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FuelCell announces new carbon capture project with Drax Power Station.

FuelCell Energy announced that it has entered into a contract with Drax Power Station in the United Kingdom for an application of the Company's carbon capture solution. FuelCell Energy will be supporting Drax with a Front End Engineering and Design study evaluating the use of the Company's propriety carbonate fuel cells to capture carbon dioxide emissions from Drax's biomass boilers. Drax Power Station is the largest single-site renewable power generator in the UK. Located near Selby, North Yorkshire, it has a capacity of over 3,900 megawatts of renewable power generation, primarily from sustainable wood pellets sourced from responsibly managed forests. Carbon dioxide linked to the carbon cycle of forests is considered carbon neutral and therefore, carbon capture employed at this project would make the power station carbon negative. Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage is one of the most promising approaches to carbon reduction because of the ability to be carbon negative at large scales. The FEED study will focus on a system that captures up to 85 tonnes of CO2 per day while generating additional power for the station. The ability to co-produce valuable electricity during carbon capture provides a significant advantage over conventional solvent-based CO2 capture systems that consume both heat and electricity to operate. The fuel cell also destroys up to 70% of NOx emissions from the flue gas. Drax plans to use the CO2 captured within a greenhouse abutting the power station. Potentially any excess CO2 captured could be transported to other greenhouse locations.

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Publication:The Fly
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Date:Jun 27, 2019
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