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Fundacao Biblioteca Nacional.

The major library collection of music in Rio de Janeiro, and possibly in the country as a whole, is that of the Music Division of the Biblioteca National. This collection is located downtown in the building of the Ministry of Education and Public Health, designed by Le Corbusier and one of the most architecturally important federal buildings built in Rio before the capital was moved to Brasilia. The must significant part of the holdings is the collection of nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century scores of Brazilian music, many of which are unlikely to be found anywhere outside the country. The library has been doing retrospective conversion of the card catalog over the last five years, and a substantial amount of material is now represented online. The main Web site for the National Library is available in both English and Portuguese; unfortunately, the English has been poorly translated from the Portuguese, and those unfamiliar with Portuguese usage may have a hard time grasping what is intended at times (for example, what is known as FAQ in English is rendered as "frequent doubts"). The online catalog for the Music Division is now searched through the main library page (it previously had been on the separate page for the Music Division). For a national library, the search capabilities of the online catalog are not as sophisticated as American users are accustomed to, although Boolean searching and limits by format are available. Navigating the site is not at all intuitive: there is no obvious link to the Music Division from the main page, for example (the link is hidden under the icon for Brazilian Composers).


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Title Annotation:national library houses Brazilian music collection
Author:Moore, Tom
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Date:Sep 1, 2003
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