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Functional fillers conference held.

Intertech will hold its 11th International Functional Fillers for Plastics conference October 15-17 at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta, GA.

This annual event is said to provide a unique forum for users and producers of reinforcing fillers for thermoplastics, as well as thermosets, to focus on the new opportunities emerging for increased use of functional fillers in polymer systems, according to the sponsor.

Calcium carbonates, silica, kaolin, talc, ATH, wollastonite, nanocomposites, natural fibers, wood flour and other materials will be discussed. Users will learn about new fillers and new filler grades, as well as new techniques for maximizing benefits from each material. Producers will hear about new market opportunities, as well as learn new ways to add value to their products.

Other sessions will address surface treatments, compounding and blending. Participants will obtain a complete picture of the functional filler market, and have the opportunity to discuss key issues with speakers and fellow attendees from around the world, according to Intertech.

The technical program for the 11th International Functional Fillers for Plastics conference is as follows:

Session 1--Market outlook and trends: "An overview of minerals in plastics," Jeff Nalley, J.M. Huber Engineered Materials; "The outlook for performance minerals in plastics--contrasting views from Western Europe and North America," Todd Harris, Mineset Partners LLC; and "New developments in the LFRT industry," Robert Constable, BFG Townsend.

Session 2--New developments in filler, resin and compounding technologies: "Production of compounds with high filler or fiber loading on screw kneaders," Eberhard Dietrich and Dan Dickens, Coperion Compounding Systems; "Some advances in the art and science of filler preparation and analysis," Anthony Revis, Dow Coming; "The influence of additive transformation byproducts on the performance and end use of filled plastics," Joseph R. Webster, Stabilization Technologies; "Functional nano silica for polypropylene and its copolymers," Peter Xu, Nyacol Nano Technologies; "Graphite nanoplatelets: An old filler material with new nano possibilities," Lawrence T. Drzal, Michigan State University; "Unique properties from platelet core--Shell Technologies: An overview of the functionalities derived from state-of-the-art pearlescent pigment technology," Elisabeth Hoener, EMD Chemicals; "Mining new opportunities with cyclic polyesters," Steven Bahr, Cyclics; and "Applications and market of cut-stacked type carbon nanofibers," Takashi Yanagisawa, GSI Creos.

Session 3--Key developments in major end-use applications: "Functional fillers: The key in advancing the wire and cable compounds business," Steve Ellebracht, Dow Chemical; "Engineered talcs for high performance automotive applications," Richard Clark, Luzenac America; "Mineral filled polypropylene--an alternative to other materials to help reduce product costs in the white goods industry," Werner Posch, Borealis GmbH; "Pigments exhibiting diffractive light interference," Roy Goodman, Imerys Minerals; "Update on calcium carbonate in polyolefins," Allan R. Guy, Omya; "A system for optimized surface treatment of fillers and pigments," Chris DeArmitt, Electrolux Home Products; "New high strength glass bubbles for injection molding," Ron Israelson, 3M; and "Conference summary and conclusion," Henry Ashton, J.M. Huber Engineered Materials; Rengarajan Ramesh, A. Schulman; and Scott Stephenson, Intertech.

Two pre-conference seminars will be held on Wednesday, October 15, in conjunction with Functional Fillers for Plastics 2003.

Emmanuel P. Giannelis, the Walter R. Read Professor of Engineering and Director of Undergraduate Studies at the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at Cornell University, will present "Polymer nanocomposites: Is smaller better?"

Attendees at this seminar will receive an overview of the different types of nanocomposites, including the unique properties/behavior of nanocomposites, the surface chemistry of nanoparticles, the different synthetic approaches, thermodynamics/kinetics of nanocomposite formation, reinforcement/ property enhancement mechanism and applications.

"Fire retardant fillers--the environmentally friendly solution: Basic principles, markets and latest developments" will be instructed by Roger N. Rothon, a consultant and visiting professor at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Attendees at this seminar will learn the basic principles of fire retardancy, including methods of testing, the importance of smoke, afterglow, ash integrity, etc., as well as examining the FR additives market with particular emphasis on that for FR fillers, the main types of FR filler and how they function, the effect of particle size, shape and surface chemistry, the latest developments with the mare products, specialist products, including expandable graphite, zinc stannates and borates, and the use of nanoparticles as fire retardant fillers.

The registration fee each seminar is $395, or $595 to attend both seminars. Registration fees for the conference range from $895 to $1,395. Exhibit tables may also be purchased. Further information on Functional Fillers for Plastics 2003 is available from Intertech (207) 781-9800.
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