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Fuller zeroes in on the environment with new hot melt concept.

Fuller Zeroes In On The Environment With New Hot Melt Concept

The concern about the industry's impact on the environment has gone beyond diaper converters, packagers and equipment builders all the way to the hot melt adhesives used so widely within the nonwovens and disposables industries.

H.B. Fuller, St. Paul, MN, has developed and is selling commercially a new package concept for its hot melt adhesives for the nonwovens industry that makes them easier to handle while also addressing the environmental challenge of package waste.

The driving force behind a new patent pending "Zeropack" hot melt adhesive concept from Fuller, the company told NONWOVENS INDUSTRY, was the environment. Zeropack hot melt adhesives, introduced this summer, encase low application temperature hot melt pillows inside a compatible polymer-blend package. The entire package is designed to be dropped into the user's melting tank. In effect, the packaging is part of the product.

Use of the Zeropack hot melt adhesives eliminates the disposal problems of plastic, corrugated or paperboard trays. In addition, Fuller said it has the ability to ship Zeropack adhesives in returnable shipping boxes, effectively eliminating packaging waste such as corrugated shipping boxes.

Fuller is also promoting the fact that "it doesn't cost any more to be environmentally conscious." The company said the cost of Zeropack hot melt is no different that its previous hot melt pricing; an additional benefit, according to product literature, is not having to incur the cost of disposing of hot melt trays.

A Zeropack hot melt package typically measures 14 x 9 x 2 inches and weighs five pounds. In addition to the obvious environmental advantages, it eliminates the tack of removing sticky adhesive from trays and the related hassle of adhesives sticking to operators' hands.

The company reported that the Zeropack adhesive are currently produced at H.B. Fuller facilities in both the U.S. and Europe.
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Title Annotation:H.B. Fuller Co. adhesives
Author:Jacobsen, Michael
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Nov 1, 1991
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