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Frustration followed by some happy endings; THE TOP TV TOPICS with paddy shennan, the man with the remote.

Byline: paddy shennan

CHANNEL 4 bosses certainly got their money's worth out of Wavertree's Webster Triangle, didn't they? (The PS1 Houses: Britain's Cheapest Street, Channel 4, Monday).

The first three-part series of hourlong episodes seemed just about right - but you can get too much of a good thing, especially when the novelty has worn off. The second series was made up of half-hour episodes - but seven of them? That was too many, especially as the same old themes were being repeated and stretched out to the point of tedium.

But, despite the complaints that came from Liverpool City Council - which didn't take part in the second outing - there were many positive aspects to this series, which should make us and the people of the Webster Triangle feel chuffed and proud. Although the "action" seemed fragmented and a bit all over the place, we saw wonderful examples of community spirit - as documented last week, following the episode in which PhD student Victoria and other residents got local kids involved in a football club.

This week, we saw what we have seen throughout - new homeowners doing their very best to improve their own lives, as well as the neighbourhood they had decided to live in. And doing it with a good deal of humour, too.

Among those likeable residents were Debbie and Ste, who had previously been renting in another part of Liverpool for 14 years.

And this fact alone demonstrated the importance and success of this radical scheme. People who may have been wondering if they would ever be able to get on the housing ladder are now clambering up it, thanks to this imaginative PS1 scheme.

"Are you excited," asked Ste. "I can't bloody wait to get in!" replied Debbie.

Later, she said: "Hopefully, it will bring us happy years and memories."

Hear, hear!

We have also closely followed the frustrations of Ibby - who was now the picture of happiness, after completing work on her home: "I did not think that this day would happen!" This series may, at times, have been painfully slow, but it has highlighted what can be done courtesy of a pioneering project and ordinary people who possess enormous spirit and determination.


From left to right: Sarah and Ste with family, Ezzy, John, Sam, Victoria, Debbie and Ste, Mel and Rob, Ibby and family and Yousef from The

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 9, 2019
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