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Fully integrated email security.

Sophos has announced the launch of the industry's first fully integrated managed email security appliance. Featuring an intuitive web-based interface and automated security updates, the enterprise-grade ES4000 protects against the growing threat of viruses, Trojans, spyware, spam and policy abuse in both inbound and outbound email traffic.

With automated virus and spam protection updates delivered every five minutes, Sophos's ES4000 security appliance can process millions of email messages each day. Its innovative 24-hour 'heartbeat' remote monitoring, built-in diagnostics and on-demand remote assistance offer additional support to the email security manager, ensuring uptime, whilst greatly reducing administration.

The ES4000's web-based dashboard displays an at-a-glance view of overall system performance, minimising time spent by administrators. The dashboard gives instant insight into system status, availability and real-time capacity. To allow the administrator to oversee theES4000% performance, analysis reports and summaries can be created on mail trends, performance, senders and policy analysis.

"External threats to network security are always evolving, and email security appliances like the ES4000 are needed to help organisations keep up with the pace of innovation displayed by virus writers, malware writers, and other dangerous elements," said Chris Christiansen, IDC VP of Security Products & Services. "For enterprises that need robust email security but want the convenience of an easy-to-manage appliance, Sophos's ES4000 is a strong option."
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Title Annotation:Sophos PLC intorduces email security appliance
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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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