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Fully automatic pipe coiling and palletising.

Pipe Coil Technology is presently commissioning a fully automated pipe packaging and palletising plant. Having continually developed its high-speed coiling systems to reach over 200 m/min and be capable of automatically adding stretch film, PP straps or adhesive tape to secure coils or spools of pipe, the obvious next step was to provide automated labelling, palletising and pallet wrapping.

Developed in-house using an ABB 6-axis robot platform, one unmanned system has the ability to coil and package pipe produced by up to three extrusion lines that run 24/7. Mainly aimed at the plumbing and utility pipe markets, the process provides a higher quality finished product, seamless product changeovers and minimal stock levels.

Holding up to 100 km each, drum stocks take up a third of the space of finished coils, and with an average of one-hundred coiler per hour output, sales orders can be fulfilled on demand. QA samples can be taken at the extrusion line or automatically collated at the coiling machine. Automatic printing can be included, providing the ability to add incremental length markers or customers logos without duplication of stocks. This is a lean manufacturing process for pipes sizes up to 75 mm outside diameter.


Developments are continuing to service the irrigation pipe markets where point-of-sale labels can be automatically secured at the coiling stage, whilst coil packs can be formed starting at 180 mm ID. Pipe Coil Technology is also continuing to develop the larger scale pipe coiling that will minimise butt welding procedures, providing coils of HDPE pipes as large as 315 mm OD in lengths of 750 m.
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Date:Jun 1, 2010
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