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Fuddy sights. (Winning Edge).

On the matter of sights, I'm a hopeless old fud. I got used to a vertical, black front sight back when I was shooting bullseye (and that, my friend, was not yesterday). Those sights weren't just black, but dead-flat black, using the old carbide lamp to smoke the sights before every match or practice session. A couple of years ago I bought an Sri Executive, which came fitted with a fiber optic front sight. Always ready to try something new (not), I promptly sprayed the front sight with sight black. For accuracy testing on a nice bright range the old familiar black sights were satisfactory.

Oddly enough it has become harder to focus on the sights in recent years. Why manufacturers insist on attaching whiskers to their sights is beyond me. I've talked to them about it and none can give a satisfactory explanation. A couple even made the preposterous suggestion my aging eyes might be the cause. Yeah, right.

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Author:Anderson, David Poole
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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