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Fruits of foreign lands.

Fruits of Foreign Lands

Circumstances recently allowed us to sample a number of excellent Mexican beers, including the exceptional products put out by Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc of Monterrey, Mexico. The occasion was the Master Brewers convention in Monterrey, which Cuauhtemoc hosted in fine style, providing ample supplies of fine, fresh Carta Blanca and the understated dark Indio.

* A favorite was Cuauhtemoc's Bohemia, a light, refreshing beer with a subtle hop edge to it. Despite its obvious virtues, Bohemia hasn't been a stellar performer north of the border. However, even if wholesalers and consumers haven't embraced Bohemia, the beer has long been known among American brewmasters as a classically well-balanced example of the brewer's art.

* Another exceptional brew is Cerveceria Moctezuma's Dos Equis XX Amber, a superb example of a Vienna lager, and a beer that has fortunately become widely available in many parts of the United States. The amber is a very tasty brew, with more character than its green-bottled cousin, the somewhat unremarkable Dos Equis XX regular lager.

* Lastly, Negra Modelo from Cerveceria Modelo stands out as perhaps the best of the Mexican dark beers. The first sample we found was on a bottom shelf in a market on a Monterrey back street. The bottle, coated with roughly one-quarter inch of dust, boded ill for the sanctity of the product within. Although not undrinkable, better examples were later located in some of Monterrey's finer hotels. It is a rich, strong product with a nice degree of malty sweetness and a lot of character.

* Before leaving Mexico, efforts were made to secure samples of Noche Buena, often touted as the creme de la creme of Mexican beers, but sadly we were forced to return north empty-handed.

* Fortunately, several excellent samples were awaiting us here in Connecticut. Among them was a newly-available import from Britain, Churchill's Amber Beer. The product is brewed by the Cornish Brewery Co., in Cornwall, England, and is brought to this country by Rouseabout International, Inc., of Santa Fe Springs, CA. The Churchill's Amber fairly jumped out of the bottle, showing a lot of fine bubble activity and a rich head (liveliness is always a pleasing attribute in a beer). It is a full-flavored beer, fairly high in bitterness units, with a bit of molasses in the nose. One taster likened it, oddly, to "beef-barley soup," probably a comment more on its rich, full malt flavor than on any similarity to stew.
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Title Annotation:foreign beers
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 5, 1990
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