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Full Speed Ahead for Autocad Release 14 as Worldwide Sales Reach 500,000 in Just 11 Months.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 9, 1998--Autodesk (NASDAQ/NMS:ADSK) today announced that over half a million customers have adopted AutoCAD(R) Release 14 software, introduced on May 9, 1997 -- making this the fastest-selling AutoCAD software in history.

Autodesk continues to expand the customization capabilities of AutoCAD Release 14 software, first with ObjectARX(TM), its object-based development environment, and now with the newly-available Visual LISP(TM) customization tool, and the complete integration of Microsoft(R) Visual Basic(R) for Applications.

These innovations, combined with the flexibility provided by Autodesk's complete, compatible family of design solutions and third-party software applications, offer customers a compelling reason to choose AutoCAD Release 14 software.

Also today, Autodesk announced the availability of the 14.01 update to AutoCAD Release 14. This sole update to AutoCAD Release 14 primarily integrates final versions of Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, Spatial Technologies' ACIS 3.0 solid modeling kernel and support for Novell(R) Netware(R) IPX and TCP/IP protocols by the Autodesk Network License Manager.

The update will mainly appeal to AutoCAD Release 14 users who use these components in their daily work. The final versions of these component technologies were not available at the first customer ship of AutoCAD Release 14 last May.

"Autodesk has hit a home run with AutoCAD Release 14," said Bruce Jenkins, vice president at industry analyst firm Daratech, Inc. "The product's performance and functionality have been warmly praised by users we've interviewed, and this together with the company's legions of resellers and partners, position AutoCAD Release 14 to continue attracting users in record numbers."

The 500,000th copy of AutoCAD Release 14 software was purchased by Formosa Plastics Group, a large Taiwan-based designer and manufacturer of plastics, chemicals and petrochemicals. Formosa Plastics employs 1,700 seats of AutoCAD Release 14 for their primary equipment design usage.

Formosa Plastics also uses dozens of copies of AutoCAD LT(R) 97, Autodesk's low-cost 2D design package, in adjacent seats.

The AutoCAD LT seats at Formosa Plastics are used for initial conceptual design, viewing of AutoCAD Release 14 drawings and exchanging drawing files with AutoCAD Release 14.The company purchased AutoCAD Release 14 through Authorized Autodesk reseller Forec International Corporation in Taiwan.

"We chose AutoCAD Release 14 and AutoCAD LT 97 software not only for their great features but because we need to preserve our most important asset -- our precision drawing files," said Kuo-Liang Yeh, chief of the design department at Formosa Plastics Group.

"Autodesk is the only company that can ensure complete data integrity through its native DWG format, while providing us with a comprehensive, full family of products and partner solutions."

"Confirmation of AutoCAD Release 14 software's wide acceptance by large design and manufacturing firms such as Formosa Plastics shows us that Autodesk is doing the right things technologically," stated Carl Bass, the company's vice president of engineering and chief technology officer.

"Autodesk is not standing still -- and we will continue to build and enhance our industry-leading technology momentum. Look to us to continue to expand the existing capabilities of AutoCAD -- while taking design technology into a new era. Precisely this ability to keep our customers productive while we add innovation to their work processes keeps Autodesk in the lead."

Delivering on the Promise of AutoCAD Release 14

Through its 14.01 update to AutoCAD Release 14 software, Autodesk is delivering on its promise to users to complete the integration of Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications programming language and Spatial Technologies' ACIS 3.0 solid modeling kernel. The addition of the ACIS 3.0 kernel provides full compatibility with Autodesk's Mechanical Desktop(R) 2.0.

The update also includes Autodesk License Manager support for Novell Netware IPX and TCP/IP network protocols. The update CD contains AutoCAD Internet Utilities 3.0 and WHIP! 3.0 and the minimal software patches that were previously only available from the Autodesk web site.

Not all AutoCAD Release 14 customers will need or want to receive the update, although it is available to all users through Authorized Autodesk resellers. This is the only scheduled update to AutoCAD Release 14. For more information about the free update, please contact your local reseller or visit Autodesk's web site at

AutoCAD software is the leading design software in the world, used in fields ranging from architecture and mechanical design to plant design and facilities management.

AutoCAD Release 14 software provides a rich set of design tools, embedded Internet technology and innovative ObjectARX, Microsoft VBA programming, AutoLISP(R) and now Visual LISP languages that helps developers and customers tailor the software to their specific requirements.

AutoCAD software boasts an enormous user base -- over 1.8 million units have been sold. AutoCAD Release 14 has won best product awards from four separate computer publications: Cadence Magazine, CADALYST Magazine, Windows Magazine and Windows Sources Magazine.

Autodesk is the world's leading supplier of PC design software and multimedia tools. The company's 2D and 3D products and data management tools are used in many industries for architectural design, mechanical design, mapping, film and video production, video game development and Web content development.

Its Kinetix(R) division is the leader in PC-based 3D modeling and animation software, providing a full range of products for digital media and design professionals.

The fifth largest PC software company in the world, Autodesk has three million customers in over 150 countries. For more information, contact any Authorized Autodesk Reseller, call Autodesk at 800/964-6432, type GO ADESK on CompuServe, or log in with a World Wide Web browser at Autodesk shares are traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol ADSK. -0-

Note to Editors: Autodesk, the Autodesk logo, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AutoLISP, Mechanical Desktop and Kinetix are registered trademarks, and ObjectARX and Visual LISP are trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. in the United States and certain other countries. All other trademarks belong to their respective holders.

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Date:Apr 9, 1998
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