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FuelMaster system supports opening of Navy's first alternative fueling station in Hawaii.

When Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Hawaii officially opened the first of three ethanol 85 (E85) fueling stations planned for the Navy's fleet of flex-fuel vehicles, it did so with support from Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SSC) Atlantic's Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) systems and applications sub-portfolio. The sub-portfolio's employees designed, engineered and installed the system that authorizes and tracks fuel transactions at the station.

The alternative fueling station, located at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH), officially opened March 22, 2012, enabling government gas cardholders and their government-owned flex-fuel vehicles to fill up with E85. Flex-fuel vehicles are alternative fuel vehicles designed to run on more than one type of fuel, commonly E85, an alternative fuel consisting of 85 percent plant-based ethanol blended with 15 percent gasoline. Ethanol is environmentally friendly, produces less carbon dioxide emissions, and helps reduce dependence on foreign oil.

SSC Atlantic's DLA systems and applications sub-portfolio engineers, delivers, and maintains systems that manage and track every drop of fuel issued to the military anywhere in the world. The sub-portfolio provides this capability for DLA Energy, a DLA field activity responsible for meeting the energy needs of the military services around the world. As the principal source of supply for fuels within the U.S. Armed Forces, DLA Energy provides support for contracting, distribution, transportation and inventory control of bulk fuels. SSC Atlantic is responsible to DLA Energy for the design, installation, integration, and sustainment of information technology-based automated fuel handling equipment and systems at all 500-plus Department of Defense (DoD) fuel facilities worldwide, including 83 Navy and Marine Corps sites. Data from these automated systems are used to manage DoD fuel inventory and distribution worldwide, including fuel supplies for the Navy and Marine Corps.


NAVFAC Engineering Service Center awarded a contract to a firm to develop and construct the 10,000-gallon above ground alternative fueling station at JBPHH in 2010. The contractor broke ground in April 2011 and completed all mechanical and electrical work in July 2011. At that point, the sub-portfolio's phase IIB (PH2B) automated tank gauge replacement (ATGR) integrated product team (IPT), which installs and integrates automated fuel service station (AFSS) equipment and also standardizes, implements, and replaces automated tank gauging (ATG) equipment and alarms at DoD fuel storage and distribution activities, installed and integrated the FuelMaster system.

The installed FuelMaster is the DoD version of a commercial product manufactured by Syn-Tech Systems Inc. that manages the retail fuel mission by authorizing and tracking all fuel transactions through a combination of fixed hardware, firmware and software. Fixed fuel management unit pedestals are installed at each gas island. These units interface with all fuel pumps. Vehicles are provided with special electronic read/write keys or cards to enable the fuel dispensers. Vehicle identification, military unit, fuel type, and amount filled comprise some of the key data captured during each transaction. This data is then auto-loaded to a central software package that monitors all the hardware devices. The software captures all sales information and allows for report generation and transmission of transaction data to the DLA baselevel accounting software for upload to the DLA Enterprise. DLA, owner of the E85 fuel, then bills the applicable military service unit for the fuel sales.

SSC Atlantic, through the DLA systems and applications sub-portfolio, is DLA's execution agent for design, engineering, installation and 24/7 sustainment of these systems at all DoD fuel facilities worldwide. Under the sustainment program, the sub-portfolio had already incorporated the new E85 fuel type into the system software, so no additional changes were required for installations at E85 fueling stations.

In a news article released March 24, 2012, by NAVFAC Hawaii on the Navy's official website,, Capt. John Coronado, commanding officer of NAVFAC Hawaii said the addition of the E85 fueling station to the Navy's fueling options directly addresses the energy mandates set forth by the Secretary of the Navy and the President. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has directed the Navy to reduce its consumption of petroleum by 50 percent before 2015, while the President's Executive Order 13514 calls for a 28 percent reduction in greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, by 2020. Capt. Coronado noted there are more than 1,000 E85-capable vehicles at JBPHH that will be able to take advantage of this station and two others will be installed. SPAWAR was specifically cited in the article in a description of the timeline leading to the new station's opening in Hawaii.

As with all FuelMaster systems, SSC Atlantic's DLA systems and applications sub-portfolio will provide sustainment support for the system at the new E85 fueling station at JBPHH. Sub-portfolio teams will also install and maintain the system at the Navy's two other planned E85 fueling stations in Hawaii and at other Navy sites. This is one example of the numerous engineering services SSC Atlantic and its predecessor organizations have delivered to DLA since 1993.

This success demonstrates how the business and force support portfolio contributes to SSC Atlantic's mission to rapidly deliver and support solutions that enable information dominance for naval, joint, national and coalition warfighters.

The business and force support portfolio manager Jackie Goff said, "DLA Energy is dedicated to providing continuous energy support to the warfighter, and our portfolio's products and services in support of this effort are part of the many ways we deliver on our commitment to make information technology count for the warfig hter and the nation."


DLA systems and applications sub-portfolio lead Ralph Shealy said, "We are very honored to provide engineering services to DLA Energy and deliver capability that assists them in providing unparalleled fuel support to the warfighter and in managing the energy sources of the future."


Deborah Gonzales is a senior management analyst providing contractor support to the SSC Atlantic business and force support portfolio.
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