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Fujitsu Launches Mobile Solution for Electronic Medical Records Enabling Access Outside Hospitals.

Tokyo, Feb 22, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu today announced development of the Fujitsu Healthcare Solution HOPE PocketChart mobile solution to give medical professionals access to medical records even when they are away from the hospital. Using tablets and smartphones, Fujitsu's new solution for mobile devices will be available in Japan beginning today.

HOPE PocketChart was developed as an add-on option for Fujitsu's HOPE/EGMAIN-GX electronic medical records system for large-scale hospitals, and which boasts the top market share for electronic medical record systems* in Japan. A robust security environment protects the system against medical data leaks, so the new solution offers secure access to medical records even from outside the hospital.

By employing the new solution, hospitals will be able to transmit accurate and thorough medical information to doctors when they are away from the hospital, such as at night, on weekends, or when they are attending medical conferences, thereby supporting the provision of rapid medical care during emergencies or other situations. The solution will also serve doctors within hospitals, providing them with quick reference to medical records when a PC is not readily available, such as when they are making rounds, briefing patients or attending meetings.

The practice of medicine today requires ICT environments that enable physicians to access the data they need to make appropriate treatment decisions, anytime and anywhere, through tablets and smartphones, which are rapidly coming into widespread use.

To meet this demand, Fujitsu developed the HOPE PocketChart solution, which ensures a secure environment by performing access authentication for pre-registered mobile devices at Fujitsu's datacenters. From outside hospitals, authorized devices are then allowed to access electronic medical records stored on hospital servers. As a result, doctors who use HOPE PocketChart can view patient data, including treatment information and x-ray images, via a mobile device, even outside of their hospital. Up until now doctors needed to have a patient's condition conveyed by telephone, but this solution will support the delivery of high-quality healthcare from anywhere.

Product Features

1. Enables access to wide range of medical data, both inside and away from hospitals

HOPE PocketChart provides physicians access to various data stored on electronic medical records systems, including treatment histories, disease information, test results, x-ray images, surgical records, pathology reports, and vital signs. When doctors need to be consulted when away from the hospital, previously telephone conversations were required to convey the patient's condition to the doctor, but Fujitsu's new solution enables doctors to access electronic records by using a mobile device, providing them with more accurate and thorough medical information. Furthermore, because the solution is equipped with authorization functionality for doctors to approve such actions as patient discharges, it also supports daily hospital operations.

2. User-friendly dedicated application compatible with both Android and iOS devices

HOPE PocketChart is compatible with both the popular Android and iOS operating systems for mobile devices. For each of these operating system environments, the solution has mobile user interfaces with easy-to-use applications.

3. Security

HOPE PocketChart ensures robust security when handling medical charts that contain a great deal of personal information. The solution allows mobile devices to display on-screen information only by reading HTML, so the data are never actually stored within the device itself. This means that, in the event that the device is lost, sensitive information is prevented from being leaked. Furthermore, when accessing a hospital's electronic records system, devices must first pass an authentication check within Fujitsu's datacenter. By taking this step, the system prevents illegal use by unauthorized devices.

Pricing and Availability

- Product: Fujitsu Healthcare Solution HOPE PocketChart

- Pricing (excl tax): JPY 8 million (A monthly application usage fee of 980 yen per device is charged separately)

- Availability: From today

- Sales Targets: 50 system deployments by the end of fiscal 2013

* Top market share for electronic medical record systems: In Japan, a 33% market share of deployments among hospitals nationwide. Data according to "White Paper on Electronic Health Record & Picture Archiving and Communication System 2011-2012."

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