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Fukui Pref. authorities begin checking reactor checks.

TSURUGA, Japan, Nov. 18 Kyodo

The Fukui prefectural government and municipalities in the prefecture on Monday began checking records of reactor inspections conducted by electric power companies following revelations that Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) had falsified reports on defects at its nuclear power plants.

Officials of the local authorities inspected the Tsuruga nuclear power plant of Japan Atomic Power Co. (Genden) and the Mihama nuclear power plant of Kansai Electric Power Co. and will inspect by Wednesday all of 15 reactors in the prefecture, the authorities said.

During the inspections, the officials will check on documents concerning items recorded in the reports and hear from employees at the electric power plants about the companies' own inspections.

The officials will also hear explanations on steps to prevent falsification and cover-ups, they said.

It was revealed on Sept. 25 that Genden had kept running the Tsuruga nuclear reactor without reporting to the government signs of fractures in its core shroud that it found in 1994.

The company found signs of cracks in the shroud of the No. 1 reactor of the nuclear plant on the Sea of Japan coast during an inspection and later replaced the shroud with a new one.

Genden said in reports to the central government and the local authorities that it replaced the shroud as a ''preventive maintenance'' measure.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency in late August announced 29 suspected cases of damage cover-ups by TEPCO.

On Sept. 17, TEPCO admitted that 16 of the 29 cases -- involving falsified reports on defects -- were unacceptable and said its Chairman Hiroshi Araki and President Nobuya Minami would resign to take responsibility.
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Publication:Japan Energy Scan
Date:Nov 25, 2002
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