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Frustration, inflation, and the proliferation of security.

As Russia lumbers toward a market economy, crime has made itself at home there. Frustration has led to civil unrest, and astronomical inflation has led to desperate acts. This makes it painfully evident that the Russians need to develop yet another industry--security.

The hunger for information about practices, ethics, and the relationship between public law enforcement and the private sector has the Russians looking West. So, People to People International of Spokane, WA, an organization that sends professional delegations worldwide, has arranged for a private investigation and security delegation to go to Russia.

The 16-day trip, which leaves October 19, will cover Moscow, Ekaterinburg, and St. Petersburg. Although the details of the itinerary are not yet definite, some of the confirmed hosting organizations include the Ministry of Interior Security; the Ministry of Internal Affairs; the Foreign Intelligence Service; the General Public Prosecutors Office; the Center for Strategic Research; Centurion, the security and investigation training center; Alex, a security and investigative agency; the Union of Lawyers; and the Parliamentary Commission of Legitimacy, Legal Regime, and Criminality.

Through presentations, discussions, and demonstrations the delegation hopes to cover topics such as the role of private security in both the East and West; techniques of public surveillance; training; industrial espionage; and the roles of private and public security.

Between 35 and 50 professionals are expected to make the trip. "There are police chiefs, security managers, and heads of associations participating," says Gerard Burke, the delegation's leader. Burke estimates that one third of the delegates are not from the United States. Other countries represented include Norway, Denmark, Brazil, Hong Kong, Guatemala, Germany, New Zealand, Holland, Canada, and Bermuda. Each delegate is responsible for his or her own expenses, which come to about $5,000 all-inclusive.

Burke was contacted by People to People and asked to lead the delegation because his expertise is well-known among Russian officials.

He is founder, chairman, and CEO of The Parvus Company of Silver Spring, MD. Parvus is involved in international investigations, corporate intelligence, and protecting proprietary information.

Burke, who worked for 26 years in intelligence for the US government, finds himself in the strange position of helping old foes. "It is sort of surreal..." he says, "|But~ it's one of the most exciting things I've been involved with."
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Title Annotation:Security Spotlight
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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