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Fujitsu Semiconductor Launches 8-bit Microcontroller with Built-in Analog Comparator and Operational Amplifier.

Singapore, Aug 10, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd (FSAL) today announced the development of a new series in its F2MC-8FX family of high-performance 8-bit microcontrollers with embedded flash memory. The new 32-pin MB95430H series include six products with built-inanalog comparator and operational amplifier. Samples of the new products are currently available, with volume shipping to start in October 2010.

The MB95430H series, is launched to meet the rapidly growing demand for 8-bit microcontrollers of small system control embedding comparator and amplifier function, especially in Asia markets. The new products are targeted for use in home appliances and industrial equipment - such as induction cookers, power tools and auto-testers.

In addition toits primary function as main microcontroller unit, the new MB95430H series is also suitable as a sub-controller when current system configuration functions are insufficient, due to the availability of high current protection and various composite timer communication functions.

This series also employs a one-wire on-chip debug module that uses only one pin on the microcontroller for debugging, thus facilitating easier and faster product development. Furthermore, high-precision CR oscillationcircuit is built into the microcontroller as its system clock source so as to reduce the external components for customer's development when necessary.

Product Line-Up
Product Name ROM Size RAM Size
MB95F432H,MB95F432K 8 KB 240 B
MB95F433H,MB95F433K 12 KB 240 B
MB95F434H,MB95F434K 20 KB 496 B

Product Features

1) Four comparators and one operational amplifier

The microcontrollers are equipped with multiple voltage comparators and operational amplifiers, which can be applied to various high-speed samples, alarm circuits, auto-control circuits and measurement techniques, as well as fields concerning circuit break protection, quick sensors, power supply voltage supervisor circuits, zero-crossing detection circuits, etc. In addition, the microcontrollers are mainly used in inductioncookers, microwave ovens, circuit breakers, protection devices, monitoring devices, monitoring instrument sand high power supply equipment, etc.

2) High-performance flash memory

The microcontrollers incorporate Fujitsu's high reliability, high-performance embedded flash memory that can be re-written 100,000 times and guaranteed to hold data for 20 years. A flash security function protects customers' software from being read by unauthorized external programmers.

3) Reduced system cost due to integration of external components

As the internal CR oscillating circuit and the low-voltage detection circuit are built into the microcontrollers, the need for an external oscillator and reset IC is eliminated, thus contributing to a reduction in overall system costs.

About Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd (FSAL)

Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd was established as the Asia Pacific Headquarters of Fujitsu Limited Electronic Devices Group in 1986. It provides support, sales and marketing of semiconductors and electronic devices to the Asia Pacific region, including India and Oceania. Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia offers a wide and varied product range like ASIC, ASSPs, Microcontrollers / Microprocessors (FR-V), System Memory (FRAM / FCRAM) and System LSIs (DVD MPEG Source Decoders / MPEG - 2 Encoders).

About Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited (FSL)

Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited designs, manufactures, and sells semiconductors, providing highly reliable, optimal solutions and support to meet the varying needs of its customers. Products and services include microcontrollers, ASICs, ASSPs, and power management ICs, with wide-ranging expertise focusing on mobile, ecological, automotive, imaging, security, and high-performance applications. Fujitsu Semiconductor also drives power efficiency and environmental initiatives. Headquartered in Yokohama, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited (formerly named Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited) was established as a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited on March 21, 2008. Through its global sales and development network, with sites in Japan and throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Fujitsu Semiconductor offers semiconductor solutions to the global marketplace. For more information:


Tan Tiew Le (Ms)

Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd

Corporate Planning & Communications

Tel: +65 6381 7434

Julian Chow / Marie Ong

Text 100 Pte Ltd

Tel: +65 6603 9025 / +65 6603 9010 /

Source: Fujitsu Ltd

Tan Tiew Le (Ms)
Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd
Corporate Planning & Communications
Tel: +65 6381 7434

Julian Chow / Marie Ong
Text 100 Pte Ltd
Tel: +65 6603 9025 / +65 6603 9010
E-mail: /

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Date:Aug 10, 2010
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