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Fuel inquiry overdue; Letters.

Byline: Edited by FIONA PARKER

I am fuming that the overpaid, arrogant Centrica boss Sam Laidlaw has threatened an inquiry into rip-off energy prices could lead to blackouts (Mirror, March 28).

He is happy for his firm to rip people off, yet he has the cheek to try to blackmail the nation when his firm's profits are threatened.

He and his family live in the lap of luxury while hard-working people, who would love to earn a fraction of his wages, are struggling to pay their gas and electricity bills.

That's the trouble with this country - bosses like Laidlaw earn exorbitant wages while ordinary people get a pittance.

Michael Maher Ashton-under-Lyne Gtr Manchester

The announcement that energy firms are to be investigated for overcharging is like closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

Why has it taken Ofgem so long to launch an inquiry when we all knew we were being ripped off ? This organisation needs to be abolished as it has not done the consumer any favours whatsoever. It's a complete waste of time and money.

Andrew Tucker, Bourne, Lincs

Privatised energy company SSE has finally seen the light and announced it is freezing its prices. It will, however, no doubt continue to make huge profits. The catalyst for action was Labour policy.

Well done, Ed Miliband!

Steve Parker, Liverpool

The energy inquiry is long overdue. The suspicions that energy suppliers have been operating a cartel should be investigated and if it is found that they have been, the present system should be replaced by one that is consumer friendly, not one that only benefits the energy companies.

Ken Pennington Stalybridge, Gtr Manchester

Funny how when power companies face thorough investigation they threaten lights may go out but when unions take legitimate action they are labelled dinosaurs and the enemy within.

G Crawford, Medway, Kent

So, Ofgem has called for an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority to look in to the price we pay for energy.

I thought Ofgem was set up 15 years ago to ensure that exploitation of consumers by private firms would not happen? To rub it in, even that will take another 18 months.

Mark Harris Brockley, South East London

I wonder what good it will do if energy firms freeze prices for a year or two and then increase the prices by 11% to 13% after that, instead of a yearly increase based upon the cost of living.

Who are they trying to kid?

Chris Gleed, Swindon, Wilts

Sam Laidlaw's remark that the lights may go out if there is a probe into energy prices is blackmail.

How dare this odious man treat his customers this way? It goes to show he doesn't care about the hardship of people who simply can't afford to pay energy bills.

Being able to heat your home in cold weather is a right, not something only to be afforded by the rich.

I hope the probe goes ahead and Laidlaw and the other fatcats are held to account. Keep up the pressure, Mirror!

Vivien Cowley, Warrington Cheshire

In the light of the remarks made by the arrogant Sam Laidlaw, the utility companies need to be brought back under the Government's control and run on a not-forprofit basis.

We are all getting exploited by these firms, many of which are under foreign ownership.

Robert Jolley, Louth Lincs

Surprise, surprise there is to be an inquiry into the energy firms. Why now? For years Ofgem has done nothing to keep the industry in check, but now, before an election, there is suddenly activity. Could this be designed to steal Labour's thunder after it said it would freeze prices?

Noel Beresford Bolsover Derbys

How dare the boss of British Gas try to blackmail the British public. Customers should change supplier in protest, not to any of the Big Six but to smaller, cheaper firms that don't rip us off. Better still, energy should be renationalised.

B Collins, Sheerness, Kent

It's thanks to Ed Miliband saying he would freeze energy prices for two years that's made Ofgem spring into action and initiate an inquiry into how the energy market operates.

Sam Laidlaw's reaction only gives credence to the opinion of customers that they are being ripped off.

Announcements of an increase in bills are always followed by ones showing huge profits.

The Labour leader has taken the initiative on this issue and will, no doubt, keep up the pressure on David Cameron. Well done, Ed.

Christine Hanks, Woking, Surrey

The Government should respond to Sam Laidlaw's threat with re-nationalisation of the whole industry. Now that would be a vote-catcher.

Vic Parkin, Penistone South Yorks

The Government and Labour both claiming credit for energy firm SSE's price freeze is a clear reason why Labour should not announce its policies too early. The Government tends to steal them.

Robert Bilson, Leicester

Sam Laidlaw blackmails the public with power cuts as soon as an inquiry into how the Big Six operate is announced. Is he afraid of what such an inquiry might reveal?

F Owen, Cardiff

The BIG issue

British Gas boss Sam Laidlaw, right, claimed an inquiry into energy price fixing could lead to blackouts. In Saturday's Mirror, Laidlaw argued his priority is keeping the power on for consumers. But you say it's high time that the energy giants were reined in.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 31, 2014
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