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Fuel filtration system for commercial diesel engines.

WEBB, the West Fargo, N.D.-based manufacturer of fuel management systems and related components for heavy-duty on- and off-highway vehicles and equipment, has developed a new system designed to increase fuel filter life and reduce maintenance costs in commercial diesel engine applications. The new VorMax filtration system incorporates cyclonic filter technology that the company said can extend the life of standard spin-on fuel filters fourfold. In addition, an integral restriction indicator allows for more precise maintenance and replacement of filters.

"The VorMax fuel filtration system represents a significant advancement in filtration technology, far beyond traditional fuel filter products," said Allen McKay, WEBB's president. "When we began development of the VorMax system, we started with a clean sheet of paper and several specific goals in mind.

"First, we wanted to develop a product that would climinate the guesswork in fuel filter maintenance. Secondly, we wanted to design a system that would significantly improve filter performance and reduce maintenance cost. The VorMax has accomplished both."

The VorMax system consists of a filter manifold to which is mounted the VorMax filter section, as well as a standard spin-on fuel filter. The design of the VorMax filter generates a cyclonic action on the fuel as it enters. Within the chamber, an integral vortex plate concentrates the vortex effect. This results in a low pressure area that draws the fuel downward.

As the fuel rotates, heavier water and particulate matter flow outward and down toward a counter-rotation vortex breaker positioned in the lower end of the chamber. As the fuel impacts against the vortex breaker, it initiates a momentary counter-rotational force, which causes contaminants to fall out and settle into the collection sump. The clean fuel remaining exits through a port in the manifold and is conducted into a secondary filter.

The water and contaminants can be drained from the collection sump which is a clear thermoplastic, through a self-venting drain valve bulk into the bottom of the bowl.

According to the company, the VorMax filter system can remove up to 97 percent of water and contaminates down to 10 microns from the fuel prior to it reaching the secondary filter, which is a standard spin-on filter. According to the company, because the fuel is so clean coming out of the VorMax from the secondary filter can last as long as a year in normal service.

In addition to the patented cyclonic filter design, the VorMax system features a filter restriction indicator designed to provide positive, accurate pressure differential readings allowing maintenance technicians to determine the effective life of the spin-on filter. The indicator face is divided into three sections--green to indicate that the filter is operating normally, yellow to show that file filter is approaching the end of its service life and red to indicate that the filter should be changed as soon as possible. This "status report" of filter condition allows for more effective scheduling of maintenance as well as reduces the premature disposal of filters.

In the standard VorMax configuration, the filter restriction indicator is mounted on the filter manifold but, it can also be mounted in the cab using the optional cab mount kit.

Like WEBB's other fuel filters, the VorMax utilizes an internal thermostat to regulate fuel temperature using its integral engine coolant or return fuel heating system located in the filter manifold. If desired, an optional preheater can be ordered in 12 V, 120 V or both.

The compact VorMax system is 11 in. high, 9 in. wide and 6.75 in. deep. Dry weight is 5.15 lb. It can be adapted to nearly any type of diesel engine in commercial service, including those operating in heavy-duty trucks and buses, light-duty trucks, marine, off-highway equipment including construction and mining vehicles and power generation sets.

The VorMax filter system and all of WEBB's products, are manufactured at the company's West Fargo headquarters, which incorporates approximately 25,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing area.

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