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Fuel for thought. (C&D News).

Recyclers of demolition wood must weigh the options of relying on the biomass fuel market versus some of the other wood recycling options, according to the University of Florida's Tim Townsend. The C&D recycling researcher spoke to attendees of a session at the National Association of Demolition Contractors (NADC) Annual Convention in Orlando in early April.

Screening out wood with lead-based paint (LBP) and chromated copper arsenate (CCA) are among the issues facing wood recyclers. Both of their leading markets--the wood fuel and mulch markets--will be unwilling to tolerate high levels of either LBP or CCA. Fuel users want to keep their emissions clean, while mulch vendors do not want to risk exposing their customers to contact with the toxins.

Townsend says he does not see any markets for wood supplanting these two leading markets, one of which is regional and the other seasonal.
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Title Annotation:wood recycling options
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Date:May 1, 2003
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