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Fuji's FinePix F700.

The latest in a long line of very smart digital cameras, the FinePix F700 is the first to be operated by a host of miniature killer bees packed into its casing. At least, with Fuji calling it the "Super CCD Honeycomb IV SR," that's what it sounds like. In fact, the honeycomb thing is actually the fourth iteration of a photo-diode space-saving arrangement that allows more pixels to be crammed into the Super CCD. Even such a tiny body as the F700 has the technology to knock out 6.2 million effective pixels, producing images with a maximum resolution of 2,832 x 2,128. That is, in real money, pictures far larger than anyone really ever needs. The new camera also has a three-times optical zoom, all the manual and auto functions we've come to expect as standard and an extra wide body, which helps you keep a grip on things.

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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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