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Fugen reactor to resume operation on Mon. after April shutdown.

FUKUI, Japan, May 31 Kyodo

The Fugen advanced thermal reactor in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, which was shut down April 21 after an increase was detected in the radioactive density of the coolant water, will resume operation on Monday, the operator said Friday.

The state-run Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute said it will then put the reactor through a trial run, which is the final stage of the its regular checkup routine, on Tuesday, adding that it will resume full-fledged operation in late June.

The operator said the increase in radioactive density was caused by leakage of a radioactive substance from small holes in a fuel junction point, adding it has changed the design of the system to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem.

The reactor was initially shut down on April 9, a day after resuming operations after an 11-month hiatus, after a small leak of steam containing radiation was detected in a pressure gauge.

It was then reactivated on April 10, but was shut down yet again on April 21 after the radioactive density in the coolant water was detected to be increasing.

The 165,000-kilowatt reactor had just been restarted April 8 following checks after it was shut down last May because of a radiation leak.

The reactor, in a nuclear facility on the Sea of Japan coast, is scheduled to be shut down permanently at the end of March next year.

Last May, a tritium leak was detected in the area between the outside of the reactor container and the concrete wall surrounding the facility.
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Publication:Japan Energy Scan
Date:Jun 3, 2002
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