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Functional Testing in Human Performance: 139 Tests for Sport, Fitness, Occupational Settings.

Functional Testing in Human Performance: 139 Tests for Sport, Fitness, Occupational Settings

Editors: Michael P. Reiman and Robert C. Manske

Bibliographic Data: ISBN-10: 0736068791, ISBN-13: 978-0736068796; Human Kinetics Europe Ltd; 1st edition; 2009, 56.00 [pounds sterling], 308 pages, hardcover

Subjects: Exercise physiology and testing, fitness, occupational settings

DESCRIPTION: This book offers collection of information on clinical and data-based functional testing for sport, exercise and occupational settings.

PURPOSE: The textbook aims to define the role of function in physical performance and how it can be appropriately tested.

FEATURES: The textbook features 13 chapters in three parts: Part I, Basics of Functional testing is composed of Chapter 1, Essential Concepts and Terms; Chapter 2. Test Administration; and Chapter 3, Integration of Functional Testing Into Everyday Practice. In Part II, Testing procedures and protocols for discrete physical parameters, 7 more chapters are presented. Namely: Chapter 4, Anthropometric Assessment; Chapter 5, Muscle Length Assessment; Chapter 6, Fundamental Movement Testing; Chapter 7, Balance Testing; Chapter 8, Aerobic Testing; Chapter 9, Strength and Power Testing; Chapter 10, Speed, Agility, and Quickness Testing; Testing procedures and protocols for regional physical parameters are presented in Part III. Its chapters are 11, Trunk Testing; 12, Upper Extremity Testing; and 13, Lower Extremity Anaerobic Power Testing. To improve understanding of the tests presented in the book, live-action demonstrations of 40 of the most advanced tests in a DVD also included.

AUDIENCE: This is a comprehensive learning tool for medical and/or sports science beginners and an essential reference for advanced clinicians.

ASSESMENT: After presenting the theory clearly, and then detailing and demonstrating the practice, this textbook is a great help for clinicians in understanding and incorporating functional testing to identify their patients' or clients' limitations in order to enhance their performance and rehabilitation. This book is, therefore, a strong contender to be fundamental resource book in this area.

Reviewed by: Fadil Ozyener MD, PhD, Uludag University Medical School, Bursa Turkey

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Author:Ozyener, Fadil
Publication:Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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