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Fully integrated batch terminal.

The IND780batch stand-alone batch controller combines advanced batching control technology and also adheres to the ISA SP-88 batch standard. It optimizes batch processes with consistent, accurate material transfers to minimize material waste, improve batch quality, and yield increased profits. It is a powerful and flexible standalone terminal for single or multi-scale batching applications and can provide both manual batch operation or fully automated batching control. Manual material formulation leads operators through set formulation recipes and eliminates variables that can cost companies money. Users can take control of manual processes with dependable recipe management and the ability to handle 999 materials. Tolerance checking, material identification via bar-code input, and operator prompting all help to ensure the operator is guided through each batch. Multi-material automatic batching control handles up to 28 automatic materials with recipe-specific control, including conditional control tasks, go-to commands, recipe re-scaling, timing functions, and control of discrete inputs and outputs to allow the controller to interact with other equipment in the process.


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Publication:Pharmaceutical Processing
Date:Oct 1, 2011
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