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Fujitsu to OEM Hammerhead Systems platform as FLASHWAVE 6400 layer 2.5 aggregation switch.

Fujitsu Network Communications Inc. and Hammerhead Systems have announced that they are pursuing an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement for the integration of Hammerhead's HSX 6000 platform into the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE portfolio as the FLASHWAVE 6400 Layer 2.5 aggregation switch.

The FLASHWAVE 6400 Layer 2.5 aggregation switch is the only purpose-built, single box solution available for Ethernet aggregation, packet-enabled access and Pseudowire termination. It has the industry's lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for edge aggregation as a result of its unique architectural advantages, such as bandwidth pooling and service agile ports, which optimize its aggregation and grooming efficiency. The FLASHWAVE 6400 aggregation switch integrates with the existing SONET/SDH infrastructure using Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) and X.86, and interworks between them. These benefits, when combined with the platform's granular Quality of Service (QoS) architecture, enable unmatched levels of service segregation and Service Level Agreement (SLA) assurance, critical for robust aggregation of diverse data and packet voice services feeding a common IP/MPLS core. The FLASHWAVE 6400 Layer 2.5 aggregation switch delivers industry-leading density for Gigabit Ethernet aggregation, disruptive aggregation economics, the most scalable and broadest support for Ethernet, Frame Relay and ATM service interworking, and non-disruptive data revenue migration.

"Carriers have a significant investment tied to their installed infrastructure, which includes over 300,000 of our SONET network elements across North America," said Bill Erickson, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Fujitsu Network Communications. "The FLASHWAVE 6400 Layer 2.5 aggregation switch will help them leverage this vast SONET network, as well as recent investments in IP/ MPLS, to profitably roll out Ethernet services and other non-traditional data services such as IPTV, while facilitating service convergence over legacy Frame Relay and ATM networks. This is networking beyond convergence in its purest sense."

The Hammerhead platform has been an important component of the Fujitsu Flexible Architecture for Subscriber Service Termination (FASST) solution suite since its inception in June 2004. As the FLASHWAVE 6400 aggregation switch, the role of the Hammerhead platform will be expanded to allow tighter coupling with existing Fujitsu FLASHWAVE SONET and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) products.

"When executed, the OEM agreement will bring significant tangible benefits to customers, allow us to create a unified solution with a seamless management infrastructure, and strengthen our ties with Fujitsu, a $44.5B market leader and the largest IT and telecommunications systems integrator in the world," said Peter Savage, president and CEO of Hammerhead Systems. "We believe the FLASHWAVE 6400 aggregation switch offers the right combination of product and services to attract and close some significant opportunities."

In addition to the OEM agreement, Fujitsu and Hammerhead will be utilizing the Pegador management system and the NETSMART 1500 Element Management System (EMS) to provide a complete management solution for the FLASHWAVE 6400 switch and other elements of the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE product family. "A strong management solution is a key component that our customers are demanding as it helps drive the significant OPEX and CAPEX savings that our switched packet transport solution presents to the marketplace," concluded Erickson.

Hammerhead Systems, Inc. is the market leader in Aggregation, Interworking and Migration solutions to accelerate profitable delivery of new Ethernet and existing legacy services at a fraction of the cost and complexity. The HSX 6000, the first purpose-built Layer 2.5 aggregation switch using Pseudowire and Dry Martini technologies, and the Pegador Network Management System are both available today. Hammerhead has a strategic partnership with Fujitsu Network Communications in North America for distribution, joint marketing, product planning, and customer support and services. Hammerhead is located in Mountain View, Calif., is privately held, and is funded by Foundation Capital, Mayfield, Enterprise Partners, Pequot Ventures and Lighthouse Capital.
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Date:Jun 6, 2005
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