalists' hands without fair polls. Jan 31, 2011 230
Sherry Rehman working on ridding Pak of fundamentalism through liberal resurgence. Jan 29, 2011 368
Self-immolation fails to disrupt Egypt. Jan 23, 2011 667
Bilawal Bhutto vows jihad against fundamentalists. Jan 11, 2011 207
Hindu fundamentalist group protest New Year celebrations in Coimbatore. Jan 1, 2011 281
Mohsin Hamid's Novels as a Political Discourse in Post-cold War Perspective. Dec 31, 2010 5427
Fundamentalist clerics reject south Sudan referendum, demand Islamic laws. Dec 26, 2010 636
Pope lumps "secularism" with "religious fundamentalism". Dec 20, 2010 332
Congress is opposed to fundamentalism of all shades: Sonia Gandhi. Dec 19, 2010 399
No to green fundamentalism. Dec 2, 2010 873
Transparency fundamentalists. Feffer, John Nov 30, 2010 1522
Salafist, Sunni fundamentalist groups positioning themselves in Lebanon. Nov 11, 2010 264

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