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Full Disclosure.

Taglined "Reporting Censored News and Perspectives," the Australia-based Full Disclosure has a twofold purpose: "to publicize substantive news that is under-covered or unreported in the mainstream media, and to expose the suppression, censorship and misrepresentation of dissenting views.

"Full Disclosure's primary objective is to deter subversion of our democratic system by keeping the public, informed.

"Full Disclosure ascribes to and promotes the principles of democracy, particularly the concepts of freedom of speech and intellectual inquiry, as well as freedom of information through an independent media."

The newsletter is not affiliated with any political, religious or philosophical organization.

Format: 8 pp., saddle-stitched, printed black on coated white stock, blue nameplate and accents. Staff Published by Peregrine Publishing; Gary R. Robertson, editor. Data: Founded Spring 1999; 4x, $18/year, $30/two years.
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Mar 31, 2000
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