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Fulfill your CE credit requirements quick and easy at the 2011 First Party Claims Conference.

Continuing education requirements for insurance professionals are becoming more demanding every year. Now, with licensure in 44 states plus the District of Columbia, it is more important than ever for public insurance adjusters to educate themselves in order to practice their profession and stay on top of their game.

With a variety of conferences and seminars to choose from, and the availability of many online options, how can insurance professionals decide where to spend their valuable time and money? Industry insiders say that nothing beats attending an event in person.

"Whether you like to network with other professionals, ask questions of instructors or just feed off of the interest and enthusiasm of peers, you can only do this by being there" according to Clay Morrison, CPPA, who chairs the education committee of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

"You really can't obtain the true value of the education if you don't attend in person. Active participation is important as opposed to getting one-way instruction or watching a video" says Morrison. "I think personal attendance can have a greater impact on what you do than other venues because you're exposed to the best guys in the business. You became more successful through osmosis. You receive better education and better knowledge just by being around people like that."

One up and coming insurance industry event that can fill the need for both CE credits and networking is the First Party Claims Conference (FPCC). Now in its third year, this two-day event provides company adjusters, public adjusters and other insurance claims representatives with the opportunity to earn 12 CE credits applicable in California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.

According to FPCC Committee Chair Steve Figlin, SPPA, FPPA, the event was developed to fill a gap in the education programs offered to all insurance professionals.

"There are many continuing education programs available, but many lack a high level of understanding of the complications of everyday practice of first party claims handling. Most are entry or preliminary level courses," said Figlin. "FPCC is at a higher level with top notch instructors capable of imparting master level information."

And that's not the only difference. Figlin adds that welcoming all first party claims professionals has made the event truly one-of-a-kind.

"Before FPCC, there were no programs that allowed both insurance company representatives and public insurance adjusters to come together to network and learn. FPCC has not only met that need but has also created a new arena for sharing industry information in the pursuit of knowledge and better service," says Figlin. "The different points of view definitely lead to some really interesting discussions."




FPCC 2011, which will be held October 17-19 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, Rhode Island, features keynote speaker Greg Serio of Park Strategies. Serio served as superintendent of insurance for New York during the 9/11 tragedy a decade ago. His presentation, "9/11/01--Ten Years Later: Lessons Learned and the Impact on Property Insurance in Conjunction with Recent Disasters," will focus on his management of what is arguably one of the most complicated claims events of the century.

The 31 remaining education sessions will focus on a wide array of topics such as "The Benefits, Pitfalls and Controversy in the Appraisal Process," "Contingent Business Interruption--The Tsunami Effect," "Technical Writing Skills for Adjusters" and "The Ins & Outs of Crime Coverage Claims" A full program schedule and registration details are available online at

"From the reviews I've heard about FPCC and the lineup of speakers I've seen for this year's event, it's the best all-around education being offered in the property insurance industry. There are always new laws and coverage changes to learn about, and getting this information is critical to doing our job well and to growing our businesses," said Morrison. "FPCC is a great place to get all of the updates you need, fill your continuing education requirements, and meet with your peers and competitors in a short period of time and at a great price. Everyone in the business should attend."




For more information about FPCC 2011 or to register for the event, visit or call 703-433-2520.
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Author:Musick, Marjorie
Publication:Insurance Advocate
Date:Sep 26, 2011
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