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Full, upright and comfortable position: airbus rolls out planes with LED systems intended to minimize jet lag.

Packing every last item into one carry-on suitcase, flying across time zones, and arriving exhausted to an important business meeting-- oftentimes only to turn right back around--is a tale as old as air travel itself.

But Airbus's new A350 XWB planes, replete with in-cabin LED lights that can produce 16.7 million different color shades, offer renewed hope for jet-lagged travelers. The systems use pre-defined scenes to simulate natural phases of the day, which is expected to help travelers acclimate to their final destination's time zone. When traveling east, the LEDs brighten before dawn to mimic the scene upon arrival. In the opposite direction, exposure to light through the evening reproduces the delayed western sunset. The planes are currently being used by Qatar Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Finnair, TAM Airlines and Singapore Airlines.


While minimizing jet lag is the main draw, an improved in-flight experience adds to the appeal. Features include sunset scenes during dinner, panoramic windows that go from transparent to 100-percent light blocking, and systems to regulate humidity and temperature.

The luxury flights do come with a premium price tag, but perhaps in- and post-flight comfort is worth the fee. Plus, leaving that eye mask and sleep aid at home might free up some space in your carry-on. The cost of luggage that slips effortlessly into the overhead bin? Priceless.



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Date:Jun 1, 2016
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