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Fuel techs keep Truman on the go.

A coffee mug sits on the desk of Senior Chief Aviation Boatswain s Mate-Fuels (AW) John Coontz on board Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). From the look of it, you can tell it has been used more than once. On the side of the mug it reads, "I love the smell of jet fuel in-the morning." According to Coontz, the air department's V-4 divisional leading chief petty officer, the phrase is an attitude and lifestyle for fuel technicians.

Just as coffee can fuel the personnel aboard, jet fuel powers many functions essential to the carrier's mission. When the ship participates in air strikes, critical attention is placed on getting fuel to the aircraft to support their missions.

"We're the lifeblood of the ship," said Coontz. "Planes don't go anywhere without fuel." He knows his team plays a key role when it comes to readiness. "Our primary mission is to receive, store and issue jet propulsion fuel to embarked air wing and transiting aircraft."

But it's not just aircraft for which they provide fuel. Other uses include explosive ordnance disposal, ground support equipment and sea-air-land team functions, as well as damage control equipment like pumps and emergency generators.

Besides long hours, being a fuel technician can be a hard, dirty job but the Sailors take pride in what they do. The fuel has to meet certain standards. If those standards aren't met, the engine of an airplane could flame out or the fuel meters could get clogged, possibly making a pilot think there is more fuel available than there really is. The techs help ensure the quality of the fuel that keeps Truman on the go.

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By JOSN Dale Eng, Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) Public Affairs
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Author:Truman, Harry S.
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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