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Full Sail releases Session Black Premium Dark Lager.


Some people will buy the new Full Sail Session Black just for the package. Stubbies have disappeared in the rush to the long-neck, but they are actually one of the most ergonomic designs around, particularly if you are going to drink right from the bottle. And Session Black is the kind of beer you could drink from the bottle, a light-bodied dark beer with some nice roasty character.

The new Session Black is being released as part of the company's tenth anniversary as an employee-owned brewery. Session is an extension of the original Session all-malt lager, released in 2005, and it's in the same vein, a high-quality beer that is very approachable .

"Session is neither a micro, a macro, nor an import," noted Irene Firmat, Full Sail founder and CEO. "It's a little of each, and yet none of the above. In other words, Session is a true original. Virtually everyone who likes beer likes Session. Whether they're craft beer aficionados, import drinkers or devotees of lawnmower beers, Session is the one beer they can all agree on. Session has been about the love of beer. As an independent, employee-owned brewery, we have the freedom to be innovative and to brew beers of world class quality that celebrate the joy of beer."

Session Black contains 5.4% abv and 22 IBUs, and Full Sail plans to sell Session Black in twelve packs year-round. "Session Black is short, dark and totally drinkable. The initial tastes are a subtle pairing of caramel and chocolate malt flavors with precise hopping to provide an elegant citrus background to the delicate finish of dark cocoa," said Jamie Emmerson, Full Sail's Executive Brewmaster.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 21, 2009
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