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Functional Area 90 officially replaced by logistics branch as part of logistics officer changes.

On 14 September 2010, the Army G-l published Notification of Future Change O-1010-02, "Deletion of Functional Area (FA) 90 (Logistics); Establishment of Branch (BR) 90 (Logistics) and Revision of Branch 88 (Transportation Corps), Branch 91 (Ordnance), and Branch 92 (Quartermaster)" to Department of the Army Pamphlet 611-21, Military Occupational Classification and Structure.

This notification officially establishes the documentation of logistician positions and is an ongoing action, continuing from the establishment of the Logistics branch on I January 2008.

The significant changes listed in this notification include revising the area of concentration (AOC) specifications for 90A (Logistics). All captain to colonel positions documented in authorization documents as transportation (88A, 88B, 88C, and 88D), ordnance (91 A), and quartermaster (92A and 92F) will be transferred to AOC 90A with the current basic functional branch listed as the secondary code effective on and after 1 October 2011. This is for all components.

Personnel in the grade of captain who complete the Combined Logistics Captains Career Courses (CLC3) (Active duty or Reserve component courses) will be transferred to AOC 90A and will retain their basic branch as their secondary AOC.

Transportation personnel in the grade of captain who have not completed CLC3 or any logistics Reserve component captains career course will be reclassified to AOC 88A in the interim and then will be reclassified to AOC 90A with branch 88 as the military occupational specialty code upon completion of one of the two above courses.

Another provision calls for all remaining personnel in the grades of major through colonel who are currently classified as transportation, ordnance, and quartermaster officers to be reclassified to AOC 90A and retain their basic branch as the secondary AOC position of the military occupational specialty code. This action will be completed no later than 30 September 2011 and includes all components.

For the remaining transportation officers in the grade of lieutenant, AOCs 88B (traffic management), 88C (marine and terminal operations), and 88D (motor/rail transportation) are deleted and all officers will be transferred to AOC 88A (transportation general).

Quartermaster officer specifications for 92A (quartermaster general) will also be revised. The notice deletes AOC 92F (petroleum and water) and establishes R8, petroleum and water, as a skill identifier associated with AOC 90A. The already existing skill identifiers R9, aerial delivery and materiel officer (rigger), and 4V, mortuary affairs, will transfer to be associated with AOC 90A as well.

Therefore, effective 1 October 2011, all authorizations for logistics officers in the grades of captain through colonel will appear on authorization documents (tables of organization and equipment or tables of distribution and allowances) as 90A.

Requirements for functional positions will remain. However, a functional billet, such as a maintenance officer, will be listed on the authorization document as 90A91. The authorization for a petroleum operations officer will be documented as 90A92 R8.

For more information, contact Lieutenant Colonel Kimberly Darby at the Logistics Branch Proponency Office, Army Combined Arms Support Command and Sustainment Center of Excellence, by calling (804)734-0315.
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Date:Mar 1, 2011
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