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Functional Additives for Bakery Foods.

FUNCTIONAL ADDITIVES for BAKERY FOODS by Clyde E Stauffer. 279 pages with index. Price: 42.00 [pounds]. (UK: Chapman and Hall)

This text has been designed as a detailed reference source. It examines the functions of additives used in baked foods at relatively low levels, and the author explains how each class of additives functions. The object is always to produce quality baked products and to do this one must understand what can be done.

Dr Stauffer is a food consultant who has wide-ranging knowledge of this subject. He examines and discusses oxidants and reducing agents, emulsifiers, surfactants, leavening agents, yeast, gluten and gums. His chapter titles read: Oxidants; Reductants and mix time reducers; Emulsifiers and dough strengtheners; Enzymes; High molecular weight additives; Leavening agents; and individual baked food products.

In a way, all the information recorded in this book has had to be written down because so many bakers are controlled by machinery. In times gone by they would have been able to vary the conditions themselves but with conveyor belt production systems that is not so easy. However, by the use of certain additives the products can be adjusted so that they 'fit in' with the requirements of the machinery in use. To do all this Dr Stauffer makes sure his readers understand the basic behaviourial characteristics of doughs and batters. Armed with such information, one can then make proper use of the additives that can be included to advantage in many situations. He answers such questions as 'What happens to gluten proteins during dough mixing?' Whilst it may not sound very exciting, without an understanding of some of these fundamentals it is hard to get the best out of certain additives.
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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